I Have Infinite Systems In The Immortal World

Chapter 18: Old Man and Zither
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Chapter 18: Old Man and Zither

Long Ming was speechless as he tried to recount the events of the last night.

' Mmm, I saw Xiao'er in my dream. She took off my clothes and we…Mmmmm.'

Long Ming sighed as he scratched his head. He changed his pants as he got fresh. Since it was early morning, Long Ming sat cross legged on his bed as he started to cultivate.

The Fragrant Yin Qi in his body revolved as Long Ming slowly gathered it in his heart.

With the flow of Fragrant Yin Qi, Long Ming could feel his entire body on a spiritual level. Each of his body cells, each drop of his blood, Long Ming could feel them.

" Just a bit more and I can finally refine True Blood Essence and reach the peak of Qi Condensation Realm." Long Ming muttered as he puffed a breath of turbid air.

He got off his bed as he walked toward the Heavenly Urn of Frozen Flames.

After last night's successful crafting of wine, Long Ming filled that jar with at least 500 Litres of herbal essence and refined it. After that, He turned on the TimeControlling Formation embedded on the urn to fasten the aging.

In just one night, the wine aged by ten years. Of course, Long Ming can use spirit stones. However, since he was running low on them, he can only use the normal mode.

The door opened as two maids appeared. Both of them looked pretty. They bowed before Long Ming, " Young noble, We brought you breakfast. After that, we will accompany you in the bath."

" Ba-Bath?!"

Long Ming was surprised when he heard that. As he ate breakfast, Long Ming couldn't help but swim the river of flavors.

' The food in the immortal world is simply amazing! After I have enough power, I will travel around and try the cuisine of all regions.' Long Ming promised in his heart inwardly.

A new world, new sceneries, unknown treasures, and delicious foods, all of them became a strong drive for Long Ming.

After finishing his breakfast, Long Ming waved his hand. " You guys can go."

" But, Young Noble…"

Long Ming chuckled. " No need to accompany me to bath. I am going to relax by myself."

Both maids bowed as they felt slightly disappointed. However, Long Ming still got pink qi from them nonetheless. Before they left, they put a dress on Long Ming's bed.

He took a bath in lukewarm water as he got ready with the new dress. Long Ming was surprised when he donned a blue colored robe with small white patterns.

With his Heavenly Revelation Eyes, he could see the rune formations etched on them. He was familiar with these types of clothing. They were made by Elder Shi.

" Damn, Elder Shi really made such a fine piece of dress for me. I am simply looking like a charming young noble." Long Ming smacked his lips. " Not to mention, I think It can resist extreme heat and cold, along with attacks of a True Core Formation stage cultivator."

Long Ming tied his hair as he took out his paper fan. Giving a wink to his reflection, he walked out.

" Greetings, Young Noble Long!"

" Good Morning!"

Long Ming nodded as he greeted them back politely. Elder Shi already delivered all the clothes by now. As he was walking Long Ming suddenly paused as he heard a pipa sound.

It was a mesmerizing tune, one that can make people follow the source. Like water flowing in the differ, the tune made Long Ming calm and collected.π‘“π“‡π˜¦π˜¦π“Œπ˜¦π‘π˜―π˜°π‘£π˜¦π˜­.π‘π˜°π‘š

He followed the music as he saw Lu Yanyu sitting beside a window as she was blowing a pipa. She was playing a beautiful tune, the one that can make people feel joy and contentment.

Long Ming could see the flowers hovering and birds chirping around her. Long Ming clapped when the music ended.

"Marvelous! Sister Yanyu is really natural talent."

Lu Yanyu blushed when she saw Long Ming. " Young Noble is overpraising me. I only dabbled in the art of pipa."

Long Ming only smiled as he nodded. " If you follow my plan, everything will turn into the blessing of Eternal Spring Tower."

As they chatted, Meng Zhi and Mu Qinglian entered the room.

" Aha, It is still morning. But it looks like he is ready to pounce on prey already."

Long Ming chuckled. " Well, is that so? If I wish to hunt, I have different prey in my mind though."

Meng Zhi giggled as her eyes narrowed. " I guess if you are the predator, the prey won't mind getting hunted."

Mu Qinglian grimaced when she saw the situation. " Enough chit-chat. It is already the second day. What are we going to do?"

Long Ming merely smiled. " Well, Since we already got our clothes ready, It is time to teach our girls some acting."

" Acting?" Both Mu Qinglian and Meng Zhi became surprised.

" Also, Sister Meng, Have you made the things I asked you to?" Long Ming asked. Meng Zhi nodded as she took out a small bottle.

" This is the powdered version of the grass you gave to me. However, what are you going to do?"

" Well, Don't worry, You will know soon." Long Ming smiled. " For now, Call all the Jade class girls along with Xiao'er."

Soon, The girls stood in line as they looked at Long Ming. Xiao'er wore the dress made for her as she appeared beside Long Ming.

" Now, Xiao'er, You are looking beautiful." Long Ming smiled. " However, Just looks are nothing. You also need a matching personality."

" Go on Try making a seductive expression."

Xiao'er thought for a moment as she slowly adjusted her expression. She winked at Long Ming as she gave a cheesy smile.

" Right, Just like that, but you can do better." Long Ming slapped the butt of Xiao'er with her fan. " Let your body go in the flow. Feel the character. Think you a demoness who will suck the energy of countless men."

Long Ming's words were soft and sweet. However, They carried a powerful momentum. Xiao'er nodded as her expression adjusted.

When Long Ming gave another spank on her butt, her eyes narrowed as she nibbled her lips seductively.

" Slave is Master's plaything. I shall obey whatever Master asks."

Everyone in the hall became stunned. Xiao'er acted like a lowly girl without any power. However, the seductive aura around her increased through her dress and her expressions.

Long Ming gulped a mouthful of saliva as he nodded. " Good! Very good."

" Just like that, All the best of Red Plauque girls need to learn the actions of different characters." Long Ming laughed. " And don't worry, I shall be the one teaching you."

The day swiftly passed as it was already afternoon. Mu Qinglian looked at Long Ming as she couldn't help but smile a little.

" You must be bored here. Why not take a walk outside?"

" Hmm, Now you say, I never visited the Grand Sky City." Long Ming's eyes shone. " Indeed. Let's go!"

Mu Qinglian wore a very elegant green dress as she looked like a fairy. She slowly wore a veil as she walked beside Long Ming. Long Ming waved the Plum Blossom Fan as he looked around with curious eyes.

The Eternal Spring Tower is located in the Grand Sky City, one of the major cities of the Holy Qilin Empire. In another way, this city is famous for its commerce and entertainment.

As Long Ming and Mu Qinglian walked in the spacious street, they attracted many eyes.

" Wow, This looks so fantastic! Both sides of the road are filled with all sorts of shops. It looks so lively."

" Hehe, It looks like you are impressed." Mu Qinglian nodded.

As they walked, they suddenly saw a place where a huge crowd gathered.

" Damn it! Even he failed!"

" Aiiz!, This test is harder than it looks."

Long Ming and Mu QInglian became curious as they walked there. An old man sitting there in ordinary clothes. In front of him was an old zither and a small chart.

The chart looked like a painting of clear skies and mountains. And there are also some words written on it. The old man looked at everyone as he sighed. " I am telling you again. You need to play the tune written in the chart "

" If you managed to unlock this chart, You will get 100 Middle grade spirit stones."

" Whoa! A hundred middle grade spirit stones?" Someone shouted.

" Heh, Don't get enticed, Little brother." A middle aged man laughed. " This old man was sitting here since last week. Many people tried and played the best tune they got. However, they couldn't induce any phenomenon in the scroll."

As Long Ming and Mu Qinglian watched the show, the crowd parted as a youngster walked in. He wore extravagant clothes with a longsword on his waist, His eyes shone when he saw Mu Qinglian.

" How delightful it is to meet Fairy Mu of Four Seasons Valley here."

Mu Qinglian's eyes squinted when she saw that. " Li Bing, What are you doing here."

" Well, I was doing my sect business." Li Bing shrugged. " But, I saw you from afar. So, I couldn't help but come to greet you. You are looking even gorgeous under the veil."

Long Ming chuckled as he looked at Li Bing. A single word came in his mind.

Hah, Simp!

Li Bing's eyes narrowed when he saw Long Ming beside Mu Qinglian. " Fairy Mu, This brother is…"

" My friend. His name is Long Ming." Mu Qinglian replied shortly as her gaze returned to the old man and the zither.

Li Bing gave a crooked expression as he also looked at the old man. " You all are just fools, can't see the profundity of the painting."

" I will show you how to play zither properly." He laughed as he sat before the zither. " Senior, May I try?"

The old man nodded, " Go ahead."

Li Bing smiled. " Many of you can't see the tune etched in the painting because your attainment in music is shallow. Only a person with powerful perception can see the hidden lyrics in the mountain and clouds of this painting."


Li Bing smiled at Mu QInglian. " Miss Mu, I hope you like this."

After that, he started to play the zither.

However, Long Ming chuckled as a Daily Quest appeared before him.

[ Earth 10 Middle grade spirit stones in 6 hours!]

Back in Eternal Spring Tower, a person entered Long Ming's room stealthy. Suddenly, a pant lying on the bed caught her attention.

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