I Made Beast-taming Widespread Across The Globe

Chapter 162 - 162 A Little Surprise ~ (2)
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162 A Little Surprise ~ (2)

He forgot everything he had encountered in the Beast Taming World.

This was big news!

“Shocking! The story that Hall Master Lin and Doctor Qin have to tell!”

Xu Jun had even thought of the title.


As the person involved, Lin Ye, who was hugging Qin Zhilan, only had one thought in his mind—

Other than having big eyes, Doctor Qin also…

It could only be said that she had hidden her strength.

However, he immediately held Qin Zhilan’s shoulder and made her sit on the recliner again.

If he continued to hug her, it would be suspected that he was deliberately taking advantage of her.

“Ahem, well, take your time.”

“This recliner won’t do. I’ll change it later. I have to give that shop owner a bad review!”

Yes, he had repaid kindness with kindness.

As for Qin Zhilan, who was lying on the recliner, she was like a quail and lowered her head as much as possible.

She was just short of burying it in her chest.

Her face hidden under her thick hair was even redder.

This… this was the second time she had bumped into Hall Master Lin!

Qin Zhilan had also bumped into Lin Ye once during the academy competition.

However, that was an accident.

Uh… it was the same this time.

However, the feeling it gave Qin Zhilan was completely different.

For some reason, Qin Zhilan felt that not only her legs, but her entire body went numb.

Looking at Qin Zhilan, who was pretending to be an ostrich, Lin Ye moved away slightly and turned to look at Xu Jun and the other two, who still had gossip on their faces. He said expressionlessly,

“Tell me, why do you think there’s another entrance inside?”

Seeing Lin Ye talk about serious matters, Xu Jun and the others immediately stopped smiling.

Only Bai Tao and Su Hongcheng, the two people who were focused on watching the show, were slightly unhappy.

Especially Su Hongcheng.

He even couldn’t wait to chase everyone out of the dojo immediately, leaving Qin Zhilan and Lin Ye here.

Unfortunately, he could not chase them away.

As the brain representative with the most emotional thoughts among the three of them, Zhuge Qing was the one to speak.

“It’s like this, Curator.”

“We saw a tomb on the grassland. Moreover, there was a tombstone on it. The tombstone was even engraved with words.”

“Also, after we encountered the Psychedelic Hornflower and the Void Hunting Sword Teeth Tiger, we saw a figure not long after.

“A figure?”

Lin Ye frowned.

Tombstones and words were nothing.

After all, he had personally carved it.

However, the figure was different.

Of course, he could definitely rule out the possibility that they were real “people”. After all, there were only two entrances now.

“The entrance can only be entered from the dojo.”

“As for the tombstone, I carved it.”

“The queen of the Great Sage’s race is buried there.”

Hearing Lin Ye say this, Zhuge Qing and the other two looked at Lin Ye in surprise.

They did not expect it to be from the curator…

“Where’s the figure?”

Xu Jun said,

“I swear that I’m definitely not wrong. Moreover, it’s definitely not a human-like monkey like the Great Sage.”

“Moreover, he’s wearing clothes!”

“Wearing clothes?”

This time, Lin Ye was really surprised.

Could it be those “natives” in the Beast Taming World?

Was it the existence of the social knowledge that the Great Sage and the others had learned?

“Where did you see it?”

Zhuge Qing took out a piece of paper from his pocket. There was a simple map drawn on it.

It could not be helped. The map and other functions of the Beast Taming Index could only be used in the Beast Taming World.


In the outside world, it was purely something to accept beasts.

“Here, if we look at the map, it’s probably a place where the forest is about to approach the center.”

“We were gone for almost a day.”

Looking at the location marked by Zhuge Qing, it was already not far from the village where the Great Sage and the others were originally.

They would probably arrive in a few hours.

Um, although a few hours of travel sounded very far, it was really close compared to the Beast Taming Forest.

Xu Jun and the others had been walking around for the entire day and had yet to reach the lake.

Lin Ye called the Great Sage over.

“Great Sage, where did you learn those things?”

“The sacrifices.”

Lin Ye had wanted to ask this previously, but he kept forgetting.


Moreover, he vaguely had a guess, especially after knowing that there was a high chance of natives on the snow mountain.

The Great Sage’s answer also proved that Lin Ye’s guess was right.

“At the bottom of the snow mountain.” 𝐟r𝚎ewe𝚋𝚗૦ν𝘦𝘭. 𝐜𝚘𝗺


Lin Ye revealed a knowing expression.

“Snow Mountain?!”

When Xing Rong heard this keyword, he was also excited.

He just wanted to go to the snow mountain!

Moreover, previously, Xing Rong had been a little nervous. He did not know if the spirit girl’s clansmen were still there ~

Now that he heard the Great Sage say that it had seen “people” at the foot of the snow mountain, Xing Rong was directly relieved.

“Why are you so excited?”

Looking at the excited Xing Rong, Xu Jun felt a little puzzled.

This time, Xing Rong did not hide it from the two of them and explained,

“I went inside to prepare to go to the snow mountain. I want to find Nethery’s family.”

“Family? The family of your beast?”


Xu Jun looked at Xing Rong as if he had seen a ghost.

This… was a little unbelievable, right?

“Brother, didn’t your ghost girl come from the Beast Taming Machine?”

“Yes ~”

“Then, then can we find our family here?”

Xing Rong paused and nodded with certainty.


Seeing the determination on Xing Rong’s face, Xu Jun gave him a thumbs up.


“The beasts drawn are also from the Beast Taming World, so it’s indeed possible to find them.”

Lin Ye helped Xing Rong explain.

“Especially this humanoid beast with memories.”

Xing Rong looked at the Great Sage and then at Lin Ye.

“Curator, can… can you get the Great Sage to tell me where that place is?”

Lin Ye looked at the Great Sage.

“Do you remember?”

The Great Sage nodded, then shook his head.

“I can’t remember details.”

“On the edge of a river under the snow mountain.”

At this moment, the Great Sage spoke much more fluently.

Hearing such a broad scope, Xing Rong was not disappointed. Instead, he was rather happy.

“Thank you, thank you so much, Great Sage!”

Looking at Xing Rong’s overjoyed expression and eager expression, Zhuge Qing could not help but dampen his spirits.

“Think carefully. It’s not easy to walk to the snow mountain in a day or two.”

“From the distance on the map, it will take at least a week to walk. Moreover, you have to walk in a straight line.”

Hearing Zhuge Qing’s words, the expression on Xing Rong’s face immediately froze.

“Alright, let’s talk about this later.”

“As for the clothed figure Xu Jun saw, tell me in detail what he was wearing.”

It might be some animal skin or something. Then, it might even be related to the Great Sage…

Xu Jun scratched the back of his head and said uncertainly,

“Uh… It feels like our clothes?”

“Are you sure?”

Xu Jun hesitated for a moment before nodding.

“Yes, although it was just a blink of an eye, I saw the cuffs of the clothes. They’re really the same as ours.”

“It’s definitely not bark, animal skin, or other clothes.”

Lin Ye was really confused.

Logically speaking, this should not be the “natives” the Great Sage had seen.

If they were thinking about the foot of the snow mountain, it would be too far away.

Of course, special circumstances could not be ruled out.

However, it was impossible for outsiders to enter!

Lin Ye had asked Su Qingqing and the others. Other than Xu Jun and the other two, no one else entered.

Lin Ye rubbed his head with a headache and asked.

“Then how did you end up like this? Is it also because of this ‘person’?”

“Uh, hehe…”

Xu Jun smiled awkwardly and shook his head.

“That’s not it.”

“I was about to catch an eagle as my second beast, but I failed.”

“Then we were chased and scratched by a large group of eagles.”

“Otherwise, we would have waited another day before coming out.”

“However, there’s nothing we can do. At that time, if we don’t use the index and directly return to the spatial door, we’ll be brought over to be the eagle’s food.”

Xing Rong and Zhuge Qing nodded with lingering fear.

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