I Signed-In For A Billion Dollar Mansion From The Very Beginning

Chapter 214 - Mr. Lin Fan, Can I Add You On WeChat? (1)
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Chapter 214: Mr. Lin Fan, Can I Add You On WeChat? (1)

“Wow, what did you say? This sports car is actually worth 226 million?”

“Oh my god, this is a sports car worth 226 million!”

“D*mn, it’s actually so expensive. Then this sports car is too luxurious. Let alone 220 million, I can’t even afford the six million behind it.”

“You’re all so awesome. I don’t even have six dollars, let alone six million. What kind of big boss can buy such a sports car?”

“I’m so envious, what should I do?”

“I’m already stunned by this sports car. The Bugatti Veyron Ettore Bugatti seems to be a limited edition sports car. It’s out of print worldwide. It was personally designed by the chief designer of the Bugatti Corporation!”

“Do any of you know who this sports car belongs to? Do any of you know?”

Many onlookers gathered together, their eyes filled with surprise.

As a limited edition sports car, such a thing would definitely be on the news.

As expected, not long after, someone found out.

What happened at the launch event at the Bugatti Corporation’s headquarters was also on the news.

“I found it, I really found it. I didn’t expect this. Do you know who owns the Bugatti Veyron Ettore Bugatti?”

“Today, I’ll tell everyone…”

“The name of the owner of this sports car is Lin Fan!”

“That’s right. It’s Lin Fan from Shanghai. I even saw a photo here. It’s a photo of Lin Fan, Su Xiaoyu, and Lin Fan’s manager at the launch event. Unfortunately, I can only find this photo.”

“I know. It’s a pity that Xia Wanqiu isn’t around. Otherwise, I would be able to see Lin Fan and Xia Wanqiu in the same frame. They must look super good in the same frame.”

“Needless to say, Lin Fan and Xia Wanqiu are super sweet.”

“Oh my god… the Bugatti Veyron Ettore Bugatti belongs to Lin Fan?”

“Doesn’t that mean that the chief designer of the Bugatti Corporation personally designed a sports car for Lin Fan?! And the price of this sports car is 226 million. Among all sports cars, this sports car’s price is enough to rank in the top three!”

“As you can imagine, this sports car is too luxurious…”

“Then didn’t we miss a big star just now? Lin Fan is my idol. So he lives in Shanghai like us. I want to see Lin Fan!”

“I want to eat Lin Fan’s feast and listen to his songs. Lin Fan, wait for me.”

“D*mn, let’s not talk about it anymore. I’m going to see my idol now and see where he’s going.”

After the fans finished speaking, they immediately started taking action.

If it was just a super sports car, he would at most be surrounded by people. But now, it was no longer a simple super sports car.

The owner of this sports car was Lin Fan.

Lin Fan was the idol of countless fans.

The national Prince Charming.

After getting together with Xia Wanqiu, Lin Fan’s popularity increased a lot.

These few days, there were people on the Internet begging for video resources for “The Legend of Sword and Fairy”.

On the Internet, piracy was everywhere.

This caused Lin Fan to become more and more popular.

When Lin Fan entered the entertainment industry, not only did Lin Fan help Xia Wanqiu, Xia Wanqiu also helped Lin Fan.

And now, Lin Fan had appeared on the streets of Shanghai. What did that mean…

If a superstar went out without security, they would immediately be surrounded by fans.

This was the appeal of a superstar.

Although Lin Fan’s sports car was already very secretive, it was still discovered by these fans.

Immediately after, many fans drove their cars. Some fans hailed taxis, and some fans rode electric motorcycles to chase after Lin Fan.

“Lin Fan, wait for me!”

“I was wondering how this hunk in the car could be so handsome. This is the first time I’ve seen such a handsome person. So he’s Lin Fan, my Prince Charming!”

“No matter what, I have to see my Prince Charming today.”

“Prince Charming, I’m coming!”

Even the traffic police were stunned by the scene on the streets.

What the f*ck… happened?

They had seen such a scene on television and in movies before.

For example, many police officers would drive police cars and arrest thieves.

Or it could be a car chase in a movie. The scene was extremely cool.

Now… was he filming a movie?

Everything that was happening was too unbelievable.

These cars and taxis were all chasing the same car.

And this car… was the Bugatti Veyron Ettore Bugatti, a brand new sports car.

Looking at the people chasing after this sports car, there were boys, girls, aunties, and uncles. In order to chase after Lin Fan, they no longer cared.

There were even people riding bicycles. This stunned the traffic police.

For a moment, the traffic police stood in the wind in a mess.

Even if the Bugatti Veyron Ettore Bugatti was especially cool and pretty, these people did not have to be so infatuated.

Then, more and more people heard this and realized that the person sitting in front of the Bugatti Veyron Ettore Bugatti was Lin Fan.

Such a scene was really terrifying.

Even on Weibo, the Bugatti Veyron Ettore Bugatti was trending.

There were many accompanying photos below.

“D*mn, Brother Fan is actually driving this Bugatti Veyron Ettore Bugatti on the roads of Shanghai.”

“I’m crying with envy. This is a sports car worth 226 million. Brother Fan is really too awesome. The boss of the Bugatti Corporation actually personally designed a sports car for Brother Fan.”

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