I Repeated The Same Day For 500 Years

Chapter 51 - A Pitiful Person
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Chapter 51: A Pitiful Person

However, it was worth mentioning that the reason Jiang Tong was able to find Wu Hui was not that she was digging into Qian Mang’s past, but because of another person.

Jiang Tong had investigated the networks of too many people. This would cause the networks of different people to be connected to a certain person. Jiang Tong found Wu Hui because of her son, Wu Junsheng. Wu Junsheng was thirty-two years old this year. He graduated with a master’s degree and worked in Phosphorescence Technology Corporation as the technical director. The boss of Phosphorescence Technology Corporation was called Lin Zhaoguang. He was one of the earliest programmers in the country. He had been a hacker in his early years and was considered a top figure in the industry. When Jiang Tong was learning programming in the time loop, she thought that her skills were superb and wanted to find someone to spar with. She first met Lin Zhaoguang, and then she discovered that Lin Zhaoguang had a talented person under him, and that was Wu Junsheng. Wu Junsheng was considered Lin Zhaoguang’s disciple. He was better than Lin Zhaoguang, which was why he was able to become a director of the company at the age of 32.

Later, in order to quickly establish a relationship with Wu Junsheng, Jiang Tong began to investigate Wu Junsheng. She found out that Wu Junsheng actually had his mother’s surname. He did not have a father. Later on, when she investigated Wu Hui, Jiang Tong found out that Wu Hui had once known Qian Mang, and she was Qian Mang’s first lover. Jiang Tong also calculated the time Wu Hui was pregnant based on Wu Junsheng’s age, so she had a guess. After a detailed investigation, she found that Qian Mang was indeed Wu Junsheng’s biological father!

“My... son? You...” Qian Mang stared at Jiang Tong with his mouth agape. He was completely dumbfounded and couldn’t even say a complete sentence.

“Your granddaughter is already five years old this year,” Jiang Tong said with a smile.

“This... is what you said true? You didn’t lie to me? Wu Hui... She had a child back then...” Qian Mang’s breathing was very heavy, and he felt like he couldn’t breathe. His hands trembled because he was too excited.

“Why would I lie to you?” Jiang Tong smiled. “Your son’s name is Wu Junsheng. He’s very outstanding. His mother raised him very well, and your granddaughter is also very cute. I think you’ll like her when you see her.”

Qian Mang paced back and forth in excitement. He rubbed his hands hard. His breathing was heavier than before, and he was in a state of shock.

Jiang Tong persisted. She took out her phone and quickly typed a few words. Coincidentally, Qian Mang walked over and asked nervously, “Then what’s his name? What’s my son’s name?”

“Wu Junsheng, he has his mother’s surname, Wu Hui.” As Jiang Tong spoke, she tapped on the phone screen to send a message. At the same time, Qian Mang’s phone rang, but Qian Mang, who was in a state of excitement, did not care about the notification. He rubbed his hands together and continued to ask, “What about Wu Hui? How has she been all these years? Did she not marry?”

“No, Wu Hui has been raising the child alone ever since she gave birth. You have broken her heart and she no longer trusts men, so she has been alone all these years. It has been quite tough for her those few years. As a woman raising a child by herself, she had to take care of the child and work at the same time. When she didn’t have enough money, she had to work several jobs... However, she can be considered to have had her fill of hardship.” Jiang Tong could not help but sigh when she mentioned Wu Hui, she was a great mother and a pitiful woman. She shook her head and said, “Your son, Wu Junsheng, has a good salary now, so Wu Hui doesn’t have to work so hard. She can enjoy life now.”

“Then... Where are they now?” Qian Mang finally asked the question he cared about the most.

“They are in City Z,” Jiang Tong said. “Take a look at your phone. I just sent their phone numbers as well as their address to you. You can go find them, but I must also remind you to be mentally prepared.”


Qian Mang couldn’t wait to take out his phone.

“Wu Hui has never left City Z all these years. At first, she may not know where you were and how you were doing, but after you became famous, you kept appearing in the newspapers and on the news. Wu Hui will definitely know about you. The fact that she knew about your news but did not come to find you...” Jiang Tong paused. Qian Mang, who was busy reading his phone messages, slowly raised his head to look at her. Jiang Tong looked at him and said, “Back then, you and Wu Hui ended on a very unhappy note. How much she loved you back then is how much she hates you now. Although you are rich, their most difficult time has passed. They don’t need you anymore.”

Following Jiang Tong’s words, Qian Mang’s eyes gradually lost focus, as if he was immersed in some kind of memory. Jiang Tong was not in the mood to reminisce with him. She glanced at the phone screen and said to Qian Mang, “Chairman Qian, it’s time to go back. You still have clients waiting for you upstairs.”

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