I, The Female Protagonist With Superpower, Am Super Fierce

Chapter 2292
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Chapter 2292: Chapter 2292 was written in triplicate

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Gu Yan was not a cold-hearted person. She knew that she had let Lucifer down a little.

However, sometimes people could only make a few choices.

A choice that was worthy of the heart.

After shopping, Xie Yuge was worried that Gu Yan would be tired, so she chased her to the sofa and sat down to rest.

Xie Yuge sorted out the things that she bought.

Some of them needed to be cleaned before they were used. At the same time, she also counted which things she hadn’t bought yet.

The things that babies used were all in triplicate.

As she didn’t know if it was a boy or a girl, Xie Yuge insisted on buying some of everything.

Xie Yuge wasn’t short of money either. She even bought three of those extremely exquisite and expensive cribs in one go.

Xie Yuge sighed. “Sigh, I should have prepared better things for you and the children. Unfortunately, these are the best things I’ve bought in this small town.”

Gu Yan smiled and said, “Cousin, these things are already very good. Moreover, if it weren’t for you, I might have given birth to the child under very difficult circumstances. I’m already very grateful for being able to do this now.”

Gu Yan’s words were also true.

After all, the environment on Planet M was very complicated and dangerous.

Now, being able to safely wait for the birth in this unknown small town was already a very good thing for Gu Yan.

She wouldn’t say thank you again. If she said thank you again, then she would be treating her as an outsider.

This cousin of hers would definitely be angry.

Xie Yuge had almost finished packing her things. She stood up, dusted off her hands, and said, “Hey, Xiao Yan, you wait at home first. The train station is a little far from here. I’ll drive to pick up Wen Lan.”

“It’s already dark. I’ll go with you,”Gu Yan said, “Cousin, I’m not a crystal doll. I was too tired before and relaxed all of a sudden. That’s why I fainted. I’m fine now. And it’s so late. I’m worried about you going out alone.”

The people in the small town were indeed simple, but there were still some foreigners.

In addition, it was late at night. It was not safe for Xie Yuge to drive to the station alone.

Xie Yuge did not insist anymore. She nodded, but she insisted on being the driver when driving.

Gu Yan could only laugh and sit in the back row.

But because of her habit, she hid the dagger in her clothes before she left.


As for the scalpel that Lucifer gave her, Gu Yan liked it very much. She had been using it before, but she didn’t bring it with her this time.

Sometimes, if she wanted to give it up, she had to cut it more cleanly.

It might seem a little cruel for the time being, but if you were to give people the slightest bit of imagination, that would be the cruelest.

But this time, fortunately, Gu Yan and Xie Yuge came together.

The railway station in this town was actually shared by three towns, and it was also the most important means of transportation to the outside world.

After all, driving a car required walking through the mountains. Not only was it very dangerous, but it also took a very long time.

Because she was worried about Gu Yan, Xie Yuge drove very slowly and steadily.

As she drove, she said, “Xiao Yan, you’re really amazing. You’re pregnant with three children at once. Your cousin-in-law even discussed with me before when we would have a second child.”

Gu Yan smiled. “Cousin-in-law really likes children.”

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