I, The Dragon Overlord

Chapter 392
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Chapter 392: The Queen’s Invitation


A six-armed snake demon – a marilith – slithered as it charged toward Louie with weapons on each of its six arms. Its aura of chaos and decay spread filled the earth. Louie looked away slightly as divine power gathered on the dagger in his hand. Then he casually slashed toward the snake demon.

The marilith was shaken, but seeing that Louie’s movements were very slow and very casual, it was overjoyed. With one arm, it held a weapon to block Louie’s dagger, while the others swung and slashed at Louie.

It had already begun to imagine the scene of Louie’s body being split into pieces. It shivered at the thought of the delicious taste of his blood. For demons, blood and massacre were their reason for existence. Only in a state of killing could they feel pleasure.

However, when this thought just rose, the marilith felt pain in her body. Her hideous writhing figure stiffened in place. And in the next instant, a line appeared from its forehead down to its body, slicing it in perfect halves.

Before its consciousness disappeared, it tried to comprehend what had happened, but alas, it would never fully understand.

This was the true use of divine power. It was the ability to overturn what was impossible. Even weak gods who were not good in close combat could easily exterminate all mortals if they were willing to spend their divine power.

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The so-called mortal who had the ability to slay gods would never appear in the world of San Soliel. If this situation ever happens, it wasn’t that mortals were powerful but the gods themselves had some problems.

True gods were simply unbeatable.

Loue’s killing incarnation wreaked havoc and slaughtered abyssal powerhouses in the entire 570th layer of the Abyss. In the blink of an eye, the entire layer was plunged into panic and bloodshed.

But this was done not without a cost. The divine power stored within the incarnation was getting less and less. Before this, Louie had already used up a portion of this body’s divine power to kill the Goddess of Magic. Then he quickly rushed to the main continent to rescue Alexia and cut off the Succubus Queen’s horn.

Now that he had come to the Abyss and used divine power to kill one powerful demon after another, the divine power of this body had reached its limit.

‘This incarnation had already obtained a lot of battle results, but it’s too inefficient in slaughtering demons. At this speed, I don’t know how long it would take for me to completely comprehend the power of order.’

After killing a banshee, Louie temporarily stopped killing.

What Louie needed now was to kill a lot of demons. He had discovered that no matter how powerful the demons he killed were, the speed at which he gained more understanding from gaining the approval of the origin of order was the same. So what he needed to do now to increase his understanding of the origin of order was to kill in a manner of quantity over quality.

‘Now that I have the divine authority of killing, I have to wait until I become a high-tier god to understand the divine skill – Mass Life Control. With it, I should be able to easily decide the life and death of mortals in a radius of more than ten kilometers. I would also need a lot of faith and sufficient divine power to use it. That said, It might not be wise to use this against demons.’

“I need a better means to wage war against demons of the Abyss. Not a short-term means, but a long-term one.’

Just when Louie was thinking about how to massacre demons en masse with minimal consumption of divine power, he suddenly reacted. With a flash, he dodged a whip that cut through space and lashed at his body.

This was the same divine dodge skill that the kobold god had used. At this point, Louie’s incarnation had run out of power to maintain his form. From a young man, he had begun to shrink down into the appearance of a ten-year-old boy.

He quickly turned around and saw that the Succubus Queen Melcanthet was standing in front of him. The Queen’s face was blue with anger in her eyes. She looked at Louie with eyes that would eat him alive.

Beside the Succubus Queen were several upper-rank succubi who stood farther away and did not dare approach him.

A single figure entering a layer of the Abyss and performing a massacre to the point that the abyssal lord gave up an advantage in numbers to personally solve the situation was undoubtedly rare.

However, knowing that the one who did was just an incarnate felt even more incredible.

It wasn’t that Melcanthet did not want to use her army to overwhelm the incarnation in front of her. She could also see that the incarnation was at the end of its ropes and could disappear at any moment.

But she didn’t dare do so. It was fine if only low-ranking demons died, but upper-rank demons were not allowed to die easily. These demons were her elite and the main force of her army. If there were too many casualties, it would be easy for other demon lords to take her down after they wage war against her continuously.

Louie had already killed too many powerful demons, leaving Melcanthet no choice but to personally fight him.

“As expected of His Highness Louie, the God of Dreams. You are one of the most powerful gods among the gods today and wiped out so many high-ranking demons in my territory with just one incarnation.”

Although Melcanthet was angry in her heart, she still smiled like a flower in front of Louie, and her voice filled with the power of temptation.

If it was 30,000 years ago, the Abyss would not be this weak, and demon lords would not personally come out just for the sake of some high-ranking demons. However, the Abyss had also been terrorized by the Terran Civilization, nearly annihilating all of its inhabitants. 30,000 years was not enough for it to fully recover its forces, let alone the many races of the world of San Soliel. Only the gods suffered the lightest.

Louie did not make a sound and only sized up the succubus in front of him. In order to save Alexia, he simply did not pay close attention to the beauty of the Succubus Queen who could be called the evil counterpart to the Goddess of Love.

She had a pretty face that was like a peach. Her eyes seemed to be covered in watery mist that lit up with deadly lust. Her eyebrows were like the bloom of spring peach blossoms. Her red lips were like a blaze that made people feel lust deep in their bones.

Her especially slim red dress tightly hugged her mature body. With a half-exposed neckline and snow-white skin, even Louie’s incarnation of killing felt a slight surge of desire.

As Louie’s sight continued downward, Louie felt a tinge of regret at how Melcanthet’s skirt had blocked off her lower half, and the pair of boots she was wearing was an eye sore.

The Succubus Queen was stunned. As the incarnation of love and lust, she understood men the most. In an instant, she immediately found out the fetishes of the true god in front of her.

The corners of her mouth hooked up with a reading smile. Her skirt slowly lifted up and her boots slowly disappeared, revealing her delicate legs.

Melcanthet knew that the incarnation of the true god in front of her was no longer a threat and spoke with bold words, “Your Highness, are you willing to go to my palace with me so that we can have a deep exchange together? I will also let you enjoy the most extreme pleasure.”

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