I Might Be A Fake Cultivator

Chapter 1735 - The Vermilion Bird’s Surprise Attack
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Chapter 1735: The Vermilion Bird’s Surprise Attack

The Spirit Maiden conceded her defeat. She had nothing else to throw at An Lin.

She had depleted all of her ammo, but An Lin was still alive and well. What could she do? She was in complete despair!

“An Lin, before I give you the inheritance, can you return all of the soul power you swallowed to me?” the Spirit Maiden pleaded with a sour expression.

“I ate all of it, and it had completely fused together with my consciousness. I won’t be able to expel it even if I take a dump!” An Lin rolled his eyes.

The Spirit Maiden wiped the tears from her face and consoled herself, “You’re going to take the Vermilion Bird trial’s inheritance anyway, so there’s no point in leaving any soul power here. Come with me, I’ll give you the Spirit Patriarch’s inheritance.”

An Lin followed the Spirit Maiden all the way to the end, where the massive Vermilion Bird statue lay.

“Is this what the Holy Beast Vermilion Bird looks like?”

An Lin looked at the statue of the Vermilion Bird, and he felt an unyielding will emanating from it, as if it was going to break through all shackles and transcend beyond the worlds!

“That’s right. The Spirit Patriarch had some history with the Vermilion Bird and understood the special properties of the Vermilion Bird, which was why it was able to create a Soul Vanquishing Holy Flame. That is also the inheritance you’re about to obtain now!” the Spirit Maiden replied.

“I’m going to activate it and let it bestow the complete inheritance upon you.” She laid a glowing hand on the statue’s head, upon which countless cracks appeared on the statue. The statue suddenly exploded.

“Chirp!” The ethereal cry of the Vermilion Bird reverberated through the air.

A Vermilion Bird suddenly rose into the sky in the place of the shattered statue, and the soul power surging from its body gave even An Lin a sense of pressure.

“Human, you have the right to obtain the Spirit Patriarch’s inheritance?” The Vermilion Bird body was semi-transparent, as if it was a wisp of divine intent. However, even so, it still gave one a sense of formidable pressure.

Upon seeing An Lin, its chaotic golden eyes suddenly lit up for some reason, and a peculiar smile appeared on its face.

“How interesting. You possess my power, and it’s also my essential power... How alluring, I really want to eat it...”

An Lin could see a hint of yearning shimmering in the Vermilion Bird’s eyes, upon which his heart jolted with shock. Could it be that this wisp of divine intent had discovered the Holy Flame Vermilion Bird in his sea of vital energy? This was definitely an intelligent being and was quite possibly a power left here by the true Vermilion Bird!

At this moment, the Vermilion Bird suddenly pounced toward him. An Lin felt like the entire world was crashing down upon him, striking him with a sense of despair!

“I’m going to eat you.” The Vermilion Bird opened its mouth, and the aura of a Holy Beast threatened to crush all things.

The Spirit Maiden was also given a fright upon seeing this.

She clearly didn’t know that the Vermilion Bird would suddenly attack An Lin either, but she didn’t stop the Vermilion Bird. Instead, she chortled with glee. “Nice! Hurry up and kill this An Lin, Vermilion Bird, hahaha...

“You’re as good as dead now, An Lin! This is the divine intent of the true Holy Beast, and no matter how powerful you are, you won’t be able to defend yourself against its attacks!” The Spirit Maiden chortled again.

An Lin looked at the astonishingly powerful Vermilion Bird hurtling toward him, and a faint smile still lingered on his face as a black whale, which materialized from his consciousness, appeared behind him again before opening its cavernous mouth.


The whale let loose a loud cry, and a vast vortex suddenly appeared in its mouth.

The Vermilion Bird’s expression shifted slightly, and at this moment, the black whale behind An Lin pounced toward the Vermilion Bird.

The Vermilion Bird felt an extremely terrifying burst of suction force.

“No! Impossible! How do you have the Body of Chaotic Essence?”

The Vermilion Bird struggled frantically to try and get away, but it was unable to do so and could only continue sliding toward the whale’s massive mouth.

“How could your consciousness be this powerful!? This is impossible! You’re only at the Return to Void Stage!”

The Vermilion Bird’s expression shifted, and as it was sucked into the vortex, its body kept shrinking until it eventually disappeared altogether.

“Burp...” The whale closed its mouth and gave a satisfied burp before it disappeared as well.

Silence fell once again.

The Spirit Maiden’s twisted smile froze on her face.

She stared blankly ahead and couldn’t recover from her shock.

“You... you ate the Vermilion Bird?”

She only managed to force those words out of her mouth after a prolonged, stunned silence.

“It’s just a mere wisp of the Vermilion Bird’s divine intent. Even if the real Vermilion Bird were here and tried to eat me, I’d beat the crap out of it!” An Lin harrumphed coldly.

The Spirit Maiden: “...”

“Hurry up and give me my inheritance!” An Lin urged.

The Spirit Maiden was on the verge of tears. “The Spirit Patriarch has left the inheritance with the Vermilion Bird divine intent. You’ve eaten the Vermilion Bird divine intent, so how am I supposed to give you the inheritance?”

An Lin: “???”

Was she serious?

What a load of bullsh*t!

That divine intent was just a vessel for an inheritance, and it tried to eat him!

“Then what happens now?” An Lin’s expression darkened.

“I don’t know...” The Spirit Maiden shook her head with a broken expression. “I feel like I’m not suited to be the trial moderator. Not only did I end up losing all of the soul power, I’ve even lost the divine intent that was supposed to bestow the inheritance...”

“You really are an unworthy moderator. How about you leave that job to me?” An Lin suggested.

The Spirit Maiden instantly exploded with rage. “Hell no!”

Right at this moment, change struck in the sea of vital energy again.


The little whale’s stomach suddenly exploded.

A Vermilion Bird emerged from within.

“You want to swallow me? I’m going to incinerate your entire sea of vital energy and teach you a lesson for your arrogance!” the Vermilion Bird roared.

The Holy Flame Vermilion Bird in the sky caught sight of the Vermilion Bird divine intent, and its eyes lit up.


“Wha... what is this thing? No...!”

The Vermilion Bird had just escaped from the little whale, and it was completely taken by surprise as it was swallowed by the Holy Flame Vermilion Bird.

After that, the Holy Flame Vermilion Bird became more substantial and also grew in size. A series of realistic white feathers began to appear on its body, and its aura became increasingly more terrifying.

An Kirin was immediately struck by a sense of urgency upon seeing this. He felt like his position as the ruler of the sea of vital energy was being threatened.

It was also at this moment that a massive amount of emotion exploded in An Lin’s mind!


This was the Spirit Patriarch’s core observation toward the Soul Holy Flames.

Not only that, but even the Holy Beast Vermilion Bird’s core observation toward Holy Flames also flowed into An Lin’s mind, bestowing upon him the knowledge of how to use fire, how to enhance fire, and how to take flames to a higher level.

The divine flames within An Lin’s body began to surge.

The Great Holy Flame became purer as it absorbed the soul power before going through an evolution.

A scintillating sun began to appear above An Lin’s head.

It had now become the Supreme Holy Flame that could incinerate one’s consciousness!

The golden sun lit up the entire sky, and the Spirit Maiden’s expression shifted drastically as she frantically rushed back in retreat.

“This is the Soul Holy Flame? No, it’s a mutated version of the Soul Holy Flame! You still obtained the Spirit Patriarch’s inheritance anyway!” The Spirit Maiden stared at An Lin with an astonished expression.

“Not only that, but I’ve also obtained other inheritances...” An Lin smiled.

He stepped forward, and another type of flames rose into the sky!

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