I Have Infinite Systems In The Immortal World

Chapter 43: Misson Passsed! Respect +
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Chapter 43: Misson Passsed! Respect +

Xia Yuqing looked at Long Ming without batting an eye. " Do you know what you are asking?"

" Yes."

Xia Yuqing looked at Long Ming as she shook his head. She closed her eyes as she vanished for a moment. After a while, she reappeared and threw a ring at Long Ming.

The spatial ring looked much more luxurious with intricate patterns. " Here, One million High grade Spirit Stones."

" You… You actually gave it to me?" Long Ming turned speechless. " I mean, You didn't ask why I am asking this much money? Or, What am I going to do with it?"

" I know you are a smart person, My youngest disciple." Xia Yuqing replied. " I am sure you won't do something that will force me to act personally, right?"

Long Ming tried to answer, but he remained silent. In a subtle way, Xia Yuqing already warned him, not to mention, It was also a test for him.

' Thankfully, I really don't need all that. But then, Time to complete the system mission.'

When Long Ming realized the system glitch in the God of Wealth System, he already decided how to complete the main mission without breaking a drop of sweat.

However, Long Ming bade his time. He didn't wish to let the Gold Guarding Miser Dragon meddle in the situation and fix the glitch beforehand. It was good to stay cautious.

Now, since the System's time of 14 days is almost over, Long Ming found a good opportunity to complete his mission.

[ Ding! Host acquired one million High grade Spirit Stones! Main Quest is complete!]

[ Ding! Host is rewarded with a Divine Class Box with 100% Drop rate! Host gets clearance to next System!]

[ Host gets Random Physique Orb (Minimum Royal Class)]

[ Ding! Gold Guarding Miser Dragon is furious! He is saying such exploitation is shameful!]

[ Ding! Harem King of Nine World is gloating on Gold Guarding MiserDragon's misfortune! He is asking him to lend some of his wives if he is unable to pay for the Causality]

[ Gold Guarding Miser Dragon: Bastard! Stop eyeing on my women!]

[ Harem King of Nine World: What do you mean by eyeing? You know, I already did much more than just eyeing! Haha, Did you know, I entered your palace last night…]

[ Constellation Chaotic Evil Contractor is grabbing some popcorn out of interest]

[ Constellation Chaotic Evil Contractor is interested in your devious method of fulfilling the Quest. He shows interest in you!]

Long Ming couldn't help but chuckle aloud when he saw that. ' Chaotic Evil Contractor? Sounds like he is also a bug exploiter.'

' Ah from bug, I wonder where is my monocle…'

[ Ding! Warning, you are going out of your universe! Don't mix things from other books here]

Long Ming coughed lightly as he passed the ring back to Xia Yuqing. " Seeing Master's sincerity, I am deeply moved. So, I will only take 50,000 High grade Spirit Stones."

" Oh? Are you sure?"

" Of course."

Xia Yuqing looked at Long Ming for a moment as she nodded and took the ring back. " From now on, You can stay on the Solitary Flower Peak. It's a neighboring peak of Mu Qinglian's abode. Here, this is your token."

Long Ming received a four colored jade token as he nodded. Xia Yuqing looked at Long Ming as they suddenly reappeared in a large garden.

" So, Is there anything you wish to learn? As your master, I ought to give you some guidance."

" Master, I heard about special physiques, but I don't know what they are. Can you explain it?"

Long Ming suddenly felt a bone chilling aura as Xia Yuqing's eyes abruptly narrowed. It was as if like Long Ming asked something he shouldn't have.

' Did…Did she really show killing intent toward me? It was so scary.' Long Ming felt his legs turning jelly, but he kept a calm attitude.

" Ahem, I am sorry for my sudden reaction." Xia Yuqing took a deep breath. " Physiques are something you can say, transforming a mortal's body into something special. Some are born with special physiques while some can cultivate them with appropriate methods."

" The special physiques can invoke wondrous effects and boost a person's ability tremendously. The classification of physiques is Spirit Grade, Noble Grade, Royal Class, Imperial Class, and Ancient Heaven Grade."

" Four Season Valley used to have Physique Cultivation Laws before, all of them were Imperial Grade Phyqiue laws. But now, There was only one Imperial grade and three Royal grade Physique Cultivation Law."

" You can only start cultivating a Phyqiue Cultivation Law at True Core Formation Stage. But if you have an Inborn Physique, that's all different matter."

" I see, Thank you for enlightening me, Master." Long Ming bowed. " After the spar, I am feeling a bit tired. Can I go and take some rest?"

" Un, Sure. Come to meet me tomorrow. We will have some talk." Xia Yuqing nodded as she vanished from her position. Long Ming sighed as he returned.

" Hmm? Xiao'er?"

Xiao'er bowed before Long Ming. " Greetings, Young Master Long. Sister Meng now allowed me to completely be your maid. So, I will stay with you from now on."

" Is that so?"

Long Ming grinned as he gently raised her chin and looked into her eyes. Xiao'er blushed when she saw that. " En, I shall show you the way to your new abode now."

Long Ming turned speechless when Xiao's started to fly.

' Now I think, I still haven't flown with my own power." Long Ming's palm turned sweaty as he looked at the floating Xiao'er.

" What is it, Young Master, Why aren't you following me?"

" Ahahah! About that…" Long Ming gave a wry smile, but he was spinning his brain at a rapid speed.

' If I ask her about that, It will be too suspicious. No, I have to think of something.'

Suddenly, An idea came to his mind as he opened his inventory and took out something.

" Well, Let's go." Long Ming nodded as he suddenly blurred from his position.

" Whoa! Young Master! Slow down!"

Xiao'er was startled when Long Ming turned into a gust of wind and leaped. It was like he was stepping on the wind and jumping a hundred meters at once.

' Fuck! How did I forget I had the Wind Walking Boots! Had I used them back then, I would have escaped successfully from those bastards.' Long Ming face palmed himself as he channeled the Fragrant Yin Qi into the Wind Walking Boots.

But thanks to its ability, he was able to tread on the wind and move extremely fast.

" Huh?"𝘧𝓇ℯℯ𝑤ℯ𝘣𝘯𝘰𝘷ℯ𝘭.𝑐𝘰𝑚

Soon, Xiao'er and Long Ming reached the peak of Solitary Flower Peak. The courtyard was abandoned and the mansion was lacking maintenance.

However, When Long Ming stood on the western side of the cliff, he could see the cloudy horizon with the sun slowly setting in the west. The cold wind along with an abundance of True Qi made his body rejuvenate.

" Ahh! To think this place is so messy. Wait for a moment, Young Master. I will clean up a bit so you can rest here." Xiao'er bowed as she hurried off to clean the mansion.

Long Ming sat on a rock as he opened his System Shop.

" Huh? Why has the price of all the items here suddenly tripled? I have 50,000 High grade Spirit stones, Yet I can barely buy three or four things now?" Long Ming clenched his teeth when he saw that.

" Bastard dragon, You dare to mess with me?"

[ Constellation Gold Guarding Miser Dragon shrugs. He is saying he doesn't know what you are saying]

Long Ming thought he will buy a lot of things since he got so many Spirit Stones. But now, he had to be careful in his purchase.

' Hmm, The thing is, The raw materials of a powerful item are much cheaper compared to the actual item. Not to mention, there are lots of things that are simply not from Immortal World.'

For example, The Resurrection Potion can bring a recently dead person back to life. But it costs 10 Million High grade Spirit Stones. Although there might be some items in Immortal World that can do such things, it's definitely a precious item.

' Alright, Let's go for the bigger picture.' Long Ming took a deep breath as he started filtering and purchasing through the shop.

" Drunken Immortal Herb, Earthcloud Fungus, Wondrous Purple Fruit, Nine Leaf Silkworm Grass, 100 KG of Azure Mirthil, 20 Spectre Arrows, 20 Explosive Flame Arrows…"

" Finally, Three volumes of Records of Myriad Treasures, a whole 20,000 High grade Spirit stones." Long Ming puffed his breath as he spent 40,000 High grade Spirit Stones. The remaining 10,000 are kept for emergencies.

" Finally, Now, I am going to open the Dark Gold Rank chest first which I got from killing those Blissful Heaven Temple's bastards." Long Ming grinned as he clicked on it.

[ Ding! Host gets a Dark Gold Class Skill: Flame Dragon's Wave]

A bunch of information appeared in Long Ming's head as he got a new skill. However, Long Ming didn't stop.

" Now, The Divine Class Chest."

[ Ding: Host gets…]

Yeah, Cliffhanger because I didn't think what it is going to be tbh.

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