I Have Infinite Systems In The Immortal World

Chapter 13: Heavenly Urn of Frozen Flame
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Chapter 13: Heavenly Urn of Frozen Flame

Long Ming calmed his mind as he searched through his memory. He was shocked as he could find a large amount of new information in his head.

" Four Seasons Grand Swordplay, Azure Heaven Nine Revolutions, Scarlet Jade Body Scripture, Storm Hawk Cloud Traversing Artโ€ฆ" Long Ming mumbled as these techniques appeared in his heart.

When he comprehended the runes on the Ancestral Tablet, he saw many fragmented scenes. Those looked like the memories of the stone tablet.

' I don't doubt these techniques. Damn it, It looks like I finally got some sort of inheritance.' Long Ming became excited as he clenched his fists tightly.

After all this time, He finally have something he could rely on. Among all of them, Azure Heaven Nine Revolution Art was a cultivation method.

What is more, It is a top Imperial Grade Qi cultivation technique!

Long Ming calmed his heart as he sat cross legged.

' I have already comprehended the technique. All that remains are implementation.' Long Ming rubbed his palm as he started understanding the Azure Heaven Nine Revolutions.

" Gather the Qi at Eastern Gate Point and form a spiral. Use the spiral and gather the Qi."

It was written that the creator of this technique saw a fish jumping in the great sea. The fish galloped nine times in total. Each was fiercer than before.

However, as it jumped the ninth time, it jumped the dragon gate and turned into a heavenly dragon. Then it ascended and soared to the skies.

" Each revolution will increase the power of the True Qi by two times. When one will achieve the ninth revolution, they can generate 18 times of normal power. Not to mention, their True Qi reservoir of the same realm will be taht much bigger than their opponent."

The Azure Heaven Nine Revolution also gives one a glimpse of Grand Dao in an early stage. Using such a technique, one can easily suppress every technique beneath Imperial Grade.

Long Ming closed his eyes and he channeled his True Qi according to the Azure Heaven Nine Revolutions.

The True Qi streamed in his veins as Long Ming controlled it. Soon, he was immersed in the world of Azure Heaven Nine Revolutions.

Long Ming didn't move as he practiced the technique.

Unknown to him, 2 days already passed.

Two days later, Long Ming's eyes opened as he looked in front of him. He took a light breath as he got down from the bed.

If one sees Long Ming now, one could see a mystical aura around him, like a young immortal. His slow movement and elegant way could charm anyone.

Long Ming looked outside the window. He could see the birds chirping and flowers swaying in the wind.

" Fuck."

Yes, that was the first thing that came outside of his mouth.

Although he appeared to be calm, his heart boiled with intense anger.

" AHHH! What the fuck is wrong with my body! I have already comprehended the technique! Why I can't practice it!"

Long Ming tried not to be loud. But he almost screamed.

Two days ago, He was very enthusiastic when he started practicing the Azure Heaven Nine Revolutions. However, as time passed, Long Ming realized a problem in his body.

He could freely channel the True Qi in his body. But, He couldn't amass it!

His body was like a pipe with two open sides. If he forces True Qi from one side, it goes out from the other side.

In Qi Condensation Stage, there are three sub-stages.

First, Remolding the Physique Stage. One needs to temper their physique with True Qi.

The second stage was Divine Sea Opening.

It is when one breaks the barrier around the Divine Sea, which is also known as dantian. After one opens Divine Sea, one can store a large amount of True Qi inside it.

The third stage was True Blood Refining.

Whether it a cultivator, magical beast, or other creature, they all got True Blood in their body. It is the blood essence that carried the life force of one's body. After awakening True Blood, a Peak Qi Condensation stage Cultivator's lifespan extended by 200 years!

True Blood is the thing that supports a cultivator's body and vitality. It also carries their essence and power.

Long Ming realized that he already reached the Physique Tempering Stage after practicing the Shadow Dragon Breathing Method to its peak. However, now, no matter what, he couldn't open his Divine Sea.

Or rather saying that, he felt like the True Qi wasn't getting stored in his Divine Sea.

Without proper amount of True Qi, how can he use other techniques?

' Goddamn! If I knew such a thing would happen, I wouldn't have practiced the Shadow Dragon Breathing Method even if someone had beaten me to death!'

[ Ding! Courting Death System's time is over! Asking Host to redeem the gifts before System's time runs out!]

" What!!"

Long Ming almost bit his tongue when the sudden message popped up.

" Holy Fuck! Are you telling me that the remaining two days already passed? Bullshit!"

However, when Long Ming saw the time remaining for the system is only 10 minutes, he couldn't help but sigh.

" Damn it. Not only I couldn't practice Azure Heaven Nine Revolutions, I also wasted my time."

Long Ming opened his inventory as he saw the remaining unused item.

Thankfully, The Inventory was of Infinity Star Roullete. So, Long Ming couldn't lose any items he placed there.

However, he might lose things like Lottery Tickets, Random Items cards, etc.

" First, Let me choose the Basic Weapon Mastery card." Long Ming mumbled as he tapped on it. Suddenly, various options appeared before him.

Long Ming clenched his fist as his eyes teared up.

Like every protagonist, he wished to wield an Immortal Sword. Being a proud swordsman, holding a treasure sword in one hand and wine in another.

A proud and wandering sword immortal.

Or, Using a Tyrranical Saber to dominate the world. With a demonic saber in one hand, he could conquer the world.

However, right now, Long Ming didn't have such privileges. He realized that his True Qi cultivation aptitude might be really shitty. So, he needs to choose something rational.

' At this rate, I will definitely need to stay behind. I need something long-range.'

' Spear or Halberd are good options, but it still involves a melee fight. In that case, I will chooseโ€ฆ"

Long Ming clicked on the Bow and Arrow.

[ Ding! Host mastered Basic Techniques of Archery!]

" Whew, Nextโ€ฆ" Long Ming nodded as he looked at the next item.

" Random Item box! Open!"

[ Ding! Host received a Recording Jade!]

[ Recording Jade: A smooth jade that can record and stream high-definition audio and video! A must need item if you wish to blackmail someone!]

Long Ming pondered as he looked at the Recording Jade. " Well, Not helpful in terms of firepower. But, It is a nice item."

Then, Long Ming used two of his lottery ticket.

[ Ding! Host gets a Random Profession: King of Wine Making]

[ Ding! Host gets a Random Book: Grand Archive of Herbs and Medicines, Vol 1]

Long Ming sighed as he looked at the final item. It was a Golden Colored Box.

[ Supreme Grade Treasure Box opened! Host gets a Super Item!]

[ The Heavenly Urn of Frozen Flame]

[ An Urn that can easily carry 10,000 liters of liquid and still weigh like nothing. An exceptional treasure where you can control the time inside. Also, You can change the temperature as you wish]

[ A very durable item!]

Long Ming's face turned stiff as he looked at the final item. Before he could give another expression, a bell sound rang.

[ Ding! Courting Death System is taking its leave! Don't forget to rate us five stars!]

[ And, Keep Courting Death!]

Long Ming sat on the bed he dumped everything in the inventory space. At this point, he didn't even got the energy to curse.

" Ah! Young master Long! You woke up!"

Long Ming saw Ling'er coming inside. She looked a bit tired as she looked at Long Ming.

" You were immersed in the cultivation so much that Young Lady forbade us to disturb you. However, Elder Meng persisted that you must visit Eternal Spring Tower."

Long Ming sighed as he nodded. " Very well, Lead the way."

Ling'er nodded as she prepared the carriage. Long Ming sat in the carriage without saying anything.

[ Ding! Infinite Star Roulete has been activated! Next System arriving in two hours!]

Long Ming rubbed his forehead.

' I hope the next system will be better than before.' Long Ming sighed.

" Uh, Young Master Long, How did you feel after you enlightend by the Ancestral Tablet?" Ling'er asked curiously.

" Nothing muchโ€ฆ"

When Long Ming remembered he couldn't practice the Azure Heaven Nine Revolutions, his mood turned sour.

' However, Now thinking calmly, situation isn't that bad.' Long Ming closed his eyes as he leaned back.

[ Ding! Host earned King of Wine Making title!]

[ Ding! Host memorized Grand Archive of Herbs and Medicines!]

Long Ming calmed his heart as he digested all the information from these two things.

Especially the Grand Archive of Herbs and Medicines. It was way better than Long Ming expected. It recorded at least a thousand herbs and their reactions, seriously enmorous amount of information.

Not to mention, it is only the first volume.

' Hey, At least I can become an Alchemist or something?'

Long Ming tried to see the brighter side.

Soon, they reached the Eternal Spring Tower. Long Ming could see Meng Zhi standing from far.๐’ป๐˜ณ๐˜ฆ๐˜ฆ๐˜ธ๐˜ฆ๐‘๐‘›๐‘œ๐‘ฃ๐˜ฆ๐‘™.๐’ธ๐‘œ๐˜ฎ

With a subtle smirk, she welcomed Long Ming.

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