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Chapter 283 - Rescuing Fellow Disciples
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Chapter 283 - Rescuing Fellow Disciples

The dozens of low Immortal Realm martial artists weren’t Gu Zuo’s match. During the battle between Gongyi Tianheng and the Third Commander, Gu Zuo had already used the three wolf-tooth cudgels to annihilate them all with an unstoppable momentum.

After that, Gu Zuo caught his breath. A silvery light flickered in the space between his eyebrows as he recollected those wolf-tooth cudgels.

Things like flesh and filth wouldn’t really stick to one’s psychic power. When being regained, the psychic power would be as clean and pristine as before. Merely, because the length of the battle wasn’t short, the psychic power had undergone a certain amount of wear and tear. Currently, of the remaining psychic power in Gu Zuo’s Tianfu Acupoint, there was only seventy percent left.

— But this didn’t matter. Gu Zuo’s thoughts turned, his inner cultivation method operated, and an untold number of medicinal qi strands were absorbed by him. His psychic power was replenished at lightning speeds! It probably wouldn’t take long for him to completely recover!

At this moment, Tianheng’s pair of halberds moved faster and faster. Suddenly, his figure rotated, and his spinal column bent like a large bow. At the same time, the strength in his waist greatly increased, and he swung back around!

The two halberds connected, and formed a pair of scissors. They sliced towards that Third Commander’s neck!

The power of this neck strike was too formidable. The Third Commander’s large saber barely swept out in time, but the strike had been avoided when Tianheng abruptly arched his back. Although the saber qi still cut a deep wound into Tianheng’s flank, at the exact same time, the Third Commander’s head had been ruthlessly decapitated by the scissors!

A head, whose eyes remained open in death, tumbled and rolled along the ground. A spray of hot blood fountained from that neck stump. Tianheng hardly paid any heed as he put away the halberds. Then, he abruptly lifted a leg, and kicked that corpse away.

The present Third Commander was as dead as dead could be.

Gu Zuo embraced Tianheng’s neck. He exhaled, and said: “These people are truly hard to kill.”

While he appeared to be very relaxed, in actuality, he hadn’t been taking things so lightly — Utilizing one’s psychic power was also a big burden.

On the contrary, his big brother had been very cool and handsome just then.

Tianheng was still carrying Gu Zuo on his back. He stepped through these dead bodies and advanced forward: “Indeed. This commander was much stronger than all of the previous ones. He was probably an important person among the commanders. Ah Zuo, I’m afraid that it won’t take much longer before we face off against the true Third Prince.”

Gu Zuo’s nose smelled the stench of blood, and his brows immediately furrowed — His big brother was injured.

But despite his deep concern, he didn’t make a fuss about such a small matter like in the past. Rather, he directly took out a medicinal pill, and stuffed it inside Tianheng’s mouth. Moreover, after “watching” that wound continuously reduce in size, he replied to Tianheng’s words: “Come what may. I actually want to see just how powerful he is compared to that guy just now!”

Yet, it seemed that Tianheng had guessed wrongly this time.

During the next two days, the pair traversed through two ancient cities. However, never again did they encounter the interception and pursuit of the Third Prince’s subordinates. Instead, they saw some Peripheral Continent geniuses traveling together in groups.

These people were able to survive up until now, so they all had certain skills and abilities.

It was just that, even though there weren’t any of the Third Prince’s people, this accursed Road of Death apparently still wasn’t willing to allow the two any rest. When they came to this ancient city in a relatively easy and comfortable manner, beyond all expectations, they encountered some familiar people &#k2014; Looking at the clothes and style of dress, those people were disciples of Chongyun Sect!

Gu Zuo felt conflicted: “Big brother, this luck of ours...really isn’t all that great.”

Tianheng, on the other hand, slightly raised his eyes: “Ah Zuo, it seems that those people from Chongyun Sect aren’t open and guileless at all.”

Gu Zuo nodded his head. Without the slightest hesitation, he discharged his psychic power, which closely followed those Chongyun Sect people. Although there were some pharmacists among that group of people, how could the strengths of those pharmacists compare to that of Gu Zuo, who had already broken through to the Core Psyche Realm?

As a result, their disdainful words were all relayed to Gu Zuo’s ears through his psychic power.

“Hey, a few more useless fellows...”


“All of you...kill...”

“...where will you run... Hmph!”

The information contained within those brief couple of sentences couldn’t be neglected in the least.

It was quite ominous.

Gu Zuo forced a smile and said: “Big brother, I’m afraid that we’ll have to go over and take a look.”

Tianheng’s brows faintly moved: “What happened?”

Gu Zuo said: “It seems they want to harm the disciples of our Qingyun Sect.”

Tianheng paused: “There’s no time to lose. If Chongyun Sect has any wicked intentions, we’ll just have to eliminate this trouble for Qingyun Sect.”

The two promptly reached a consensus in this respect. Immediately following which, Tianheng stamped the bottom of his foot, and closely trailed behind those Chongyun Sect disciples at extremely fast speeds.

It didn’t take long for them to arrive in front of a tavern.

Because their discussion took a couple of seconds, Chongyun Sect’s vanguard troops had already started a ruckus over here while they were rushing over.

During the daytime, the ancient city had no monsters. What it had were only the “ordinary” commoners who would tuck their heads and hide whenever they encountered these gallivanting martial artists. When others caused trouble inside the tavern, the commoners had no other choice but to vacate the area, and allow the disturbance to continue.

Gu Zuo saw that a second-floor window had been smashed earlier. It was clear that someone had been dwelling there before. And up ahead, on top of some buildings, there were several martial artists who were fighting in a group. With people moving back and forth, it was very lively!

However, this wasn’t an evenly-matched fight. In the blink of an eye, those few people were struck down. At the same time, a couple others who were originally standing guard on the side let out low cries and swiftly caught them. Then, they all retreated to the back.

Soon after, those young men in fluttering, white-patterned robes landed on the ground, and surrounded the group of six — These six people were members of Qingyun Sect.

There were five men and one woman. And the sole woman was a pharmacist.

They didn’t share any friendly relations with Tianheng and Gu Zuo, but because they were secluded disciples, there were one or two people among those five male martial artists who had once sparred with Tianheng. Thus, they could be counted as half-acquaintances.

Tianheng and Gu Zuo appeared on the side, and watched the spectacle ahead.

Qingyun Sect’s people had fallen to a disadvantage. Who knew what Chongyun Sect wanted to do at this moment?

After the members of Chongyun Sect surrounded the Qingyun Sect disciples, the leader stood tall with his hands clasped behind his back. He was the most arrogant of the bunch. The others who had just struck the Qingyun Sect disciples down from the rooftop were filled with satisfaction: “Sure enough, just as our juniors said, the people of Qingyun Sect are all useless pieces of trash! When in Qingyun Sect, my honorable juniors let you all off easy. While you trash might’ve tried to act presentable then, haven’t your true appearances been revealed on this Road of Heaven’s Chosen?”

Qingyun Sect’s secluded disciples naturally weren’t weak, but their luck wasn’t that good. Originally, they weren’t the strongest among the secluded disciples, but the others had all separated. Meanwhile, this group of Chongyun Sect disciples whom they now encountered were the high-level disciples dispatched by Chongyun Sect. The aptitudes and strengths of each individual were extremely impressive, and they were all difficult to handle. These Qingyun Sect secluded disciples naturally weren’t their opponents.

Thus, while being ridiculed like this, the five male martial artists hurriedly swallowed medicinal pills. After that, they stood up and protected the front of that female pharmacist — The present pharmacists had some strength, but compared to martial artists, their offensive capabilities were far too inferior.

The humiliated expressions of the Qingyun Sect disciples seemed to please the Chongyun Sect disciples.

After the Chongyun Sect disciples gave a round of malicious taunting, near the edge of the group, a disciple who carried a lewd gaze landed beside female pharmacist: “I hadn’t realized, but now that I’ve taken a look...” He clicked his tongue, “Although there’s lots of trash in Qingyun Sect, this beauty has a high aptitude!”

While he spoke, his eyeballs swiveled up and down, practically stripping that female pharmacist of her clothing.

The meaning within these words instantly caused the expressions of the Qingyun Sect disciples to become extremely unsightly. That woman, in particular. While there was a surplus of revulsion, there was also a trace of panic in her heart.

The current circumstances were clear —

That rather vulgar disciple wore a smile that harbored evil designs: “Senior Sect Brothers, how about this young missy gives me a good time first?” He gave another look to that leading disciple, “If not, does Senior Sect Brother Da want to ‘claim his prize’? So long as this little brother can have a bit of leftovers afterwards...”

Having heard what was said, that Senior Sect Brother Da gave a cold harrumph: “No need!”

However, even though he declined to ‘claim his prize’, there wasn’t any intention of obstructing that disciple.

That disciple’s smile became even more obscene. As he reached out a hand to snatch that woman, he said: “Senior Sect Brothers, block the others for this little brother. Don’t delay this little brother’s—”

His voice hadn’t trailed off. The remaining words simply didn’t have the opportunity to leave his mouth.

One would only see that this head, which still carried a depraved smile, had already been cut from that person’s neck. It tumbled to the ground, and rolled a few times.

In the meanwhile, not a single person understood what had happened nor who had acted!

For a moment, the scene was quiet.

Immediately following which, Chongyun Sect’s Senior Sect Brother Da abruptly flew into a rage: “Who’s there! Who dares to attack from the shadows to kill my Chongyun Sect’s disciple?!”

This was a slap to his face. It was a slap to Chongyun Sect’s face!

He needed to catch that bastard!

The expressions of all the Qingyun Sect disciples had been frozen in rage as well, but these looks of fury had shifted into ones of astonishment. It was because the situation had changed too quickly. These expressions weren’t able to shift in time, and seemed especially strange.

Then, who had taken action?

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