I Might Be A Fake Cultivator

Chapter 1810 - Behind the Crack
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Chapter 1810: Behind the Crack

“Hehe, five Heavenly Human Tribe Great Generals at once? Not bad! This is a pretty big crack...” An Lin’s eyes shimmered with rage.

If large numbers of Heaven Pioneer Stage Great Generals could appear on Earth, then what was the point of Nuwa fortifying the formation around Earth? She would only be keeping the Dao Integration Stage super mighty figures out and leaving an impossible task of defending Earth to the Return to Void Stage mighty figures.

“Mr. An Lin, calm down!” Ne Zha immediately gave chase on his wind flame wheels.

“Big Brother An, wait for me! Woof!” Da Bai hurriedly rushed over as well.

The space army was astonished by the sight of the giant white dog traversing through outer space without the need for a spacesuit or anything of that nature.

They had seen cultivators travel into outer space, but they had never seen a dog fly out from Earth and enter outer space without any protective suit...

An Lin arrived before the massive, inky-black crack on the moon and detected its chaotic aura.

This was the aura exuding from a passageway that had been forced open between the two worlds.

“To think that they would dare to open up such a massive crack...” An Lin unleashed his God of Creation Stage divine sense to infiltrate the inky-black crack in a violent manner!

“Very good. Because of how far they’ve gone, this passageway is no longer just accessible to the Heavenly Human Tribe...” An Lin took a deep breath as a hint of rage and anticipation appeared in his eyes.

A water clone suddenly appeared in front of him, and it slowly transformed until it matched his appearance.

An Lin then dripped a drop of blood essence and infused a wisp of his consciousness onto the water clone.


A terrifying aura erupted from the water clone’s body.

“What an insanely powerful clone!” Even Ne Zha was shocked by the aura emanating from this clone’s body.

An Lin nodded. “Aside from the fact that it’s unable to unleash the powers of the Heavenly Gods and some of my extremely advanced spell techniques, this clone’s combat prowess is almost comparable to mine. It possesses Dao Integration Final Stage power, but I can only maintain it for fifteen minutes...”

This was the water clone created using An Lin’s Divine Liquid Creation Technique!

Water An Lin took a look at An Lin, and it immediately knew what An Lin intended. Thus, Water An Lin crashed through the inky-black crack to see exactly what lay beyond!

This was an extremely chaotic and unstable passageway filled with chaotic turbulence.

Due to the extremely unstable nature of the passageway, it would have sealed over a long time ago unless a powerful being was forcefully maintaining it.

“An extremely terrifying power able to combat the power of Earth and Nuwa is forcing the passageway to remain open...” Water An Lin detected the situation within the passageway and began to travel through it with an even greater degree of urgency.

Soon, An Lin was greeted by the sight of an exit that was glowing with a soft holy light.

He stepped forward and emerged on the other side.


Everything transformed around him.

An Lin saw an extremely unforgettable scene.

He felt like he had come to the true holy land.

Nine-colored light rose into the sky from the ground, and vital energy flowed along the earth as streams.

A series of lavish and grand white palaces were situated upon a set of lush grasslands, and they reflected a dazzling sheen from the nine-colored light shimmering in the sky.

There were about several dozen divine trees several hundred thousand feet tall growing in a ring shape around a mountain whose peak was completely out of sight. The leaves on these trees were pink, and they rippled like pink waves in the wind. Countless adorable miniature Heavenly Humans danced around the divine trees, laughing and playing joyfully with one another.

There were all types of strange and exotic flowers and herbs growing all over the place, all of which were at spirit rank or above!

There were even a few peculiar plants that could move on their own and would eat some of the plants around them from time to time. These divine-rank plants had their own sentient will.

All types of terrifyingly powerful beasts that An Lin had never seen before flew in the sky above, and each and every one of their exhalations produced a peculiar type of energy that could nurture heaven and earth.

What was most eye-catching was that in the extremely far distance, there was a set of plains that holy light shone down upon.

There, trees over ten thousand feet in height grew, and they absorbed the energy within the holy light with elation and vigor. Green vines hung from the trees, at the ends of which were suspended huge eggs, most of which were white, but there were some that were light yellow, dark yellow, golden, and a tiny minority of black ones.

This was the origin of life and creation!

An Lin had only seen one other place like this and that was Tina’s holy land. However, this place was even more spectacular and perfected than Tina’s holy land!

An Lin was stunned by what he was seeing.

However, he had no time to wallow in these emotions as he discovered that there was a massive number of Heavenly Human Tribe powerful beings here, all of which turned to him with unfriendly expressions as soon as he emerged in this place.

There were over a hundred thousand Spirit Refining Stage, over three thousand Arcane Body Stage, over two hundred Soul Piercing Stage, and three Heaven Pioneer Stage Heavenly Humans here.

An Lin looked at the Heavenly Humans, and they looked back at An Lin.

A tense silence ensued.

“No wonder the team I deployed to destroy Earth failed. It makes sense seeing as you’ve been stationed on Earth...” an extremely clear and gentle voice sounded.

All of the Heavenly Humans stepped aside and bowed respectfully.

A woman so beautiful that it was difficult to believe that she was real made her way over to An Lin in a light green dress with her green hair dancing behind her.

She seemed to be a part of this world, and she was the epitome of beauty and nature.

An Lin knew that this was an enemy, but he couldn’t bring himself to muster up any animosity toward her.

“An Lin, you should have told me in advance if you were going to visit.” A faint smile appeared on her face as she extended a beautiful hand toward him as a gesture of friendliness.

An Lin ignored her outstretched hand and spoke in a cold voice, “You didn’t tell me in advance either when you sent your goons to visit Earth.”

The woman was a little stunned by his response, and her pointy ears wiggled gently.

It was quite clear that she was not expecting An Lin’s reaction.

“You really are just as the rumors say. You’re scared of no one, not even me.” The woman stared at An Lin with intrigue shimmering in her orange eyes.

“I’m not even scared of the heavens, so why would I be scared of you?” An Lin harrumphed coldly.

He had already seen the green divine halo above her head, but so what? This only indicated that she was a Heavenly God, of which he had already killed many.

“So you’re not even scared of the Heavenly Life Goddess.” The woman stroked her chin with a thoughtful expression. “Just what gives you that courage?”

An Lin’s heart shuddered upon hearing this. Holy f*ck, this woman is the Heavenly Life Goddess?!

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