I Might Be A Fake Cultivator

Chapter 1709 - An Lin’s Outlook on Consumption
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Chapter 1709: An Lin’s Outlook on Consumption

On the Four Nine Immortal Sect dao plaza.

The massive screen was still broadcasting the battle in the Divine Mirror World.

The battle was actually over already, but there were still countless powerful beings who stayed behind to await the return of their heroes.

“Let’s go, Yiyin,” an ordinary-looking man said in a gentle voice.

“Huh? Are not going to wait for An Lin and the others to come out?” The beautiful young woman beside him turned to him with a confused expression.

He tapped his finger playfully on her nose with a smile on his face. “We’ve already seen what we came here to see, and we know the outcome of the battle, so there’s nothing to see now.”

“Alright, I’ll do whatever you say.” Li Yiyin wound her arms around the man’s arm and nodded obediently.

This ordinary-looking man was none other than the paramount god of the Ghost Tribe, Patriarch Zhu Yin.

He wore a relaxed smile on his face as he stepped forward, upon which both he and Li Yiyin disappeared on the spot without spatial fluctuations nor any living beings that noticed them.

“I’m quite envious of them... Fighting the heavens and slaying Heavenly Gods, just thinking about it gets my blood churning.”

These faint words were like a light breeze blowing past and were quickly drowned out by the commotion in the background.

There were still over a hundred thousand powerful beings present, and all of them were discussing spiritedly among themselves while looking up at the image on the screen with reverence and yearning.

None of them knew that the paramount god of the Ghost Tribe had been standing with them and had also witnessed this epic battle.

One hour later.

A white light suddenly appeared in the air over the dao plaza, obscuring everyone’s line of sight.

This piercing light made all of the powerful beings experience a rush of dizziness.

When they came to their senses, a group of beings had appeared on the dao plaza.

Thunderous cheers and applause instantly rocked heaven and earth.

The heroes had returned!

An Lin, Xu Xiaolan, the Celestial Thearch, Dongfang Zhuangshi, the Chaotic Element Martial Lord, Black Spirit Snake, White Spirit Snake, Tina, Little Huang, Emperor Ziwei, the Ancient Dragon Empress, and the Battling Buddha.

Their names were being chanted by over a hundred thousand powerful beings and countless living beings watching the broadcast from all over the Tai Chu Continent.

These names had become the most renowned names across the entire Tai Chu Continent!

An Lin looked around at the powerful beings who had gathered all over the world, and he spoke in a voice that was warm and gentle but not without majesty and prestige, “The God Slaying Team has successfully completed their mission. All of the Heavenly Gods had been slain. Anyone who dares to offend the Kingdom of the Nine States and the human race will meet the same fate as those Heavenly Gods!”

A tsunami wave of cheers erupted once again.

An Lin’s popularity and influence had reached new, dizzying heights.

Even if he was flexing, none of the powerful beings felt disdainful toward him for it. In fact, they felt like it was quite reasonable.

If an exceptional hero like him did not have the right to flex, then no one in this world had the right to flex!

An Lin had also brought back the remains of the Dark Thunder Emperor and Patriarch Shen Teng.

Patriarch Shen Teng at least had some vines as his remains.

However, the Dark Thunder Emperor had been reduced to specks of light and had left no remains. An Lin and the others decided to bring back some soil from the location where it had fallen in the place of its remains.

All of the descendants of these two emperors and the powerful beings who had pledged their allegiance to them were all howling tearfully as they held the remains of their emperors. These two were both heroes of the human race and even the entire continent, and An Lin had organized grand funerals for them.

Following the passage of this debacle, nine days had already passed.

During this period of time, the situation on the continent was quickly changing.

In the past, many living beings thought that the human race was going to be destroyed inevitably and that nothing they could do would prevent this fate.

However, many living beings across the entire continent changed their minds now.

Perhaps... just maybe... the human race could turn the tables?

The fact that the Heavenly Human Tribe United Army did nothing even after such an earth-shattering event spoke for itself.

At the Four Nine Immortal Sect.

The God Slaying Team went through a period of rest and recuperation before returning to their posts.

An Lin ate spirit fruits and sunbathed every day and was finally back in peak condition.

After everything that had happened, the Heavenly Human Tribe forces had staged a tactical retreat, and the world became a wonderful, peaceful place.

“I’ll leave everything to you then, Fanny.”

An Lin tossed a storage ring toward the shiny woman before him.

Fanny accepted the storage ring with an extremely solemn expression. “Leave it to me. Even though my father is neutral, the Heavenly Human Tribe won’t be able to prevent him from doing business.”

Her father was the number one pill refinement master of the Ghost Tribe and one of the best pill refinement masters on the entire Tai Chu Continent, Pill Sage Dominic.

The storage ring that An Lin had given her contained six hundred million spirit stones!

He was spending such an astronomical sum in order to request two divine pills from Dominic!

The Pill Sage was a very busy and important man. When requesting pill refinement services from him, one needed not only money, but he also had to be in a good mood. Even if he was in a good mood, one would still need to provide their own ingredients sometimes.

Furthermore, he would pick and choose among his clients to refine pills for. During sensitive times like these, it would be next to impossible to convince him to refine pills for a human.

An Lin was doing exactly that, but he was not stupid enough to tell the Pill Sage the truth. He had given the money to Fanny and asked her to request the pill refinement services of her father.

The daughter suddenly had money and was asking for pill refinement help from her father. That was acceptable, right?

The Pill Sage was refining pills for his daughter. Surely no one could stop him from doing something like that! As for who his daughter gave these pills to, that was none of his business.

Fanny accepted this mission and immediately began her journey to the Opposite Shore Realm.

An Lin looked on with an expression of anticipation as she left. Six hundred million spirit stones was already half of his net worth. Hopefully, the divine pills refined would live up to his expectations...

After enduring so many life and death battles, he no longer held such a strong attachment to things like money. The spirit stones weren’t going to do anything in his storage ring anyway, and their value would only be redeemed if he was to spend them!

An Lin was going to spend!

If it wasn’t for the fact that all of the divine-rank materials in the Pill Tower could only support the refinement of two divine pills, An Lin would have likely spent all 1.2 billion of his spirit stones on divine pills!

Chang’e had once refined a divine pill for An Lin, which cost a hundred million.

That was actually only one of the lowest-tier divine pills.

Now, An Lin was requesting high-rank divine pills from the Pill Sage, each of which was comparable in value to a divine tool, so their effectiveness would be just as extraordinary as well!

One of the divine pills was for recovery, while the other was for short term explosiveness.

There was probably no one on the entire continent who would use divine pills as disposable items like An Lin did. This was the equivalent of someone sacrificing a divine tool right at the start of a battle.

However, An Lin had the money and the vision!

He was very much looking forward to seeing how bad*ss he would become after taking those divine pills.

Now, he had something very important that he had to do.

“Giant An Lin, are you ready?” Tina asked with a dainty smile.

“I’m ready.” An Lin took a deep breath before standing up from his lounge chair with a determined expression on his face. “Let’s go help me eat a sun!”

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