I Have Infinite Systems In The Immortal World

Chapter 29: One Stroke to Create a Talisman
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Chapter 29: One Stroke to Create a Talisman

Long Ming coughed lightly as he stood inside the abode, looking at Luo Yingying who was circling around a place.𝘧𝘳ℯℯ𝓌ℯ𝑏𝑛𝘰𝓋ℯ𝓁.𝘤𝘰𝓂

She bit her fingers as she looked anxious. What happened earlier was enough to make her dizzy.

' Mm… But I still kinda getting some Fragrant Yin Qi though.' Long Ming became mused as he looked at Luo Yingying.

" Ahem, I am sorry, Sister Luo. I didn't know it was… real you."

" Real me?" Luo Yingying blushed. " You mean, if it was an illusion, you would have… What you would have done?"

Long Ming only replied with a hollow laugh when Luo Yingying glared at him.

" Hmph, You, Who can see through all the illusions on the mountain, failed at the last moment? Do you think I am a fool?"

Long Ming shrugged. " I guess… I ran out of luck."

" Rank out of luck, huh?" A grin flashed on Luo Yingying's lips as she looked at Long Ming. Suddenly, she took out several thick stacks of books and piled them before Long Ming.

" Here, The Basics of Rune Inscription and Formations. Study them and remember each content. I am giving you two days."

" If you are unable to do it in two days, Hehe… I have a good punishment for you."

Long Ming became speechless when he saw Luo Yingying turn away and gave an evil cackle.

" Now, I am going to meditate. If it is not necessary, Don't disturb me." Luo Yingying snorted as she walked away.

Long Ming became interested in those books as he opened them. Those books were filled with the most basic theories of runes.

Runes are simply special types of diagrams that can harness the energy of heaven and earth. Imbuing energy and drawing it on a surface, oe can create many magical effects. Whether offense, defense or support, a talisman can do anything.

As for Formations, they are simply runes diagrams used on a grander scale.

Long Ming looked at the tower of books as he sighed. Although his comprehension was godly, he would be bored to death if he read all that.

' Oh wait, I still have the 10x Draw, right?"' Long Ming opened his system window as he clicked on the icon. It was the reward he got after swindling 1000 Mid grade Spirit stones from Liu Ye.

[ Ding! Host gets nothing! Better luck next time!]

[ Ding! Host gets nothing! Better luck next time!]

[ Ding! Host gets Youth Rejuvenation Pill!]

[ Ding! Host gets Constitution Revolving Elixir!

[ Ding! Host gets Constitution Revolving Elixir!

[ Ding! Host gets Constitution Revolving Elixir!

[ Ding! Host gets Green Bronze Rank Treasure: Purple Pine Sword!]

[ Ding! Host gets Five Elemental Inkstone!]

" Damn, At least give me something good!" Long Ming muttered as he rubbed his palms. " Come on, A SSR drop!]

[ Ding Ding! Ding! Host wins a Star Platinum grade treasure! Skill Learn!]

" Huh? Let me check that real quick!]

[ Skill Learn: Do you feel bored reading all those texts inside a big ass book? Do you feel like dying getting all those contents inside a scroll in your mind?]

[ This skill will directly upload everything into your mind! However, It will only pour information in your brain. As for understanding it, it will depend on you]

Long Ming jumped in excitement when he saw the skill description. For ordinary people, this might be just a convenience. However, For Long Ming, it was a heavenly blessing.

" Ordinary people can just get the content in their head, unable to understand anything if they don't have enough comprehension. However, with my Heavenly Comprehension Heart, It is the same as giving a tiger a pair of wings… No, a whole jetpack."

Long Ming smacked his lips as he placed his hands on the book.

[ Ding! Host detected Basic Structure of Runes! Are you willing to learn the contents?]

Long Ming nodded. " Yes."

Suddenly, he felt his Frangrant Yin Qi and Crimson Jade Qi depleted slightly as he could feel a vast amount of information appear in his mind.

" Ugh, What a headache. And she was asking me to remember all that in two days?" Long Ming cursed as he mediated.

His Heavenly Comprehension Heart activated as he soon started to comprehend the basic structures of rune diagrams. Soon, he learned all the books with his skill.

" There are many runes for different purposes. But there are only nine most basic runes there that couldn't be simplified further. For other people, they would rather start with already structured diagrams. But I will start from the basic runes themselves.

' Order, Chaos, Creation, Destruction, Illusion, Truth, Seal, Devour, Union' The nine primal rune that is the building blocks of the simplest rune diagrams. For most cultivators, they are good as useless.

The first reason is that people start studying from rune diagrams, not these basic runes themselves. The second reason is, even if someone gets interested in these basic runes unless they can see through the profundity of these basic runes, they are good as scribbles.

' However, to me, These are priceless treasures. The mystery contained in each rune is immense. If I can harness even a fraction of power in it and imbue in my talismans, it will get many times more powerful.'

It took three hours for Long Ming to digest all the information. The moment he opened his eyes, they flashed with profound wisdom.

' Heavenly Comprehension Heart is simply godly to comprehend theoretical concepts with ease. Since I learned all these things, should I not implement it?'

[ Five Elemental Inkstone: White Silver rank treasure: A type of rock that is blessed with the power of five elements. With a little grinding, it can create inks corresponding to five elements!]

Long Ming looked at the multicolored brick as he broke a little part from it. Then, he grounded it and turned it into crimson-colored ink. He took out his Treasured Jade Brush as he dipped the brush in it.

As for the talisman papers, there was quite an abundance in Luo Yingying's abode.

" Sun powering the strings, strings forming a spear. Blazing spear soars…" Long Ming muttered as he inscribed a rune diagram on a piece of paper. With his Heavenly Revelation Eyes, the chances of making mistakes were almost nill.

Long Ming's Crimson Jade Qi spiraled in his veins as he flowed through the brush. After a while, Long Ming smiled with satisfaction.

" This is Fire Bolt Talisman, one of the most basic talismans one can make." Long Ming looked at the paper as he nodded. " However, What if I can improve it?"

The longer Long Ming spent time amidst the runes, the more fascinated he became. It was almost the same as writing a program. It starts with simple but turns complex and complex.

Even for a simple program, there might be a simple and a complex algorithm. In his world, people will tend to pick the simplest one because it is effective.

However in this world, the more complex a rune is, the more power it can exert. All of it depends on the comprehension of the one who inscribes the runes.

Soon, a day already passed as Long Ming was sitting amidst a dozen of talismans.

" I guess, My Crimson Jade Qi is good for Fire/Yang attribute talismans. It increased its power by quite much."

" Hmm? Have you been slacking off?"

As Long Ming was stretching his body, Luo Yingying entered the room. She was surprised when she saw the mess. However, when she looked at them carefully, she was stunned.

" These… These are freshly made talismans. These are…"

She could see three types of Fire Bolt Talisman. The first one was he simplest one. The second one got some improvements. However, the third one was much more complex.

All sorts of treasures are divided into seven ranks. Yellow grade, Spirit Grade, Xuan grade, Mystic grade, Earth grade, Noble Grade, Royal Grade, Imperial Grade.

The normal Fire Bolt Talisman is at the Yellow grade rank. However, Long Ming's new creation looked like s Spirit grade talisman.

' Such complex diagrams… It means efficient input of energy and doubles the effect of the talisman.' Luo Yingying trembled. ' A mere Yellow grade talisman can have such complexity? Impossible!"

" Aiiz, I am really tired. I think my body will go stiff if I sit any longer." Long Ming sighed. Luo Yingying looked at her with a fierce gaze.

" Tell me, Did you make all these?"

" Yes."

" How? I thought you came here to learn rune diagrams and formations. If so, How is it possible that you can start making talismans just after reading books for a day?"

Long Ming took out his Plum Blossom Fan and waved it a little. " I guess Sister Mu didn't tell you. I am originally someone who lost his past memories. However, my skills are there. All I need to do is to recall."

Looking at Long Ming's graceful figure, Luo Yingying was slightly stunned. Indeed, if Long Ming already knows the principles already, it won't be tough for him to make talismans.

' But what about such complex diagrams, How did he make it?" Luo Yingying pondered. ' Wait! If he is so knowledgable, Perhaps he can help me in that…!!'

Meanwhile, In Grand Sky City.

" Do you know? The young man who slapped the face of three powerhouses with just his words?"

" I know. I think his name was Long Ming. I never saw such a handsome person with such graceful bearings before."

" Hehe, Blissful Hall really kicked an iron board this time."

" I heard Blissful Hall might try to copy Eternal Spring Hall."

" Maybe? It's not like they never did it before."

Meng Zhi's clothes fluttered as she sat on the balcony of the highest floor. " How the rumor is spreading?"

" Very fast. As you told us, we already started sowing doubts in people's minds." Xiao'er replied.

Meng Zhi gave an evil smile as she sipped her tea. " Heh, Long Ming is really amazing. Blissful Hall, Let's see what you are going to do."

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