I Have the Alchemy Emperor in My Head

Chapter 67 - Perfect Quality Meridians Cleansing Pill
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Chapter 67: Perfect Quality Meridians Cleansing Pill

Translator: EndlessFantasy TranslationEditor: EndlessFantasy Translation

After an uneventful night, Chu Yunfan arrived at Lu Qingxuan’s company early the next morning. It was different from the last time. This time, Chu Yunfan was already familiar with the place. Furthermore, all the employees in Lu Qingxuan’s company already knew Chu Yunfan.

Everyone knew that this young man who did not look very old was actually an alchemy master. One could imagine the shock in their hearts.

‘When Chu Yunfan came for the second time, he could clearly feel that these people were looking at him with some curiosity.

It was early but Lu Qingxuan was already waiting for him at the company. She personally led Chu Yunfan to the alchemy lab.

“Master Chu, all the ingredients that you wanted have been delivered. Do you need me to get someone to help you unpack them?” Lu Qingxuan pointed at the boxes of ingredients in the alchemy lab and asked.

“No need. I can do it myself!” Chu Yunfan shook his head and said.

He still wanted to keep the formula for the new Meridians Cleansing Pills a secret. If Lu Qingxuan were to unpack it, she would realize that among these ingredients, there was a lack of the most important Meridians Cleansing Grass.

“All right, I’ll leave you to it then. I’ll be here the whole time. If there’s anything, just let me know!”

Lu Qingxuan said very politely, but she did not feel that anything was wrong. Facing such a young master, no matter how careful she was, she felt that it was very normal.

“Okay, you go do your work first!”

After Lu Qingxuan left, Chu Yunfan opened the packages himself and took out the contents inside. They were all just ordered yesterday and had been delivered early in the morning.

‘With Chu Yunfan’s expertise, he could tell at a glance that although the quality of these ingredients could only be considered average, there was nothing wrong with them.

According to the usual procedure, Chu Yunfan turned on the fire, added water, and added the ingredients. He looked like he had gone through these steps countless times, even though this was his first time refining Meridians Cleansing Pills.

However, to him, having the Alchemy Emperor’s memory was equivalent to refining countless times. This level of proficiency in alchemy was not something that an ordinary person could understand.

After a full three hours, the pill was finally completed!

A medicinal fragrance filled the alchemy lab. In just a short moment, it was whisked away by the ventilator. And in the alchemy furnace, a black pill the size of a broad bean lay quietly.

Chu Yunfan knew that this Meridians Cleansing Pill had already been refined!

It was 100% done!

After refining the Meridians Cleansing Pill, Chu Yunfan called Lu Qingxuan over.

Lu Qingxuan had an excited expression on her face as she said, “Master Chu, is the Meridians Cleansing Pill ready?”

Chu Yunfan nodded. “Take a look. You can test the quality of this Meridians Cleansing Pill

Lu Qingxuan stretched out her slender white fingers and took out the Meridians Cleansing Pill. Then, she placed it into the pill assessment machine in the alchemy lab.

If it was a beginner-level pill like the Body Refining Pill, she could basically test the quality of the pill herself. However, if it was a Meridians Cleansing Pill, she would have to rely on the pill assessment machine to test the exact quality of the pill.

This pill assessment machine was a new product that had just been developed in the past ten years. In the past, when people judged the quality of medicinal pills, they basically could only rely on their own experience. However, with the pill assessment machine, everything could be handed over to the

machine. It was much more convenient than before.

An infrared ray swept across the Meridians Cleansing Pill. Immediately, the green light on the pill assessment machine flashed.

‘The green light indicated that the quality was up to standard, while a red light at the side would indicate that the quality was not up to standard.

“Meridians Cleansing Pill, quality is up to standard. Quality is 100%, the overall evaluation is perfect!”

A mechanical voice came from the pill testing machine.

Lu Qingxuan, who was at the side, almost misheard. The quality was actually 100% and its evaluation was perfect.

This was simply unimaginable and unbelievable. Generally speaking, for an intermediate-level pill like the Meridians Cleansing Pill, even if an official alchemist were to attempt to concoct it, the quality would only be 70-80%.

There were not many who could obtain outstanding evaluations, let alone obtain a perfect evaluation. It was simply unbelievable.

It would be fine if Chu Yunfan could only refine a Body Refining Pill with a quality of 100%. After all, no matter how one looked at it, the Body Refining Pill was only a beginner-level pill.

But this was a Meridians Cleansing Pill. He could actually refine it to perfection!

Lu Qingxuan did not doubt Chu Yunfan’s luck at all, because there was a 70% to 90% chance that he could only achieve it through luck. However, for 100%, this was different. If it was not for the fact that he had mastered this type of pill to an extremely shocking degree, it would be impossible for him to

achieve a 100% perfect evaluation.

She once again felt that her evaluation of Chu Yunfan from last night was still too low! 𝑓𝙧𝙚𝙚w𝙚𝙗𝒏oν𝐞l. c𝑜𝙢

Immediately, she felt as if she had picked up a treasure. Being able to refine a perfect grade Meridians Cleansing Pill was not something that an ordinary person could do. This was much more powerful than an ordinary official alchemist.

Seeing that the Meridians Cleansing Pill that he refined had passed the examination of the pill assessment machine, Chu Yunfan could not help but heave a sigh of relief. It was not that there was a problem with the Meridians Cleansing Pill that he refined, but he had swapped one of the most important

ingredients for Dragon’s Tail Grass, so it was possible that the pill assessment would have failed.

Now that he had passed the assessment, he finally heaved a sigh of relief!

“How is it? Can this Meridians Cleansing Pill be sold?” Chu Yunfan opened his mouth and asked.

“Yes, it can definitely be sold!”

Lu Qingxuan said, “Meridians Cleansing Pills themselves are scarce resources. Moreover, Master Chu, the Meridians Cleansing Pill you refined is of perfect quality, so the price is even higher. A normal Meridians Cleansing Pill is only two million, and even a 90% quality Meridians Cleansing Pill can only

be sold for two and a half million at most. However, this perfect quality Meridians Cleansing Pill of yours can definitely be sold for more than three million. I guarantee it!”

Chu Yunfan nodded. This was not much different from what he had learned on the Internet. Although they were all the same type of medicinal pill, the quality was different, and the price was thus also very different.

Forget about Body Refining Pills. Although there was a certain difference, it would not be too big of a difference because Body Refining Pills could be used all the time. However, each person could only take one Meridians Cleansing Pill. Therefore, the difference in quality almost directly determined the

difference in the people who consumed the Meridians Cleansing Pill.

There was a gap in innate ability!

And who would not want their child to start at the finish line!

Therefore, the price difference between a normal quality Meridians Cleansing Pill and a perfect quality Meridians Cleansing Pill could be as much as a million.

“Twill help you contact the seller immediately!” Lu Qingxuan held the Meridians Cleansing Pill in her hand and said hurriedly. In her opinion, the Meridians Cleansing Pill was too easy to sell. She was even more grateful in her heart because she also knew, if Chu Yunfan chose to sell it on the Internet, it

would have been possible. It was just that the price would have been slightly lower.


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