I Planted Crops Alone After Awakening The Weakest Farmer Job Class

Chapter 79 - 79 Plan Accomplished, God’s Wailing
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79 Plan Accomplished, God’s Wailing

It was as stable as the first light in the darkness.

The Golden World Tree was like a sapling second carved from gold.

However, after coming into contact with this miniature dimension, it instantly erupted with endless light and radiance.

An unstoppable will emitted from its body. Wherever it went, space trembled. In the narrow space, spiritual energy, regardless of whether they were owned or not, was devoured!

“Wh-what is this?”

The Blood God.

This god, who stood in a high dimension and looked down on the insignificant creatures of the human world, had witnessed the rise and fall of countless worlds and continued to stand tall in the sky.

Finally, in front of a mortal, He revealed a look of shock and fear.

In His perception, this tiny plant was like His natural enemy. It violently and swiftly devoured the divine power that dissipated from His body.

Blood of the World

It was the source of all supernatural powers.

It could transform into divine power, spiritual energy, immortal energy, and so on. It was the ultimate power of all energies and the power of creation.

Using the Blood of the World as fuel, the gods ignited their divine flames and stepped onto the Carriage of Heavenly Book carriage to ascend to the high-dimensional world.

They also used the Blood of the World to build their divine bodies and carry the will from a high-dimensional world.

It could be said that the Blood of the World squeezed out from countless dimensions shaped them.


even were high-dimensional creatures born as extensions of the Blood of the World!

And this strange tree branch… 𝒇𝘳ee𝚠𝘦𝚋n૦𝐯el com

it gave the Blood God a very special “premonition”——

It fed on the Blood of the World and gods!

“This kind of thing shouldn’t exist in this world at all!”

For the first time in the cold and absolutely rational sea of consciousness of the Blood God, He felt an uncontrollable killing intent and wariness towards an insignificant life in the small mortal world.


A surging mental pressure was released.

The entire dimensional space shook.

Lin Sen clearly felt a shocking pressure, accompanied by the killing intent of a mountain of corpses and a sea of blood, mercilessly stabbing towards his soul.

Fortunately, at this critical moment,

the weak subsidiary consciousness of the Kabbalah Tree of Life wrapped around Lin Sen’s soul and blocked this powerful attack from the god for him.

“It hurts!

“Is this the ability of the Blood God to activate the divine kingdom and control the life and death of living beings?”

Lin Sen had lingering fears.

“If not for the Kabbalah Tree of Life, I would have died a thousand times over!

“Moreover, the Blood God’s main goal is still the Golden World Tree. I’m just a part of it.


Lin Sen sensed his weakening subsidiary consciousness of the Kabbalah Tree of Life.

He looked at the Golden World Tree that was growing under the surging attacks, but wounds kept appearing on the tree. He gritted his teeth and decided.

“The closer the Golden World Tree is to its target, the faster the absorption will be. I have to send it right next to the Blood God!”

He made a decision.

Lin Sen released the remaining psionic energy in his body and summoned a branch of the Kabbalah Tree of Life. It gathered into a huge wooden giant about 500 meters tall.

After the giant appeared, it quickly compressed the remaining space in the huge black and white ball.

Lin Sen controlled the giant and protected the Golden World Tree in his hand. The driver, the Kabbalah Tree of Life, faced the surging pressure and walked towards the Blood God step by step.

“Bugs, you’ve angered me!”

The Blood God was furious.

First, it was the strange sapling that was His natural enemy, and then it was the strange black tree branches that could resist His divine power.

This creature, which was not much bigger than a worm, fed Him anger that He had never felt in tens of thousands of years!


On the contrary, Lin Sen laughed out loud when he heard this. The sinister expression on his face seemed to become one of incomparable delight.

“Angered? You’ve learned new words huh. A high and mighty god who prides himself on being a high-dimensional creature and calls all of us bugs would actually get angry over an insignificant being like me. Then, other than being angry, do you also feel sadness?

“Will your main body, which stands above in the high-dimensional world, also feel afraid, timid, and tremble?”


“How dare an insignificant worm like you look up at the sky!

“Dying in the filthy quagmire is your predestined fate!”

Fragmented corpses surged out of the Blood God’s body. They were originally carriers that formed the Blood God’s body.



They had been given false life by the Blood God.

There were no souls or rather, the broken limbs of fake souls condensed from filth surged out with shocking power. Each of them was not inferior to a Black-gold grade combat professional, and some of them had even reached the Legendary or Epic grade.

They swarmed forward to stop Lin Sen.

Lin Sen was unmoved.

His provocation just now was to delay the Blood God so that he could get closer to Him.

At this moment.

He had achieved his goal!

“Hahaha, I don’t know if a nobody is worthy of looking up at the sky, but noble Blood God, your visa to the Blue Planet seems to have expired!”

Lin Sen grinned hideously.

A ferocious smile appeared on the blurry face of the Kabbalah Tree of Life, which was wrapped in a group of corpses.

The next second.


The giant held the Golden World Tree in his right hand and punched the Blood God’s body, implanting the Golden World Tree into His divine body.

“Oh noble Blood God!

“Can you answer one of my questions?

“Do gods bleed too?”

Lin Sen used all his strength to send the Golden World Tree into the Blood God’s divine body.

The subsidiary consciousness of the Kabbalah Tree of Life was also shattered by His violent attacks.

Even though the grade of the Kabbalah Tree of Life’s had reached the peak,

it still carried a growable prefix. Until now, it had just reached the Gold grade.

It was definitely not easy to contend against a god, even if it was only a god whose some origin had descended.


Lin Sen still had one last and final life-saving method—

The God-level Farm!

“System, send me to the God-level Farm!”


The indestructible giant was shattered and the subsidiary consciousness of the Kabbalah Tree of Life’s strength was exhausted. Just as a smile was about to appear on the furious face of the Blood God,

Lin Sen disappeared into thin air.

“Ah ah—”

Before the Blood God could wonder what strange time period this little bug had used again, the Golden World Tree that had entered His body seemed to have been injected with chicken blood. It was like a greedy black hole that was wantonly absorbing His divine power.

This strange sapling was still in its infancy.

Given His current strength, which had barely reached Sanctuary I after a wisp of His Origin had descended, His still had the ability to resist when He was a distance away from this sapling.

But now.

The sapling was planted in His body. Various roots covered His divine body and absorbed his power like a whale feeding.

Unless He abandoned most of His divine body and fled with the remaining divine power, He would be devoured by this sapling sooner or later.

A sense of humiliation and despair that had never been felt before crawled into the Blood God’s heart.

His eyes were filled with resentment as He looked at the Canaan Safe Zone, which was organizing an escape outside the translucent sphere.

“Dirty and disgusting ant, even if I give up my divine power, I won’t let you have an easy time!”


The huge black and white ball suffered a heavy blow.

The expression of the Tai Yi Academy’s Principal changed.

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