I Have Infinite Systems In The Immortal World

Chapter 6: Phenomenon of Heaven and Earth
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Chapter 6: Phenomenon of Heaven and Earth

[ Ding! Host shall gain full comprehension in Sublime Dao Art of Heaven and Earth!]

Suddenly, Long Ming felt his vision darkening as everything around him faded. He was in a trance as he suddenly felt a strange, ethereal feeling.

Mu Qinglian's expression changed as she took a step back. The crowd looked at Long Ming with surprised expressions.

Long Ming's eyes were vacant as he took a step forward. The moment he touched the stone tablet, the stone tablet started to buzz.

Mo Zhu's expression changed, and so does everyone's. They felt their soul shaking as Long Ming's surrounding distorted.

Colorful lights exploded behind him as it turned into a vortex of chaos. The Yin and Yang koi fish jumped out of a pool of chaos as they turned into two beams of light, connecting heaven and earth.

The gust of wind rose as everyone could feel the mnemonics of dao runes circulating around Long Ming. It was like an ancient chant, each word carrying the momentum of a great mountain.

" Wh-What sort of technique is that?"

" Such a fierce technique! I can feel my cultivation shaking!"

" What a great dao phenomenon! I never saw such a great phenomenon."

Mu Qinglian's expression turned complicated as she saw the scene. The stone tablet buzzed as nine veins lit up with a golden radiance.

The stone tablet cracked as a mass of purple cloud appeared from it. The cloud amassed as it turned into a few violet droplets. Mu Qinglian hurried as she collected all of them.

" That liquid… Is that Purple Star Elixir? My god, It is Purple Star Elixir!"

" Purple Star Elixir is a natural treasure that is beneficial for cultivation and solidifying dao foundation."

Long Ming's sense returned as he looked around. " Huh? What happened?"

He suddenly saw a row of notifications appearing on Courting Death System. However, He closed it and focused on his surrounding first.

" Haha! Congrats, Dao Brother Long. You managed to light up all the nine veins!" Shao Yuan couldn't help but sigh.

" Tsk, Brother Long is lucky. To think you got Purple Star Elixir from that stone tablet."

Long Ming got a stiff expression as he was very confused. But his mind came together as he suddenly understood something.

" Ah, Yes… That is what happened. Haha, Uh… I guess it is mine now?" Long Ming looked at Mu Qinglian.

Mo Zhu suddenly stood up. " Brother Long, How about we exchange the treasure?"

Long Ming's brows furrowed as he felt the oppressive aura from Mo Zhu.

" Well, Thanks for the offer, Brother Mo. But I would like to keep my spoils of victory to myself." Long Ming spoke with a calm expression.

" Not to mention, This item wasn't fated for you in the first place. I mean… How many veins did you light up? Ah, I can't remember."

" You!" Mo Zhu almost choked when he heard Long Ming's sarcasm. Everyone else there couldn't help but let out suppressed laughter.

" Good! Good!"

Mo Zhu snorted as he sat back in his chair. His vision turned even colder. Long Ming felt a chill, but Mu Qinglain only patted his shoulder.

' Don't worry, He is just like that. He won't do anything.'

Long Ming was startled when Mu Qinglian's voice rang in his mind. Long Ming gave a light nod.

The meeting continued as Mu Qinglian and others discussed other affairs. Long Ming guessed that they were talking about some sort of upcoming tournament.

' Fuck tournament! Let me think how am I going to escape from here first?' Long Ming thought.

However, as he was thinking, a disciple stood up.

" I am Liang Ge of Blissful Heaven Temple. After I witnessed the dao phenomenon of Brother Long, I wish to have a friendly spar with you." Liang Ge cupped his fist.

" Oh, Fighting in such place is…"

Long Ming was calm, but he was crying inside.

' What the hell? I just gave you three good poems and you want to fight me? How dare you fight against someone weak like me!!!'

But before Long Ming could finish, Mo Zhu cut in. " Well, We all know each other. But We all want to see Brother Long's prowess."

" The man Fairy Mu brought must be capable, huh?"𝓯𝙧𝒆𝒆𝔀𝒆𝓫𝒏𝒐𝙫𝒆𝙡.𝙘𝒐𝙢

Long Ming couldn't help but glare at Mo Zhu. He already put Mo Zhu in the sure kill list. He immediately understood that Mo Zhu is trying to gauge his strength.

Suddenly, Long Ming tugged Mu Qinglian as he asked her a question.

" That Liao Ge, What is his cultivation?"

Mu Qinglian was startled as she looked at Long Ming. " What? Are you seriously going to fight with him?"

" Just tell me already,"

Mu Qinglian chuckled. " Well, He is in Mid stage of the Core Formation Realm. However, I think He can easily fight with the Peak stage of Core Formation Realm."

The greater realms were divided by four stages, Low, Mid, High, and Peak stage. It looked like Liao Ge was lying low, hiding his true power.

A smile appeared on Long Ming's lips as he walked forward. " Well, How can I say no? But I am a poor scholar, I am afraid of my frail body."

He walked forward with gentle steps, holding the jade brush in his hands. With the gentle breeze, Long Ming looked otherworldly.

All the female cultivators present there couldn't help but feel their hearts thumping loudly.

" Waaaa! Why is he so handsome!"

" Brother Long, We know you will win!!!"

Liao Ge's and other male's faces twitched when they saw that. When both Long Ming and Liao Ge arrived on stage, Liao Ge bowed and greeted Long Ming.

" Very well, Let's start."

Liao Ge took a step back as he was about to rush toward Long Ming. However, Long Ming only smirked as he snapped his fingers.


The crowd was stunned as they could hear a loud crackling sound as fireworks appeared.

However, where did it appear?


Liao Ge screamed in agony as he jumped a dozen meters in the air as his ass exploded with firecrackers. Long Ming was also surprised when he saw the soaring figure of Liao Ge.


Fireworks continued to explode over his ass as he fell down, his pants ripped apart and his butt turned into a charred potato.

Liao Ge twitched on the ground as he fainted immediately. The crowd turned silent when they saw the scene. They could feel a cold breeze in their pants as they shivered.

" Mother! Wh-What sort of devious technique was that!"

" Brother Long is fierce! Too fierce!"

" Heh, Look at Mo Zhu's face!"

" Oh my! It seems I accidentally used too much of my power!" Long Ming returned to his sense as he spoke in a calm voice However, his heart was jumping inside.

' Heavens! What sort of thing those Sky Crackling Beads were? It is so… Damn good!'

Long Ming was already prepared to use the Sky Piercing Sword Talisman. However, He decided to use the Sky Crackling Beads first. But, Long Ming never thought that it will work so…well.

Hearing Long Ming's words, the crowd shivered. Mo Zhu's face turned dark, but he was also astonished.

[ Ding! Host Courted death and defeated a higher class enemy! Calculating reward! Ding! Host received Golden Equipment Chest!]

Long Ming was so mad that he almost exploded from rage. He looked at Mu Qinglian as he coughed lightly.

" Miss Mu, I am feeling a bit stiff here. Can I…"

" Sure, Brother Long. You already did very well today." Mu Qinglian gave a strange expression to Long Ming, but she smiled in the end.

Long Ming hurriedly checked the system log as his expression turned strange.

He started reading the logs when he used the Supreme Comprehension Card on Sublime Dao Art of Heaven and Earth.

[ Ding! Supreme Comprehension Card used on Sublime Dao Art of Heaven and Earth! Host gained the ultimate comprehension in Sublime Dao Art of Heaven and Earth!]

[ Ding! Host is now connected with the Grand Dao of Heaven and Earth! Host's comprehension increased by an unimaginable amount!]

[ Ding! Due to strange energy in Host's body, Host reached ultimate affinity with Dao! Host achieved Heavenly Comprehension Heart!]

[ Ding! Host achieved an Immeasurable rank object! The object is beyond System's current capability! Adjusting causality! Reducing the System's timer!]

[ System's timer reduced by 2 days]

[ You have attracted the attention of few beings!]

Ling'er was startled when she saw Long Ming's expression. " Young Master Long, Are you worried about something?"

" Un, Nothing really. I just need some rest." Long Ming sat at a table near the balcony as he was a bit distracted.

" Young Master Long, I shall bring some wine and snacks for you then. Just wait a bit."

Ling''er was happy as she turned around and left. Long Ming sat silently as he saw the timer. He realized only 10 minutes left.

[ Heavenly Comprehension Heart: An treasure that appeared only a few times since Immemorial Time. Your affinity toward Grand Dao, Heaven, and Earth increased! Your comprehension power increased by 2000%!]

[ Your Chaotic Murder Heart evolved! You gained a new trait: Immovavble Will!]

Long Ming was elated as he clenched his teeth. ' Well, If this is a literally SSSSR rank item, It makes me OP, right?"

Long Ming held the wine glass as he tried to crush it, to test his newfound strength.

But after ten minutes, the only thing that got crushed is his pride and his hand.

' Fuck! My strength is the same as before!! Then what is the use of this item!'

As Long Ming was pondering, he decided to pat his heart.

' Don't worry much. I still have a bunch of unused treasures. Let me use the roulette tickets first.'

Long Ming got 10 roulette tickets and he used all of them at once.

[ Ding! Host got nothing! Better luck next time!]

[ Ding! Host got nothing! Better luck next time!]

[ Ding! Host got nothing! Better luck next time!]

Long Ming's face turned dark as he spun the roulette more.

[ Ding! Host gets a random skill enhancement card! Host's Painting proficiency increased!!]

[ Ding! Host gets a random skill enhancement card! Host's Music proficiency increased!!]

Then, after four unsuccessful tries, Long Ming finally got a golden item.

[ Ding! Host gets a special profession! Divine Tailor!]

The evening breeze blew as Long Ming looked at the clear night sky.

" Fuck."

Long Ming sighed as he looked at the wine glass in his hand.

" Oh my, I didn't think Mu Qinglian will bring such a cute toy for me."

Long Ming shuddered when he heard the voice of a seductive and enchanting woman. Suddenly, the atmosphere filled with the nice fragrance of exotic flowers.

But for Long Ming, it was the scent of trouble.

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