I Only Wanted A Class In The Apocalypse

Chapter 927 The War Returned
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I had to go back to Earth first. The fourth quest was over right there. And I had to check on many things, including the MIT team.

So I opened a portal and headed back to Earth.

I appeared just near the capital. I left here when Isac was handling the task of rebuilding the entire space of my kingdom.

As I appeared here, all I found was more people and nothing much. It seemed the armies returned partially back from the Hector continent.

Seeing this made me recall my promise, the one I made to Isac and couldn’t fulfil yet.

“Damn! She is going to kill me!” I instantly went back to my second Earth, sent an urgent message for Angelica, asking for many people to be moved towards Earth.

[No problem, we got too much anyway here] she wasn’t exaggerating. We got tons of people during the year and half I stayed at that pocket world.

Time might get affected in worlds and places I visited, but it was always going on based on my presence. That meant all the time I spent at the pocket world passed also everywhere else.

[I’ll open portals at each path at this side] I decided to go all out, [Let your men brief people about what they are going to do]

[Come on! Give me a few hours to notify and arrange things first!]

[how much?]

[At least half a day]

I paused before realising something. I was going to move them towards my capital. And that wasn’t the right place for them to be.

Who knew where Isac and her men went during all this time. It was better to travel to the furthest places Isac went and open portals there.

[You got it. I will come back in twenty hours] I sent before returning back to Earth. [Where are you now?]

[You? Great! You got the balls to come and ask after all these days of leaving me alone here!]

She was mad! And that was quite expected.

[Things got out of control… For you it was few days, for me it was over than a year]

[Empty excuses won’t help you! Where are my damn men? I need damn armies of workers to get things done! We are too far behind the schedule!!!]

Yes, she was mad. [I’m speaking with you now to ask you about this. Where are you now?]

[Not that much, lazy lord! We are still in New York state!]

Oh… They went a good distance ahead considering the few people they got.

[Cool! I’m coming over right now and will bring the armies you want]

[Better you follow your words with actions this time. I’m fed up with your empty promises! If you didn’t…]

[I’m going to deliver this time, I promise] I hurriedly sent before closing the chat with her.

One hour here was equal to twenty back there. That meant by the time I’d arrive at New York, Angelica would have enough time to prepare people to come here and help.

As I started moving, I sent a message for the three I didn’t hear from for so long; the jumper, Fang, and Wryly.

[At last! Where did you go? Leaving us to clean the dirt behind you and rest isn’t a good thing y’know!]

And as usual, that jumper dude was still having his tongue sharpened even after all these days.

[So you got things done?]

[Indeed! What do you expect, genius? These people lost their armies and king, their leaders and generals. They surrendered mostly, with few only trying few useless attempts to resist]


[What were you doing then? Don’t tell me you slept all this time!]

[What if I did so?] I loved teasing him, as he loved teasing me.

[Damn! I knew it! Isac was searching everywhere for you. You are such a careless and lazy lord, leaving us all here to work for you and do your dirty tasks while you keep resting and enjoying yourself back there!]

[I spoke with him and he is cool now]

[Humph! You always find a way out with lies!]

[Shut up! Where are you now?]

[Near that weird giant bubble you left behind. By the way, what is that thing?]

Bubble? It suddenly hit me. [Don’t tell me you tried to enter!]

[No way! I tested it with part of my forces and they all got killed. What is that thing anyway]

[Nothing you should know about]

[Screw you! I’ll get you to speak. Where are you now? I dare you to tell me!]

[I’m with… Not telling, hahaha!]

[Dammit! I’m going to find you. I bet you are racing time to make up for Isac. I’ll go and meet you there then bastard]

[Keep dreaming] I closed the chat as I knew what he would send.

Lots of curses and angry shouts plus few mean words… That was his nature.

But he guessed it right, I was heading towards Isac at the moment. It seemed this girl spoke with everyone, and let them know about me failing my promise to her.

Damn girl! You should know that I was fighting a brutal war all this time! It wasn’t that I didn’t want to come, but I couldn’t!

[Hi my bro, whassup?]

And as I closed the chat with the jumper, another message came from Wryly.

[I’m great. How are things at your end?]

[We resumed war again]

[Wow! How so? Tell me everything, hahaha!]

Before leaving, and even before fighting the Hector continent armies, Berserkers got a peace treaty I didn’t like with Hectors.

That led to me facing tons of problems back then. Yet it seemed such a honey period was over right now.

[It’s thanks to you actually. You managed to crush most of the Hector grand forces in this world, killing their king, enslaving his scary pet, and even finding a way to deal with the terrifying guardian beasts… Damn! You were cool! Do you know that?]

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