I Have Infinite Systems In The Immortal World

Chapter 25: Divine Skill: Talk No Jutsu
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Chapter 25: Divine Skill: Talk No Jutsu𝙛𝓻𝓮𝓮𝔀𝓮𝙗𝒏𝙤𝒗𝓮𝒍.𝓬𝙤𝒎

" Xiao'er was startled as she could see their uniforms. They looked like people from the Orthodox Sects."

" These guests, Why did you say that?" Xiao'er took a deep breath as she smiled politely. " I hope you don't slander our place like that."

" A lowly courtesan daring to speak?" A young man walked forward as she snorted. Xiao'er body trembled as a powerful pressure fell on her.

A middle aged man walked as he shouted.

" Eternal Spring Tower, you dared to mock the dress code of orthodox sects. You should come down and give this old man explanation."

" Explanation, you say?"

A voice boomed as Meng Zhi appeared before Xiao'er. " I guess you are an Elder from Green Cloud Mountain? Also, disciples from Blissful Heaven Temple and Liu Family, huh?"

Long Ming and Mu Qinglian sat in the corner as they watched the scene. Long Ming looked at Mu Qinglian for clarification.

" You already know about Blissful Heaven Temple. The Green Cloud Sect is a righteous sect that resides in a nearby county. As for Liu Family, that's the Ministry Family under the Imperial Family of Holy Qilin Empire."

" Judging from their actions, it looks like they have been waiting for this, huh?" Long Ming spoke as he looked at them."

Two elders, each from Blissful Heaven Temple and Green Cloud Sect. Along with their disciples, there was also the young master of the Liu Family.

The Elder of the Green Cloud Sect snorted. " You guys posted such scandalous posters across the city. Every day, so many people see such promiscuous things while passing by. Aren't you ashamed of this?"

"Not to mention, it depicted a cultivator in such a vulgar way! While she was wearing a dress similar to our sect!" The elder shouted. " If it is not shaming us, then what is it?"

" Eternal Spring Tower must give an answer to us!"

The young man from Liu Family also snorted.

" Promoting such vulgarity, The Eternal Spring Tower should be condemned. Which bastard made such paintings? Such a sacrilege!"

Long Ming's eyes narrowed as he looked at the scene. Mu Qinglian snorted as she got up.

" Hmph, These bastards."

" Wait…" Long Ming spoke calmly. " Let me handle it."

[ Ding! Random Daily Quest is issued! Extort 1000 Mid grade Spirit Stones from your opponent! Reward: 10x Random Treasure Box!]

Meng Zhi frowned when she heard the argument of the Elder of the Green Cloud Sect. Before she could say anything, Long Ming stepped in.

" Well, The one who made such disgusting paintings is me, Esteemed elder." Long Ming chuckled as he appeared on the stage.

" Big Sister Meng, I will handle everything from here, ok?" Long Ming winked. " After all, Since you are here, I don't need to be afraid of anything."

Elder from Green Cloud Sect was surprised when he saw Long Ming. " So, It was you. Hmph! You are clearly a young man. How can you engage in such acts?"

Long Ming gave a light laugh as he waved his Plum Blossom Fan. " Well? Isn't this the perfect time when we got both energy and time? Elder, don't tell me you wish young people to sit and cultivate all the time?"

Before the Elder could say anything, the young master from Liu Family jumped in.

" Hilarious! Since when visiting such places became the aim of the youths? You are clearly twisting the words."

Long Ming snorted. " Well, I heard Liu Family is a prestigious family. But now, seeing that their young master is jumping in the conversation before an elder could answer, I am doubting those hearsays."

" Y-You!!"

The Elder from Green Cloud Sect coughed. " That's alright. However, what you said is indeed ambiguous. A righteous sect disciple should polish their dao heart and cultivate their foundation. Not to mention, you even dared to sell our sect uniform as a cheap, lewd material!"

Long Ming saw a few disciples of the Green Cloud Sect and he couldn't help but click his tongue. There are some similarities between the Eternal Spring Tower's courtesans cosplay and Green Cloud Sect's disciples' uniform.

" Well, Since that's the case…" Long Ming laughed as he took out his treasured jade brush as made a circle in mid-air.

" Elder, May I ask, What is this?"

" This is a circle." The elder snorted. " Are you trying to play games with me?"

Long Ming shrugged. " Circle? I think It's Moon. Or wait, it might be a bracelet… Big Sister Meng, What do you see?"

Meng Zhi was startled as she understood Long Ming's intention. She shrugged, " That looks like a circular plate."

Long Ming shrugged. " Esteemed Elder, Can you refute my answer?"

" Yo-You!" The Elder was stunned as he looked at Long Ming. " You are playing with words! This can be anything in circular!"

Long Ming laughed. " If you can't give an answer to such a simple question, then how can you accuse Eternal Spring Tower for slandering Green Cloud Sect's uniform?"

" Just because there are similarities, that doesn't mean it is the same thing."

The crowd was enjoying the show as they ordered more and more food and wine from Eternal Spring Tower. Long Ming's scholarly immortal aura was simply too charming for them.

" Look, How refined he talks! He is a true scholar!"

" Indeed! No wonder he was able to make such beautiful paintings."

" Hmph! You are clearly spouting bullshit. You are just giving an excuse to get away…"

Long Ming rubbed his forehead. " Hey, Can you tell me your name?"

" Hah, I am Liu Ye, The third…"

" Brother Liu, Is it?" Long Ming's tone turned placid. " It seems rather than the Green Cloud Sect, you seems to be more hurt, huh? Could it be, You and Blissful Hall colluded to slander Eternal Spring Tower?"

" What!"

Liu Ye shouted as his expression turned angry. " How dare you to slander this young lord like that!"

Long Ming shrugged. " Well, Didn't you enjoy the beautiful ladies sent by Blissful Hall? I wonder how can you say such a thing now."

" Brat, You can eat anything you wish, but you can't say anything as you wish." A middle-aged woman walked as she stared at Long Ming. " Blissful Heaven Temple is much better than this place."

" Whoa! Calm down, Aunty," Long Ming was surprised. " I thought the problem was with Green Cloud Sect? Why you guys are getting involved?"

" Aunty!!? You brat! You…"

" Yes?" Long Ming raised his eyebrow.

Suddenly, the middle aged woman of Blissful Heaven Temple got startled as she focused her gaze on Long Ming. However, she couldn't fathom his cultivation at all!

" Let's be honest, I am only going to talk with the Elder from Green Cloud Sect. Because you two, I believe you two came here out of prejudice." Long Ming looked at the Elder of the Green Cloud Sect.

" As I explained, the similarity was only coincidence. If Elder wishes, we can change it immediately." Long Ming laughed.

" What about the banners in the markets!" Liu Ye shouted. " It is polluting the young minds of the Grand Sky City! As a person from the righteous Liu Family, I can't accept this!"

Long Ming laughed. " Well, Before answering you, I hope Green Cloud Sect understands us. So, Is there anything more we can do?"

Meng Zhi was impressed by Long Ming's tactics. Meng Zhi wasn't afraid of fighting both the elders because this is her territory. But, the development of Eternal Spring Tower might get affected.

But, Long Ming forced them into a corner by apologizing. Now, what can the righteous sect elder can do? Will they still push forward? Won't that make them look petty?

" Hmph! I will see how you will answer Liu Ye," The elder snorted as he looked at Liu Ye.

" Righteous Liu Family, huh?" Long Ming gave a light snort. " I guess as the third young master from Liu Family, Brother Liu Ye must have quite some literary skills, huh?"

" Of course!" Liu Ye snorted. " Unlike a charlatan who sells vulgar pictures, I am a respected member of the Holy Qilin Literary Committee established by His Highness Second Prince. I am well versed in Painting and Calligraphy."

" Marvelous!" Long Ming clapped. " I am really feeling ashamed of showing my meader expertise in front of you, Brother Liu. I wonder if you can dispel a doubt of mine."

" What is it?" Liu Ye snorted.

Long Ming laughed as his brush made strokes in the empty air. Black colored ink splattered as Long Ming made a calligraphy painting. Just a few strokes, and he made a painting of a crane standing in a lake, with one leg raised slightly above.

" Clear water and soft breeze, Why the white crane stands with only one leg?"

The crowd turned silent as they heard Long Ming's question. Even the elders started to think hard about the answer. Clearly, it should be an artistic question. So, what could be the answer?

" Oh, Since we already came this way… How about we bet some money?" Long Ming laughed. " Nothing much, Just 1000 Mid grade spirit stones."

Liu Ye frowned when he heard Long Ming's question. But then, he smirked. " Obviously, The will of Heaven and Earth. They made crane in that way, turning it into his nature."

The entire hall was silent as Liu Ye replied. It wasn't like Liu Ye was a genius or others were dumb. Most of them guessed that answer, but wouldn't that be…too plain?"

" In my opinion…" Long Ming smiled. " The crane knows that one of its feet is already in the mud. However, it still aspires to be free from the mundane ways, keeping one leg outside of the water."

" Flaws are what makes humans human. You are saying the pictures are vulgar and affect the mind? Why did only you see the flaw while everyone else admired it? Long Ming scoffed.

" Because everyone accepts their desires as they came here. Even they are in this mundane mud, they wish to be above the water."

" However, you…" Long Ming laughed as his fan snapped closed. " You are just a hypocrite who uses righteousness as a veil! If accepting desire is vulgar, then perhaps are you a saint. A Heavenly Immortal?"

" You…Disgust me!"

Liu Ye was stunned as a dao rhythm erupted from Long Ming's body. His faint ethereal aura seeped into the surroundings as pink colored fragrant qi circled around his paper fan.

In that instant, he looked like an Immortal Scholar giving a lecture to mortals.

' Hehe, I already laid a trap for you with my talk no jutsu. You can't do jack-shit to me.' Long Ming laughed in his heart.

'If you still dare to attack, then your reputation will go down the drain. I can also take down the Blissful Hall's name.'

But then, a Green Cloud Sect's disciple dashed toward Long Ming.

" He is just a swindler! Get him!"

Long Ming's heart shook when he saw that.

' Crap!'

His body moved in reflex as his Plum Blossom Fan spread out. The Green Cloud Sect's Elder eyes flashed with an alarming gaze.

The Fragrant Yin Qi flashed as the plum blossoms scattered on the paper fan came into reality. The fan directly hit the chest of the disciple as Long Ming accidentally used his Jade Shattering Yin Pulsing Palm.

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