I Have Infinite Systems In The Immortal World

Chapter 31: News of Flower Boat Festival
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Chapter 31: News of Flower Boat Festival

Meng Zhi was lying on the sofa as she gently sipped wine from her cup. She wore a pretty loose dress, proudly showing off her shoulders and an ample amount of her breasts.

Her head rested on her fist as she glanced at Long Ming with sultry eyes. " My, I have been waiting for you."

" Haha, Sister Meng, I wonder why you called me?"

Long Ming sat on a chair as he tried to act calm. However, looking at Meng Zhi's explosive figure, he couldn't help but gulp a mouthful of saliva.

" Why so impatient, Little brother? Is this big sister isn't pleasing to the eyes?" Meng Zhi chuckled.

" Well, I guess the thing is… You are too pleasing, almost making me distracted…" Long Ming closed his paper far as he slapped it on his palm.

" Haha, What a sweet talker." Meng Zhi smiled. " But I have to tell you, the gambling business is going pretty fine. It was very clever for you to make the games near impartial."

Introducing gambling in the cultivation world is pretty risky itself. Because even the lowest rank cultivator can easily cheat if normal gambling systems are obtained.

Therefore, Long Ming modified the games in such a way that if a cultivator tries to cheat, they will get caught.

For example, all the materials are made with True Qi repulsing materials. Therefore, one can't use True qi to manipulate the results. Not to mention, they also added another security measure.

If a cultivator tries to imbue energy to manipulate the results, the color of the roulette or the cup will change and the round will be disbanded. These are very too ways to prevent cheating in the game of roulette, dice, and guessing games.

" Our earnings also increased by five times after launching the gambling pavilion. I can see the profits will be increasing further from now on."

" All thanks to you, Little brother…" Meng Zhi adjusted her position as she got up and sat straight. Long Ming laughed.

" Not really, By helping you, I am helping myself too, Sister Meng." Long Ming shook his head with a smile.

" Then, I have to trouble you to stay here for a few days and help me to stabilize things."

Long Ming saw Meng Zhi vanishing from her position as she appeared behind Long Ming, hugging him from behind. Long Ming shuddered as he could feel her lips merely a few centimeters away from his ears.

" But don't worry, I am not someone who makes others work for free." Meng Zhi giggled. " As you stay here, you will get spirit stones and all sorts of cultivation resources. Also…"

" I will be your instructor." She giggled as she became a little tighter. " We will have a lot of fun, aren't we?"

" Haha… Sister Meng is so kind."

Long Ming tried to wipe his sweat as his heart was beating wildly. He was doing his utmost to calm down his raging boner. But as the Fragrant Yin Qi from the Meng Zhi kept pouting in his body, his boner refused to calm down.

Meng Zhi's eyes narrowed slightly as she could naturally notice Long Ming's reaction. " Hmhm, It's ok, Little brother… Such things are natural."

Her tone became even more husky.

" Big Sister doesn't mind at all."

Long Ming trembled as Meng Zhi's seductive voice was making his blood boil from excitement. However, he still managed to keep his cool as he got up and distanced himself away.

" Hoho, It's not like I am going to eat you up, right?" Meng Zhi giggled as she twirled her hair.

" Ahem, I think we can play later, Big Sister." Long Ming coughed lightly. " I wonder, What is the real purpose you called me here?"

Meng Zhi took out a tobacco pipe and smoked a bit, " Well, It seems I can't really trick you, hun?"

" Very well, The thing goes like this… The Flower Boat Festival is going to happen much sooner than before. Therefore, we need to be prepared."

The history of Grand Sky City is very rich. It could said to be stretch back tens of thousands of years ago. Even if Long Ming stayed here, he hasn't explored a tenth of the entire Grand Sky City.

The Flower Boat Festival is in fact, a festival that happens in Grand Sky City. One could say, It is a fight between beautiful women ad talented men. Also, it was also a battle between brothels to show off who got the best beauty with talents.fr eewebn ovel.com

" In the last two times, Blissful Hall has won constantly. However, This time, we must win no matter what." Meng Zhi spoke.

" The thing we need to win the competition is Beauty, Talent, and Admirers. Do you have any idea how to get all these three?"

" Especially the last one." Meng Zhi spoke. " The more money and appreciation a participant gets from the audience, the chances of her winning also increases."

Long Ming rubbed his chin. " Hmm, I do have some ideas about them. But the main this is…"

He grinned. " I wonder what my reward will be…"

Meng Zhi was stunned as she burst out laughing. Suddenly, she held Long Ming's waist as their face came closer.

" Believe me, Little brother… You will definitely like the rewards." Meng Zhi giggled. " Not just a souvenir…you might get the owner of a souvenir too…"

" I…"

Long Ming's eyes widened as Meng Zhi's hands slowly traveled down his hips. The tent in the pants was already obvious. Before Meng Zhi could move further down, Long Ming distanced himself again.

" But then, I will be needing some money first. Also, I will need to buy some cultivation resources if you don't mind."

" Very well, Just list down the things you want. I will get them for you." Meng Zhi turned around and smiled.

" Oh, Besides… Here, Take this."

Long Ming was startled as he saw Meng Zhi throwing a scroll at him. He caught it and saw it was a battle technique.

" Scattering Blossoms Sword Art?" Long Ming was surprised. " It is an Earth grade technique, Why are you giving this to me?"

" Well, Consider this as your advance payment, Dear." Meng Zhi smiled as she vanished from her position. Long Ming became speechless as he shook his head with a light smile.

" Young Master, Shall I guide you to your room?" Xiao'er bowed as she asked. Long Ming nodded as an idea flashed in his mind.

" Yes, Let's go…"

Long Ming sat on the bed as he took a paper and brush and listed various things. " Xiao'er, go and purchase all these things for me."

" As you say."

Long Ming sat cross legged as he circulated the Fragrant Blossoms of Eternal Spring Art. Since it is Eternal Spring Tower, the Fragrant Yin Qi was reeking in the atmosphere.

However, Long Ming noticed a strange thing. In his denial, Fragrant Yin Qi and Crimson Jade Qi were staying completely separate. Also, after a time, he can't absorb Fragrant Yin Qi at all.

' It feels like, I am already filled to the brim.' Long Ming pondered as he looked at his divine sea. But then, he realized something.

" I see, I see…"

It was indeed true. His divine sea couldn't contain any more energy. But he found the crux of the problem.

First of all, his divine sea was currently the size of a Qi Revolution Realm cultivator. No matter what kind of cultivation he practices, his energy storage is limited.

Assume he got an energy capacity of 400 units, so he can only contain 400 units of True Qi for now.

" But the thing is, I can't contain True Qi at all. I can either contain 400 units of Fragrant Yin Qi, 400 units of Crimson Jade Qi, or 2:2 or 1:3 proportions of both qi."

" Unlike others, I can't transform my True Qi into other energy. So, I need to store it beforehand and use it in lone critical moments." Long Ming sighed as he looked at his body.

" This damned body and that damned Shadow Dragon Breathing Method…"

Fragrant Yin Qi is light, sharp, and fast, filled with overwhelming power in a small space. While Crimson Jade Qi is robust and overflowing energy with full of vitality.

Both are opposing forces, but Long Ming can use them in their own way without any risks.

But the thing he fears is the depletion of energy. Since he isn't using True Qi, once the energy depletes, he will become the same as a sitting duck, ready to be hunted.

Giving his all, he can kill a True Core Formation stage cultivator. But what's after that? He will have no energy to protect himself. Even a sneeze of Qi Revolution Realm cultivation can kill him.

' I guess I need to have some backup plans.'

Soon, Xiao'er returned with the materials as she gave the spatial ring to Long Ming. " I am curious, What are you going to make?"

" Well, Some new wine, some talismans… and increase my power?"

Long Ming smiled as he took out his Treasured Jade Brush and started to practice rune inscription again. After that, he also brewed some new liquid in the Heavenly Urn of Frozen Flames.

The day passed as Long Ming was very busy in the preparation of some items. As the evening fell, the customers of Eternal Spring Tower began to crowd.

Long Ming was resting in his luxury room when the door suddenly opened. Long Ming raised his brows as he saw Xiao'er walk inside and closed the door gently.

" I am here, Young Master…"

She blushed lightly as she undid her robs, making them slide down her smooth skin.

Under the dim light, her bare figure appeared before Long Ming as she walked toward her with seductive steps, showing off every inch of her body.

But then…

[ Ding! Random Mission arrived! Sell a single item that costs 10,000 Mid grade spirit stones! Item must be something you need to create from your own hands!]

[ Time, 2 days!]

[ Reward: ???]

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