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Chapter 602 Fate Reading
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Many people thought luck was an abstract concept similar to Fate or destiny. However, it is not the same. Although it is intangible and cannot be felt, luck can be felt and controlled with a certain power to a certain level.

As a seventh grade, King Leon knew the importance of luck and its potential danger. He knows if the twin girls want him dead, he will be over long ago. The only reason he is still surviving up till now is that the twin girls only want to test or 'play' with him.

Even though King Leon is cold and strict, he is open-minded about many things. As long as it didn't cross his bottom line, he could tolerate many things. In fact, if it is not to maintain his prestige as King and seventh grade, he may have a casual temperament.

After a day of 'playing' with the mischievous twin girls, King Leon felt something in the previous clearing area. With a snap of his finger, he washed all the dirt on his body and clothes before returning to the clearing area.

Before he knows it, the twin girl is already sitting on both his shoulders with their usual creepy doll-like smile.

"What the..." said King Leon.

"Hurry, everyone is waiting." said the twin girls simultaneously while pointing in the clearing area direction.

Noticing there is no malicious intent from the twin girls, he decides to let them be. King Leon finds eleven bright light balls wandering the area like a star in the sky.

"Hooo… It's rare to see someone get recognized by Gem." King Leon heard a voice from one of the lights.

"Hahaha… What do you expect? Their test is the easiest." said another light.

*BOOOM* After finishing its sentence, a small meteorite suddenly falls from the sky and hits the ball light. However, the ball of light only wavered for a moment before forming again. It only leaves destruction in the surrounding.

At the same time, King Leon glances at the twin girls on his shoulder. However, the twin girls ignore him and still have the same creepy doll smile. Somehow he could feel the twin girls angry at the ball of light's words.

"You should not say that, Lee. All of our tests are just and fair. Some can survive your test but not the Gem's test." replied another light.

"Hmph… You said that because your test is the only one that couldn't be passed with brute power." said the previous grumbled light.

"Enough, all of you!! We are here not for chit-chat. Young one, speak. Why did you call us?" said another light.

"I want to know the Fate of Heart Kingdom." stated King Leon directly.

Hearing this, all the lights stay silent without answering for a moment.

"Why us? I believe a strong person like yourself doesn't need our help to understand the World's will." asked one of the lights.

"The Fate that I read is changing and getting harder to read. Although I know the source of this change, I don't know what it will bring us." said King Leon.

"What happens if the outcome is not your liking?" asked one of the lights.

"I will do my best to prevent it from worsening without changing too much." said King Leon resolutely.

"You truly have the quality as a King, young one." replied another light.

"Thank you for your praise." replied King Leon humbly with the same stoic expression.

"Alright. We will read the World's will for you. However, you must be ready. Nothing could escape Fate. It will come to all of us. The revelation may become a burden or even a curse. Did you still want to do this?" said one of the lights.

"Of course." replied King Leon shortly.

After hearing King Leon's reply, the Twin Girls on his shoulder jump down before merging into a ball of light. Then, it joins with the rest and rotates around King Leon. During this moment, King Leon hears soft whispers and glimpses of the blurry scene in the surrounding.

Suddenly, the scene and soft whispers are gone. Before King Leon realizes it, his feet are inside an ankle-deep pool of blood. Looking at the surroundings, he only finds countless corpses and an unending blood ocean.

Not far ahead, King Leon finds a throne made of bone on top of a small hill made of corpses. He notices a person sitting on the throne. Unfortunately, he couldn't see the person's figure or face as the throne faced backward at him.

Still, he could feel the terrifying dread from the person. King Leon didn't even realize his body was already on his knee while cold sweat drenched his body. Luckily, this scene happens only for a moment before King Leon finds himself back at the clearing area.

"W-What was that?" asked King Leon in surprise.

King Leon knows Fate's reading should not be this vivid. Yet, he could feel the pungent smell of blood and corpses in the vision. For him, it is too real for just a prediction or illusion.

"Someone interrupted. Whatever it is that you saw has the power to interrupt Fate. No matter whatever Fate dictates, it will not affect it." said one of the lights.

"We don't know if it is a good or bad thing. Perhaps it is good since you are supposed to not know what Fate brings you. No one is supposed to interfere with the World's will." added the other lights.

"I understand. Then, I will excuse myself." said King Leon dejectedly.

Before King Leon could step back, a ball of light approached him and turned into twin girls. The twin girls sit again on top of King Leon's shoulder.

"Hold on, young one. Although we couldn't interfere with Fate, we must investigate this matter. Besides me, Gem is the most knowledgeable about Fate. Since they are also taking an interest in you, please bring them with you." said another light.

"Don't worry. Your effort will be repaid. As you realize, Gem power is related to luck. As long as you treat them better, you will be blessed with fortune while your enemy will be riddled with disaster." said another light.

King Leon glanced at the two expressionless girls before releasing a deep sigh.

'I hope Lia will not go crazy when meeting them. Well, since she didn't outright kill my child before, I guess she will be fine.' thought King Leon.

"Sure. I will take care of them." replied King Leon.

Then, eleven bright lights shine throughout the whole area before King Leon notices the surrounding area change. He is already outside the forest and his army is waiting not far from him. The twin Gem is sitting on his shoulder with her usual doll-like creepy smile.

"My King, who are they? Is there something wrong?" asked Duke Jacob while approaching him as he found the strangeness in his King.

At this moment, King Leon notices that only a split second has passed since he entered the forest.

"At ease, my friend. They are just two girls I picked up." replied King Leon casually without explaining further.

"Alright, get ready to go back. Let's leave this shitty kingdom." said King Leon.

*Blarrr* *Blarrr* As soon as King Leon said that, the light drizzle in the sky suddenly turned into a heavy rainstorm. King Leon noticed this abrupt change before glancing at one of the girls on his shoulder. The unfortunate girl didn't speak, only releasing a small giggle.

'Guess they are more troublesome than I thought. Is this what that brat feels when caring for that little monster?' thought King Leon.

The journey back to the Heart Kingdom is fast and uneventful since King Leon and his army already cripple any notable military force in the Udrary Kingdom. No one dared to stop their march, especially after seeing the large Alkin breaking through anything.


Instead, the whole Udrary kingdom is plunged into chaos. Not only do they become leaderless, but their entire nation is also struck by heavy rainstorms without any sign of stopping.

When King Leon and his army return to the Heart Kingdom, the Jade situation becomes tense as time goes by. Inside this silent windy land, Jade could feel King Andvari accumulate more soldiers since a few days ago.

Each day passed, he could feel another sixth-grade combatant appear on the Archdale Hold accompanied by hundreds of high-grade soldiers.

'At this rate, their number and quantity will surpass us by a large margin.' thought Jade as he noticed another army led by sixth grade enter the Nergal's fortress.

'Did Andvari not fear getting attacked by the other two big kingdoms? Hascua may not dare to do it, but King Sovas may take this chance to take some of Nergal's territory.' thought Jade deeply.

"Father, here is the report for this afternoon." called Jane, Jade's daughter, from the side.

Noticing Jade's frowning, "Hmm?? Is there something wrong?" asked Jane worriedly.

"Nothing important. I just thought Andvari gathered too much army. But, it was not too much to the point we couldn't handle them. Anyway, how is the army?" asked Jade.

"Everything is fine. Though they complained about the chilly wind too much. But nothing to worry about. Most of them are high-grade combatants. There is no way they will get sick from this chilly wind." replied Jane.

"Don't underestimate this chilly wind, Jane. This is not natural wind." replied Jade sternly.

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