I Never Run Out of Mana

Chapter 241. Stepping on the Trap
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Chapter 241. Stepping on the Trap

A total of 5 people were inside the estate that Min-Cheol arrived at.

It was easy to see that all of them had statuses equal or higher than counts.

After all, their clothes oozed out classiness, and they wore expensive accessories that both the common folk and nobles of lower rank could not dare afford.

Confirming their numbers, Min-Cheol immediately contacted Dan.

It was to find out their identities before attacking.

“Dan. You’re with Count Audu, right?”

“Yes. I am with him.”

“I’m going to start listing their characteristics, so tell me who they are. Okay?”

“Yes, I understand.”

“One of them is short, about 160cm tall, has a mustache, and a button nose.”

Dan immediately told Audu what Min-Cheol said, and they were able to easily identify him as Count Snuck.

Dan did not question why like he usually does.

It was because he believed that there was an important reason why Min-Cheol was acting the way he was.

As if partaking in a speed quiz, Dan quickly and accurately answered Min-Cheol’s questions.

Without any hesitation, Dan worked together with Audu to answer what they believed was the most likely.

“It’s Count Snuck. His name is on the accounting book as well.”

“Good. Next is…”

Min-Cheol’s questions continued nonstop.

That meant that Dan’s answers also continued without interruption.

With that, they were able to confirm 3 counts and a marquis.

While it was impressive of Min-Cheol to pick out their special characteristics accurately and explain it to the two of them, the assistance that Dan and Audu provided was impressive as well.

It is not easy to guess a person’s identity correctly from descriptions alone after all.

However, it was easier because the pool to guess from was the remaining counts and marquises.

Min-Cheol’s eyes rested on the last person.

“A tall person, about 2m in height, long straight hair, and has blue eyes.”

“Tall and has straight hair. And blue eyes…”

“Is it difficult? They look toned and quite pretty.”


The answer to the last question did not come so easily like the rest.

Fully aware that Dan and Audu were doing their best to ponder, Min-Cheol did not rush them and instead waited quietly.

However, because no answer could be reached, a voice mixed with a sigh came through the messenger spell.

“Master. I don’t think that person is a noble of Larkenta?”

“Is that so? He seems to stand out.”

“While that is true, I can’t think of anyone that fits your description.”

“I see.”

“I apologize.”

“No. If you and Count Audu believe that to be the case, then it cannot be wrong.”

“Then… Do you plan to attack regardless?”

“Of course. How can I not attack when the situation is this dire. I shall be shoving the unidentifiable man into my storage and wipe out the rest.”

“Yes. Then please contact us when you need us again. We shall be on standby.”


While it wasn’t perfect, the majority of them had been identified.

Watching out for the unidentified man, Min-Cheol snuck into the estate.

He planned to watch them for a bit in order to make sure that no unforeseen events would occur.

However, they weren’t any different from the nobles he had seen so far.

Like those before them, they spoke about the troubles that Demon had caused for them and other small talk.

Min-Cheol’s plan had not changed since meeting with Audu.

There was no way that he could drag someone innocent into harm’s way.

The plan was to shove the stranger into the storage safely and begin fighting.

Right as he was about to appear before them, Min-Cheol was unsettled by the words that came next.

“Count Snuck.”

“Yes, sir marquis.”

“It seems that we’ll have to command the new slaves coming in to undertake a massive cleaning of the estate.”

“Yes, of course. How could we not when the area has become a mess filled with the stench of blood?”

“That’s one thing, but it seems that the estate is filled with scurrying rats.”

“Huh? Rats?”

“Do you not see?”


“That big rat that is staring at us.”

The one to speak to Snuck was the only marquis present, Marquis Palia.

His words carried a hidden meaning.

It wasn’t to point out that the estate was dirty.

Palia knew exactly of Min-Cheol’s presence.

After all, he pointed where Min-Cheol was hiding while saying that there was a big rat.

Min-Cheol was a bit shaken by what he had said, but since he was going to step forward to fight anyways, he moved with relative calm.

His calm demeanor was only possible because he knew that someone as strong as a marquis could see through stealth without much difficulty.

“A rat… Where do you mean?”

“It seems that your eyesight isn’t that good. There. Right over there.”

“Hoho. I don’t see anything… A-Ah! Who are you?”

“Isn’t it rude for a noble to call someone a rat?”

“Then how do you suggest I call someone who quietly hides and eavesdrops on the conversation? Now reveal yourself already!”

“I’ll apologize firsthand that I’m not Demon, the one you’ve all been waiting for.”

Like before, Min-Cheol tossed the pages of the accounting book.

However, the nobles did not laugh and taunt Min-Cheol after seeing the accounting book, but instead looked at the unidentified man for confirmation.

While they did not say a single word, they rolled their eyes while keeping their heads low.

The stranger had a smirk, looking at Min-Cheol as if amused.

Palia stepped forward and spoke.

“So you’re the one who destroyed Swesi.”

“We didn’t fully believe what Demon said, but it seems that what was said was true, sir marquis.”

“So Barub was the one to give it away?”

“Today is the last day you do as you please!”

“Do you really think so?”

In an instant, 5 clones were summoned behind Min-Cheol.

The nobles were hesitant after seeing the clones let out a significant amount of power.

However, the unidentified man’s smile alone grew wider.

As if to say that this situation was incredibly amusing.

Ignoring him, Min-Cheol prepared to fight.

However, there was something he had to do before annihilating them all.

It was to shove the smiling man into the storage so that he wouldn’t get caught up in the battle.

While Min-Cheol couldn’t shake off the uneasy feeling, he still moved according to his original plan.

After opening the storage, Min-Cheol charged towards the group of nobles.

Grabbing the man by his collar, Min-Cheol put strength into his arm to toss him into the storage.



“You little! How dare you do that?”

“What… I have a bad feeling about this.”

“Oh! Are you alright?”

The man did not budge an inch even with Min-Cheol ’s strength.

He did not move an inch as if rooted to the ground, and only his clothes were torn instead.

However, the ones more shocked than Min-Cheol right now were the counts and the marquis.

They were stomping on the ground and circling in panic.

Min-Cheol realized that something was very wrong.

He felt the sudden uncertainty that the person he had tried to protect was the most dangerous person here.

Despite all this, the man showed how relaxed he was with a smile.

It happened as everyone, including Min-Cheol , were frozen in shock.

The firstborn clone charged at Min-Cheol , wrapped his arms around Min-Cheol ’s waist, and then jumped back.

These clones did not do anything without Min-Cheol ’s command.

However, the only explanation for this behavior was that they moved on their own will.

The firstborn clone let Min-Cheol go and whispered in his ear.

“Bad feeling. Bad energy.”


Hearing what the firstborn clone said, the second oldest clone swore in anger.

As if polar opposites, it seemed that the second oldest clone did not like anything the oldest clone did.

“Idiot. Don’t move without command!”

“He’ll die. Min-Cheol. If Min-Cheol dies, we all perish.”

“Let whatever happens happen. Tsk.”


Surround by his clones, Min-Cheol looked at the man.

And then he was able to realize that what the firstborn clone did was not to be berated for.

The man’s face was pale.

However, his skin that was exposed from the torn clothes was not pale like his face.

It was filled with a darkness that seemed like it could suck in anything.

So pitch black that it reminded Min-Cheol of a black hole.

It was dark enough to not only suck the light around him, but the sun in the sky.

The firstborn clone had been able to somehow sense how strong the stranger was.

That was why the clone had charged in to protect the main body that was Min-Cheol .

Min-Cheol ’s head was filled with thoughts.

A man that he had no information on. But he seemed stronger than anyone here.

While Min-Cheol could not confirm it, the aura around him suggested it so.

It happened as Min-Cheol thought that he could possible be the castellan.

-A Soul Messenger has arrived from ‘Dan’.

-Will you accept?

“Yeah. Dan.”

“Master! The fight hasn’t started yet, right?”

“Not yet. So speak to me calmly.”

“You need to flee immediately! Right now!”

“Is the person that I asked about last… the castellan?”

“Yes! That’s correct. Because the two of us only thought about the counts and marquises, we had missed him. That guy is the castellan of Larkenta, Mithrael!”

“I had thought that the aura around him wasn’t anything to scoff at…”

“Master. You need to retreat immediately. You understand, right?”


“Please! Now is not the time to be stubborn! Don’t you know that those who put all their eggs in one basket meet a terrible fate? Please come back and let’s make a plan, yes? I’m sure that there is a better way!”

“I understand what you’re saying.”

“Master. Master?”

Min-Cheol quickly ended his call with Dan.

And then he looked towards the castellan to speak.

“I had my doubts, but to think that you were the castellan.”

“You shut your mouth!”

“The rest of you, stay out of this. If you want to continue living a bit longer that is.”

“What! You dare!”

“Seems you have quite the strange hobby.”

“You’re quite amusing.”

“First, I’ll apologize. Sorry. I should’ve had your name at the very top of this accounting book’s page. Seems you really enjoyed picking off maidens and young Protectors.”

“Do their worthless lives really matter? Have you come to berate me for my wrongdoings?”

“The trial for your wrongdoings has already ended. The death penalty.”

“Kuhuhuhu. If you’re finished talking, then hurry up and escape.”


“Do you really think that you’re able to face me right now?”

“That’s for me to find out. But, you plan to let me go? You’re really insane, aren’t you?”

“There’s no need to show my strength in such a boring fight, no?”



“You will eventually need my strength. I shall make it so.”


Finishing his words, Mithrael turned around immediately.

It seemed that he had no desire to fight at all.

Min-Cheol did not have any intentions of letting Mithrael walk away like that.

Commanding the youngest clone to deal with the count and marquis, Min-Cheol charged at the castellan.



“I told you to go back.”

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