I Stayed At Home For A Century, When I Emerged I Was Invincible

Chapter 520 - 520 Million-Mile Mark!
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520 Million-Mile Mark!

“I’ve never seen a World Creator realm expert, so I can’t tell,” the expert replied.

A strange phenomenon appeared around Venerable He’s body. It was like a miniature world, but it was illusory and fragile, like a bubble. Still, it exuded a special aura.

“Venerable He, you’ve reached the World Creator realm?”

“Not fully…”

Venerable He shook his head and sighed.

The strange phenomenon then disappeared.

“Did you sense a similar aura from Hong?”

The expert shook his head and said, “No I didn’t, which means that it’s very likely that he hasn’t reached the World Creator realm.”

“In any case, since even Venerable He has yet to break through, how could Hong have done so?”

Venerable He felt that those words were reasonable. He was a second-generation ancestor of the immortal race, and had been around long before Hong even existed.

No matter how talented Hong was, he was limited by time and should not have managed to become a World Creator realm expert.

As for the other two, it was hard to say.

“We can give the human race the Origin Immortal Technique, but there’s one more condition, which is that the human race gives us a copy of their enlightenment method for Dao path secret techniques,” Venerable He thought for a while and said.

“The enlightenment method is the foundation of the human race. It’s also one of the reasons why the human race is different from the other races and so strong. I’m afraid they might not agree,” the expert replied hesitantly.

Dao path secret techniques were extremely difficult to comprehend and pass down. The current inheritance methods of each race mainly relied on some form of bloodline inheritance method.

For the immortal race, usually the Origin Immortal Technique would be used by the inheritors of that bloodline to analyze the Dao path secret techniques to strengthen the inheritor’s comprehension.

Out of ten inheritors, only one would be able to comprehend it.

“The other races won’t be able to use the enlightenment method even if they obtain it. Even our immortal race can only study it to try and increase the success rate of our bloodline inheritance method.”

“Besides, there are also human immortals in the immortal race who can cultivate and comprehend this technique. It won’t pose any threat to the human race.”

Venerable He paused for a moment and continued, “I’ll also add on another promise. If the human race is in trouble, the immortals promise to allocate no less than a million miles of land in the nine zones for the human race.”

“I think that they will agree to leave a way out for the human race if something happens to them.”

“Is there a need to make such a promise?”

“Let’s do it this way. It’s not a big deal for us immortals to protect some humans.”

Venerable He’s figure disappeared.

The expert frowned and stood motionless. What had happened in the depths of the chaos?

Why did they attach so much importance to the human race?

Chu Xuan observed the nine zones for a while. Seeing that there were no changes, he received the system reward for Chu Pingfan’s transformation.

He now had another powerful Dao path secret technique.

Chu Xuan also received the 75-year milestone reward and began to immerse himself in perfecting the Great Dao world.

Mo Zhan and the other demon Daoyuan realm cultivators were also in the process of Buddhist transformation. Soon, the Buddhist World would be strengthened again, along with the Buddhist Dao principle.

Soaring Flood Dragon also began his own transformation process as he comprehended the Monster Dao principle.

Everything developed according to Chu Xuan’s plan.

Chu Xuan’s own Dao path seemed to be undergoing some sort of transformation.

With every passing moment, Chu Xuan could feel his strength growing.

His Dao path, which was originally stuck at a bottleneck, began to extend again.


A million miles!

He finally broke through, and the heavenly phenomena around his Dao path became clearer.

Moreover, some special “living creatures” seemed to have been born within the heavenly phenomena, and they were wandering around the Great Dao world.

For example, within a certain phenomenon, sword-like existences were born, swimming around like fish.

This was his Sword Dao principle, and encompassed the many laws of the sword he had comprehended.

Every sword-like existence was a sword law.

Elsewhere, there were countless flames of all colors and shapes, which represented his Fire Dao principle, and the many fire laws within it.

Each and every one of these heavenly phenomena were contained within the Great Dao world.

Chu Xuan’s strength had undergone an earth-shaking change, and the road ahead became clearer and clearer.


He was walking on his own path to supremacy. Even though his Dao path had just only surpassed the million-mile mark, he was confident that his strength far exceeded that of ordinary World Creator realm experts.

Chu Xuan was not sure how strong those Ancient Chaos Gods were, but he knew that he was no longer a weakling in the chaos.

He had truly stepped into the ranks of the top experts in the chaos.

Of course, compared to those ancient existences, he was still lacking.

After all, he had just surpassed the million-mile mark.

Chu Xuan was not discouraged, nor did he become arrogant. He still wanted to continue becoming stronger until he was on par with the Great Dao of the nine zones and became the strongest in the chaos.

As Chu Xuan broke through, the Heavenly Dao laws also changed and became stronger.

There was still world origin energy remaining, so Chu Xuan continued to cultivate, though the world origin energy was no longer as effective. It seemed that after each cultivation milestone, things would slow down again.

Still, that did not bother Chu Xuan. This was just the beginning. Recalling his bragging all those years ago, he chuckled.

His lie was about to become the truth. Soon, his Dao path would truly be millions of miles long.

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