I Might Be A Fake Cultivator

Chapter 1514 - Chasing Down Emperor Bei Xing
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Chapter 1514: Chasing Down Emperor Bei Xing

“Emperor Yi Deng is escaping on that horse!”

“Quick! Cut him off!”

Xu Xiaolan, Zhu Xuze, and Situ Feng’s expressions shifted at the same time, and all of them immediately gave chase.

Emperor Yi Deng chortled with glee. “So what if you’re surrounding me with four Dao Integration Stage super mighty figures? I don’t care because none of you are as fast as my horse anyway!”

He rode on his flaming crimson horse as he taunted his pursuers.

The flaming crimson horse was extremely fast, and it looked like a red shooting star soaring over the sky.

However, the cry of a phoenix suddenly resonated through the heavens.

A phoenix with its wings spread open was following Emperor Yi Deng at an extremely fast speed.

Xu Xiaolan stood atop the phoenix’s back and killing intent radiated from her body as she slowly drew her Dragon Sparrow Sword...

Emperor Yi Deng’s expression shifted drastically. “What? This is an escape divine tool I constructed using a supreme-grade horse soul and refined with the Star Core Blood Heart for nine thousand years! How can this phoenix be faster?”

The gap was slowly closing, and a sense of impending doom engulfed his entire body.

A decisive expression appeared on Emperor Yi Deng’s face, as if he was making an extremely important decision.

“Burn, my Divine Blood Horse, sacrifice your life force to become the fastest horse in the history of the world!” Emperor Yi Deng carved a small spell formation on the head of the galloping horse.

The Divine Blood Horse suddenly let loose a grief-stricken cry.

The flames on its body became even more vibrantly crimson, and a series of red-veined patterns appeared on its body, like a system of pulsating blood vessels. The energy was quickly flowing through those veined patterns, as if all of its latent power was being activated.

In that instant, the Divine Blood Horse suddenly unleashed incredible speed!


It flew through the air even faster than a shooting star and instantly disappeared into the distance like a bolt of red electricity.

The phoenix let loose a cry of surprise and flapped its wings with even greater effort, covering a distance of several hundred kilometers with each flap of its wings. However, it was simply unable to catch up and could only look on as the horse sped further and further into the distance.

“That’s enough, Little Huang!” Xu Xiaolan immediately instructed her phoenix to stop upon seeing this.

The phoenix had expended a lot of energy during the prior battle, and if it continued to give chase like this, it would probably exhaust itself to death before it could catch up to the horse.

At this moment, Zhu Xuze and Situ Feng also arrived.

“Is he too fast?” Zhu Xuze spoke with a hint of indignation on his face.

Xu Xiaolan nodded. “Emperor Yi Deng has sacrificed his escape divine tool in order to attain incomparable speed. My phoenix can’t catch his horse...”

Both of their lips twitched at the notion that a phoenix would be unable to catch a horse.

However, they soon came to the realization that this horse was a divine weapon, and it had been sacrificed. As such, it really was no surprise that Xu Xiaolan’s phoenix was unable to chase it down.

“Dao Integration Stage super mighty figures are the most significant participants in this war. Empress Helen has fallen and Emperor Yi Deng has escaped. Hopefully, the Celestial Thearch can slay Emperor Bei Xing...” Zhu Xuze mused with an expression of anticipation.

He had expended a lot of energy and sustained many wounds in his battle against the eight Heavenly Human Tribe Great Generals, so he was no longer fit to participate in Dao Integration Stage battles.

Of course, he could still exert some psychological pressure on his enemies.

Thus, the three of them began to fly toward Emperor Bei Xing’s direction along with the phoenix.

Emperor Bei Xing was still in the process of running away while the Celestial Thearch continued to give chase. At the same time, he was still unleashing a relentless barrage of binding and sealing spell techniques, making it exceedingly difficult for Emperor Bei Xing to escape.

“Just give up, Celestial Thearch. What are you going to achieve by chasing me? When I return to the Void Spirit Realm, you’ll be even more powerless there. You should go back and kill Yi Deng instead!” Emperor Bei Xing yelled.

The Celestial Thearch chuckled upon hearing this. “Emperor Yi Deng has been surrounded by four Dao Integration Stage super mighty figures, how is he going to escape?”

Emperor Bei Xing continued to sell out his comrade, “He has this Divine Blood Horse, which is an escape divine tool! If he uses that thing, the four of them might not be able to prevent him from escaping!”

“Oh? Is that the case?” The Celestial Thearch nodded, but his expression didn’t really change. “But I still think I should just prioritize killing you. You’re more dangerous than Yi Deng...”

“What do you mean!? I’m just a little star!” Emperor Bei Xing yelled with grief and indignation as it withdrew all of its sharp spikes to reveal its smooth and harmless spherical body, which was glowing with starlight.

The Celestial Thearch chuckled coldly before launching another almighty palm.


Emperor Bei Xing’s body was almost shattered by the palm, but it used the power behind the palm to escape even more quickly into the distance.

A cold smile appeared on the Celestial Thearch’s face, and he made a seal with one hand while making another seal with his other hand, upon which a peculiar ripple surged through heaven and earth.

A certain spatial adjustment power swept forth for over five hundred kilometers.

“Great Reversal!”

Emperor Bei Xing was suddenly enshrouded by some sort of spatial power.

When it came to its senses again, it discovered that it had swapped positions with the Celestial Thearch.

“F*ck!” It immediately began to change its direction.

However, during that split second in which it had unknowingly flown toward the Celestial Thearch, too much space had already been closed up between them. The Celestial Thearch took advantage of this opportunity and stabbed a finger toward Emperor Bei Xing’s body, upon which a white light shot through space and created a massive hole in Emperor Bei Xing’s body.

“Howl... Waah...” Emperor Bei Xing howled tearfully, as if it was in a lot of pain.

Its body was very strange. Even though it had been wounded, no blood flowed from the punctured wound. Instead, it was like a balloon from which energy was escaping.

The Celestial Thearch immediately unleashed defensive spell techniques at the sight of the sobbing Emperor Bei Xing.

Emperor Bei Xing’s sobs were extremely terrifying as they were imbued with the power to sob someone to death! Apparently, the more pain it experienced, the more heartwrenching its sobs became, and the more heartwrenching its sobs became, the more lethal the power that was imbued within them!

Emperor Bei Xing had suffered a puncture wound, and it fled as it sobbed.

Right at this moment, it was suddenly struck by an extremely strong urge to empty its bowels!

What the f*ck?! How had it developed this sensation? It didn’t even have any bowels to empty!

Immediately afterward, something even more terrifying happened. Energy began to gush out from the hole the Celestial Thearch had inflicted upon its body!

“Ahhhh!!!” Emperor Bei Xing screamed in horror.

Its energy was leaving its body at an extremely alarming rate!

And that wasn’t the end. Before Emperor Bei Xing even had a chance to catch its breath, boundless sorrow and grief suddenly welled up in its heart.

“Waaaah...” Emperor Bei Xing had always been a fan of crying, and its sobs suddenly became even more heart-wrenching.

The Celestial Thearch was situated the closest to it, and he was blasted flying before throwing up a mouthful of blood from the terrifying spontaneous sound attack that swept toward him.

“What a terrifying power of grief!” The Celestial Thearch was astonished. “How did Emperor Bei Xing suddenly become so powerful?”

Right at this moment, a white figure quickly closed in from the distance.

An awkward expression appeared on An Lin’s face, but a black divine seal was shimmering in his hand.

“You’re not getting away! Eat this, Sky Sealing Technique!”

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