I Have Infinite Systems In The Immortal World

Chapter 33: Long Ming The Painting Saint
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Chapter 33: Long Ming The Painting Saint

One day already passed since that incident. Long Ming was already busy making preparation for the Flower Boat Festival. However, he didn't neglect his cultivation at all.

After getting the Sunset Crystals from Ling Yuan, Long Ming was confident in using them to improve his Scarlet Jade Great Body Art.

' The Sunsent Crytstal contain raw Yang energy, that is difficult for ordinary cultivators to absorb and refine their energy. However, the Scarlet Jade Great Body is art is perfect for absorbing this type of energy."

Since there were quite some amount of crystals, Long Ming didn't hesitate to absorb all of them. He divided his energy into two parts.

The first one was used to circulate his Scarlet Jade Qi and purify it further, increasing its quality like Fragrant Yin Qi.

As for the second portion of energy, Long Ming used it to temper his body and improve his physique.

He understood that if someday, his divine sea becomes empty of his qi, his physical body will be the best thing to make him survive.

' Besides, The main characters always dual cultivate the body refinement and Qi cultivation after all.'

However, Long Ming didn't slack off practicing his rune inscription. On the contrary, his flow became smoother than before. Now, he can make any True grade talisman without breaking any effort.

' The Origin Soul Refining Art is a Earth grade technique. However, it's very versatile. Using it as a foundation technique for my soul is very good."

Long Ming closed his eyes as his divine sense spread around his surroundings. He could feel his surroundings from a different perspective.

' Well, My Heavenly Revelation Eyes got merged with my divine sense. So, My eyes are more powerful than before. However, if I stress it too much on it, my Spiritual Qi will deplete."

However, Long Ming could feel that his soul was in a pretty good condition. Perhaps it was because he was transmigrated? But he was relieved there were no abnormalities in his soul like his body.

Xiao'er walked inside his room and gave a light bow.

" En, Xiao'er…Did you do what I asked you to do?"

" Yes, Young Master. As you said, we already spread rumors." Xiao'er nodded as her expression changed. " But, Why do you wish to do that?"

" Well, Just for fun?" Long Ming gave a mysterious laugh. " Don't worry. Everything will be fine."

" Did you hear? A painting of Fairy Lu Yanyu got stolen last night?"

" Whoa? Really?"

" That's true." A man sighed. " Yesterday, she was supposed to give a performance. But, she became so upset that she canceled."

" Damn it! Who is that bastard? He made us suffer!"

Soon, The news spread like wildfire across the Grand Sky City. As Eternal Spring Tower was already a hot topic, the theft also became news across the city.

" Could it be…It was a painting made by Young Master Long?"

" Ahh! Then, I can understand why it got stolen. He is a master of…Seductive paintings Do you think there is something special in that painting?"

" Haah! Now even I wish to see that painting. I heard it was a scenic painting. I don't know much."

"Let's try to find out…"

In a noble manor, a plump young man was sitting as he was eating some spirit fruits. When he heard the news, his eyes narrowed.

" Are you telling the truth? That bastard thief! How dare he snatch something from Miss Lu! I have to punish him!"

But then, a coy smile appeared on his face. " However, I wonder, What sort of painting is it?"

" I heard it was an artwork called Serene Mountain Road, mabe by Long Ming of Eternal Spring Tower."

" That man who is currently the main news of Grand Sky City?" The fatty smacked his lips. " Well, If it is him… Maybe I should learn something from him?"

" AHAHAHA." He started to laugh.

His subordinates lower their head as they knelt. " I think the thief might try to sell the painting. Shall I keep an eye on it?"

The Fatty rubbed his chin as his eyes glistened. " Hey, If I can get that painting and return to Lu Yanyun, do you think she will like it?"

" I think, Young Master."

" Good! Very good! Go to the black market and look for the painting. No matter what! I must get that painting!" He shouted.

Not long after, his servant returned. " Young Master, I think I got the painting. I found the person who is willing to sell it."

" Really?" The fatty jumped on his feet as he was surprised. " Wow, I didn't know you were that efficient in jobs. Maybe I should raise your pay."

" I…" The servant's face turned strange when he heard that. " Young Master, That person is willing to sell the painting. But, He is asking 10,000 Mid grade spirit stones.

" What? 10,000 Mid grade Spirit Stones? Why doesn't he go and rob a treasury?" The fatty snorted. " Not to mention, Is that even the real thing?"

" Well, I believe it is the real thing. Not to mention, I can also tell why Lu Yanyu was upset because of the theft."

" Are you telling the truth?" The fatty narrowed his eyes. The servant cupped his fist and bowed. " Young Master, You can choose not to buy. I know 10,000 Mid grade spirit stone is pretty high…"

" Who said it is high!" The fatty snorted. " Fine, Go and buy that. However, Keep an eye on him till I get that painting. If it turns out to be fake, I will get that bastard."

The servant took the spatial ring as he hurried to purchase that painting. Soon, he returned holding a scroll.

" Eh? You can back this fast? Your cultivation must have improved, huh?" The fatty raised his brows.

' This bastard…Was he always this fast? Anyway, I think everything is going too smoothly…Hmm?' Fatty felt something was wrong, but he couldn't pinpoint it.

However, as he unfurled the scroll, His eyes widened.

A burst of fragrance appeared in the wind as colorful butterflies flew out of the painting. The Fatty suddenly felt refreshed as he felt like he was standing on a mountain road, with both sides filled with lush green trees.

However, he was stunned as he saw a figure standing in the middle of a small, clear pool of water.

The fatty can only see the back of that woman, whose flawless back along with a good amount of her hips were visible to him. The water droplets on the back were shining in the sunlight, making the onlooker aroused without any thought.

" This… This is… Heavenly."

Fatty took a deep breath as everything returned to normal. He looked at the painting as he grinned ear to ear.

" HAHAHA! GOOD! YOU DID A GOOD JOB!" The Fatty laughed loudly. " Now, I think 10,000 mid grade Spirit stones might be not a bad price for this."

" This painting… It contains a special intent… It already reached the Visualization stage where the world of painting can be alive. This… This is simply a masterpiece."

' Painting saint! It must be a work of painting saint!"

Fatty was excited as he grabbed the painting as he walked to his room. From his face, one could feel like he was about to something.

" No need to give this painting back to Lu Yanyu. I will keep it with me."

" Young Master, Where are you going?"

" Of course, I need some private matters to attend. I will be doing some meditation. Now, Don't disturb me unless it's too important." The Fatty spoke coldly as he went to his room. However, he held the scroll tightly, afraid of anyone who might steal it.

He entered the room and shut the door tightly. Opening the scroll, a grin appeared on his face.

' This woman…Could it be Lu Yanyu?"

' Hehe, Since you are with me…How about I…"

He hurriedly grabbed a handkerchief and...

Long Ming's body shivered lightly as the talisman he was making almost got ruined.

' Whoa? What was that?'

Long Ming paused as he looked at the door. The door opened as Xiao'er walked inside and bowed.

" Young Master, You are truly a grandmaster strategist. Everything happened exactly as you told me." Xiao'er grinned as she gave Long Ming a spatial ring.

Long Ming chuckled as he put down his brush. " Of course, Who can resist buying the painting of this Young Master?"

Xiao'er walked closer to Long Ming as she sat beside him, hugging his arms.

" Young Master, I also know a bit about painting. But that painting of yours was simply otherworldly. Not to mention, How could it create such an effect? Could it be, You already became a Painting Saint?"

Long Ming laughed as he gently kissed Xiao'er. " Xiao'er, Don't you think it's rude to ask someone about their secret technique?"𝓯𝒓𝒆𝒆𝔀𝒆𝓫𝓷𝙤𝒗𝒆𝒍.𝙘𝙤𝙢

" Well, I am not asking you to tell it for free…" Xiao'er mumbled as she returned Long Ming's kiss.

Long Ming smiled as he gave the Heavenly Urn of Frozen Flames to Xiao'er. " Take this and give it to the girls."

" Today's portion?"

Xiao'er held the urn as she nodded. That urn didn't contain the Song of Summer and Winter, but a different type of wine. It was a hidden tactic created by Long Ming for the Flower Boat Festival.

" But Young Master, Don't you think you can hide secrets from me." Xiao'er gave a flirtatious glance as she smiled. " I know many ways to suck the answer out."

" I shall be waiting to see your sucking ability then." Long Ming cackled as he stretched his arms.

Creating that painting wasn't difficult for him. Long Ming used his brains as he combined his superior Painting Skills, Rune Inscription, and Fragrant Yin Qi.

' A small chain of Illusion runes hidden in the painting that can make the painting look real. Then, Paint using a brush imbued with Fragrant Yin Qi. The Fragrant Yin Qi got an illusory and enchanting property, easily making someone feel dreamy.'

One can be only called a true businessman if he was able to sell a broken piece of pottery as an antique.

A horni bastard, a painting with paltry trick and a smoke of rumor was enough for Long Ming to sell a random promiscuous painting.

[ Ding! Host completed the mission! Host gets Energy Pool Orb!]

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