I Have Medicine

Chapter 433 - Returning to Ten Ultimates Sect
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Chapter 433 - Returning to Ten Ultimates Sect

Gu Zuo was startled, and looked at Xu Lingxiu.

Xu Lingxiu said: “You don’t have to concern yourself about this. I really do want to repay him for saving my life. After I’m done with my work, if there’s still fate between us, it won’t be too late for me to look for you guys again.”

Gu Zuo’s brows slightly furrowed.

Senior Sect Brother Xu spoke in this way, but why did he feel that Xu Lingxiu didn’t want to go to Ten Ultimates Sect. In addition, he felt that even if Senior Sect Brother Xu finished his work one day, this Prince Zhou wouldn’t necessarily let him leave...

That Prince Zhou said: “These two gentlemen can rest assured. With Lingxiu’er in this prince’s care, his treatment is of the highest quality. This prince prioritizes resources and is doing the utmost to nurture him. I definitely won’t squander his innate talents.”

Gu Zuo looked at Xu Lingxiu once more.

The corner of Xu Lingxiu’s mouth twitched, and he faintly nodded his head: “Don’t worry. I have my own plans in mind.”

At the same time, Gongyi Tianheng sent a voice transmission.

[Ah Zuo, if Xu Lingxiu goes to become a guest at our place, that would be the equivalent of lodging under another person’s roof. Even though there may be many twists and turns here, there are things worth utilizing. With his pride, he would rather keep the current arrangement.]

Actually, Gu Zuo also understood this reasoning. It was just that this Prince Zhou was too sinister, and he couldn’t help but worry.

However, he still respected Senior Sect Brother Xu’s way of thinking. In any case, their Ten Ultimates Domain was right next to this domain. Now that he knew about Xu Lingxiu’s whereabouts, if Senior Sect Brother Xu encountered any trouble, he wouldn’t be too late to lend a helping hand.

With such thoughts, Gu Zuo’s heart loosened. He spoke to Xu Lingxiu: “Although you can’t come and stay as our guest, if Senior Sect Brother Xu has any free time, you can always drop by and relax.” He glanced at Prince Zhou again, “I assume that his highness, the prince, doesn’t mind?”

Prince Zhou’s lips curled into a smile. He didn’t say that he minded, but he didn’t say that he didn’t care either.

Meanwhile, Xu Lingxiu gave his assent: “If you have free time, you can come over, too.” When he finished speaking, he threw out a wooden token, “At that time, you can use this thing to see me, and no one will get in your way.”

Gu Zuo put away the token, and felt a little more reassured.

Although this Prince Zhou seemed very controlling when it came to Senior Sect Brother Xu, it appeared that he didn’t completely restrict Xu Lingxiu’s freedom. For the time being, it looked like the situation wasn’t too bad.

Following this, Prince Zhou, Tianheng, and the others remained silent on the side. Gu Zuo and Xu Lingxiu briefly talked about the whereabouts of other Qingyun Sect disciples.

Among them, the only one they were sure of was Senior Sect Brother Teng Yunfei, who had a brilliant reputation in Qingyun Sect. He had joined the bronze-ranked organization, Heavenly Saber Sect, and was similarly nurtured as a prodigy. However, it wasn’t known where most of their fellow disciples went and what happened to them.

After chatting for a while, Xu Lingxiu said: “Alright, we’re wasting daylight. You guys should get going, too. Zhou Qi, let my two junior brothers borrow the teleportation array. You can lend this bit of help, right?”

Zhou Qi revealed a smiling expression: “If Lingxiu’er wants my help, how could this prince refuse? But it’s rare for you guys to see each other. It would better for these two to stay for a few days.”

Xu Lingxiu impatiently retorted: “Who said anything about staying? They’re on a tight schedule. There’ll be opportunities to see each other in the future. It’s best that you resolve this matter for them right away.”

Prince Zhou leisurely stood up: “Lingxiu’er’s wishes are this prince’s commands.”

In the end, Gu Zuo didn’t know whether the relationship between these two people was good or bad. However, it also wouldn’t be good to stick his hands where they didn’t belong. He could only cup his fist: “In that case, many thanks to Senior Sect Brother Xu and Prince Zhou.”

Xu Lingxiu harrumphed: “Troublesome. You really talk too much.”

Gu Zuo silently stood up. His hands flipped over, and quite a few jade boxes appeared in the hollows of his palms, which he handed over to Xu Lingxiu: “These are tokens of my appreciation. Senior Sect Brother Xu, don’t refuse them.”

Xu Lingxiu’s brows furrowed: “What are you trying to pull?”

His expression was quite out of sorts.

Gu Zuo hastily said: “It’s nothing special. It’s just&#k2026;”

While he was speaking, he was a little lost for words. If he explained that this was a gift for the teleportation array, it would appear too unfamiliar and distant. If he said that it was a greeting gift, then it wouldn’t make sense because this wasn’t the first time they met one another.

After thinking for a while, he couldn’t think of a good reason, so he straightforwardly said: “It’s just that I wanted to give you something. Senior Sect Brother Xu, just take it.”

Xu Lingxiu had never heard of this kind of forceful gift giving, but he was aware of Gu Zuo’s kind intentions. Although his brows didn’t loosen, he rummaged around his sleeves, and took out several jade bottles: “These are my newly refined medicinal pills. They’ll be given to you.”

Gu Zuo didn’t refuse. It was just that, while Xu Lingxiu was receiving his jade boxes, Gu Zuo silently stuffed a few more boxes on top of them.

Xu Lingxiu naturally discovered Gu Zuo’s little trick. For a short time, he was speechless.

Though, he didn’t have much else to say, and only stared at Gu Zuo for a few seconds. Xu Lingxiu didn’t withdraw his line of sight until the other shrank under his gaze: “From now on, you have to be more careful when handling matters. You should communicate with Junior Sect Brother Gongyi more often when encountering such situations.”

Gu Zuo’s heart warmed slightly. With Xu Lingxiu’s temperament, he knew that urging him to this degree was already an extreme display of solidarity. At once, he earnestly responded: “I know. Senior Sect Brother Xu must be careful, too.”

At this moment, Tianheng, who hadn’t spoken all the while, reached out to take out a sheet of golden silk from his sleeve, and handed it over: “If anything happens to Senior Sect Brother Xu, just hold on to this piece of silk and go to Ten Ultimates Sect. We’ll certainly be able to see each other again.”

Xu Lingxiu looked at Tianheng, and put away the golden silk.

After that, Prince Zhou flicked his sleeve: “Gentlemen, we should go.”

Gu Zuo, Tianheng, as well as Gu Qi and Zhao Ji, who kept their presences low from beginning to end, all followed Prince Zhou and departed.

Xu Lingxiu didn’t stand up with the others. He remained seated inside the medicine hut while his eyes trailed after the group into the distance. Then, he slowly withdrew his gaze. Subsequently, he lowered his eyes, and continued to refine medicine. As for the jade boxes that Gu Zuo gave him, he flipped his palms, and put them away.

Prince Zhou led Gongyi Tianheng, Gu Zuo, and the others along the way. Not long after, they arrived at a place that was guarded by rows and rows of soldiers. This was precisely the location of the teleportation array.

There were already several people waiting here. It could be seen that there were many people who could think of ways to borrow the teleportation array from the royal family.

Of course, it wasn’t common for a prince to personally send them off like Gu Zuo and the others.

The presiding high-ranking military officer promptly came over, and saluted. Prince Zhou waved his hand: “I’m handing these four to you. No matter where they want to go, just send them there.”

The military officer naturally affirmed right away. He reached out a hand to make a beckoning motion, wanting to usher them inside.

Gu Zuo spoke to that Prince Zhou: “Many thanks...”

But before he could finish speaking, Prince Zhou turned his head to look them in the eyes. Then, he left in large strides.

Gu Zuo: “...”

This kind of disposition was really weird!

Should it be said that he was rude or something?

Tianheng ruffled his hair: “If someone wanted to take Ah Zuo away from me, my actions would probably be even worse than that of Prince Zhou.”

Gu Zuo made an exasperated expression: “Big brother means that Prince Zhou treats Senior Sect Brother Xu as...”

Tianheng smiled, and faintly shook his head: “Whether it’s true or not, only he himself knows.”

However, the entanglement between Zhou Qi and Xu Lingxiu certainly wasn’t simple.

Gu Zuo also shook his head: “Whatever. We should hurry back, and inform the palace master that we’re safe and sound as soon as possible.”

Tianheng nodded: “Whatever Ah Zuo says, goes.”

Soon after, Gu Zuo called out to his family’s dad and father. With everyone together, they followed that military officer, and entered the area surrounded by guards. Very quickly, they saw the true appearance of the teleportation array.

Atop the wide and flat ground, there were eight standing pillars that rose straight into the clouds. Drawn on each standing pillar were many mysterious and abstruse patterns. Between the pillars were strange and complicated formation lines. They seemed to contain an extremely special power. The moment anyone looked at them, it was like their mind was about to be sucked inside.

Besides Gu Zuo’s group, there were several others who were also waiting just outside. They similarly entered this place.

One after another, they walked into the range of those formation lines. Once certain pillars flickered with rays of light, those people were wrapped up by the white light, and vanished in the blink of an eye.

Gu Zuo and the others also walked over.

The military officer asked: “Where are you guys going?” 𝐟𝓇𝒆𝐞w𝐞𝙗𝓷o𝘷𝐞𝒍. c𝐨𝒎

Gu Zuo said: “Ten Ultimates City.”

Although the Ten Ultimates Domain was vast and bountiful, not every city had a teleportation array. As for Ten Ultimates City, where Ten Ultimates Sect was located, it certainly had one. With regards to them, this was the best place to go.

Upon hearing this, the military officer’s complexion was somewhat shaken.

Ten Ultimates City... Could it be that this group of people was related to Ten Ultimates Sect?

He carefully took measure of several people, and found that they all had their own temperaments. Even the two ordinary people were quite different from those commoners who couldn’t achieve anything along the path of martial arts. As for that young man in the sapphire-blue brocade robes, he was more like an aristocratic family’s young master. His demeanor was even better than that of the seventh prince just now —

This absolutely wasn’t a group of simple people.

This military officer was exceedingly discerning. At this time, he didn’t dare to neglect anything in the slightest, and promptly said: “This one understands. Sirs, please enter the teleportation array. There will be no delays.”

Gu Zuo nodded at him.

Following this, everyone stood inside the teleportation array.

Gu Zuo used one hand to hold onto dad, and the other to hold onto father. He was very cautious.

Meanwhile, Tianheng stood behind Gu Zuo. There was the vague intent of protecting him.

In any case, they were bringing along ordinary people while passing through the teleportation array. It was better to be more careful about everything...

A certain standing pillar shined with a bright splendor. Gu Zuo sensed that an intense attractive force had caused his own body to become as light as a feather. After that, his body seemed to rapidly push through some kind of channel. That level of speed far exceeded his previous expectations.

It wasn’t known how much time had passed. Finally, his body’s heaviness returned, and his two feet were standing on solid ground again.

Once he opened his eyes, Gu Zuo first checked on his parents.

Gu Qi and Zhao Ji were leaning in very closely, but they didn’t appear to be particularly worse for wear.

Gu Zuo breathed a sigh of relief. Then, he said: “Okay. Let’s go out.”

At this time, there were already a few people looking over from outside — Ten Ultimates City wasn’t limited to just this teleportation array. It just so happened that this one was specifically for public use. People were frequently coming and going.

Although the people on guard were strict, they weren’t nearly as stringent or rigid as the ones in the Great Zhou Empire.

With every instance of teleportation, people would go in and come out. After Gu Zuo and the others appeared, even though they drew some attention, they were dismissed with a couple of looks.

Gu Zuo brought his family members out of the teleportation array, and travelled toward the street ahead.

On the street, there were gigantic wild beasts that were loaded with cargo or packed with male and female martial artists. Their imposing auras were boundless, and their might was extraordinary. The street was incredibly wide, and these hill-like, giant creatures moved around without cracking the surface.

The stores on either side were numerous and varied. The crowds of people bustled about, and it was extremely lively. In addition, the many tall and large buildings formed a unique and distinctive landscape along the street.

Gu Qi looked at all of this, and took a deep breath.

It was only when one really came to this world and experienced these scenes personally could they truly feel it. Otherwise, no matter how detailed Gu Zuo’s explanations, without these things appearing in front of him and being witnessed by him, the impact wouldn’t have been this powerful now.

Not only were there enormous creatures and all kinds of stores selling merchandise that were clearly different from the modern world, one could casually witness martial artists on the street getting into arguments and colliding with one another, as well as those who relied on their body techniques to move around. It was like every person was a martial arts expert — No, they were even more formidable than martial arts experts. These scenes were especially shocking.

At this time, Tianheng’s figure flashed away. In the blink of an eye, he appeared in front of a certain store. Once he returned, he extended a hand, and cast a tablet. The next moment, a gigantic wild beast emerged before the group.

Gu Zuo said: “Dad, father. Traveling by foot is too slow, so we’ll be riding this to go back.”

Gu Qi was astonished: “You guys, is this one...newly purchased?”

Gu Zuo laughed: “You can never have too few modes of transportation.”

The implication was tacitly approved.

Immediately following this, Tianheng waved a hand, and delivered Gu Qi and Zhao Ji onto the wild beast’s back. Gu Zuo also leaped up, and instantly landed next to Gu Qi.

The wild beast was quite fast. Even though it suppressed itself to suit the speeds that ordinary people could tolerate, it was still rather quick.

Not long after, the grand and imposing mountain gates of Ten Ultimates Sect appeared in front of them.

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