I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 38: Man and Sword Unified, Unparalleled In The World
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Chapter 38: Man and Sword Unified, Unparalleled In The World

Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

Thousands of people were stunned. No one expected that the first to be wounded would be Northern Sword Valiant.

Could it be Sword God Zhou was genuinely powerful?

“You c**t, you dare to stab me in the back?! You are going to die for this!”

Northern Sword Valiant became furious and shouted in a deep voice. He alerted those who were observing the fight to something they had yet to realize.


It’s just a backstab!

Northern Sword Valiant raised his sword and charged toward Zhou Xuanji. This time, he was serious.

Zhou Xuanji held the Hell King Sword in one hand and the Windcutter Sword in the other. Facing Northern Sword Valiant, he did not back up but moved forward.

Zhou Xuanji was not reckless when facing a powerful cultivator at the Enlightening Stage.

He activated White Crane Sword Will in his right hand and Fiery Sword Will in his left.

With both sword wills enveloping his body, the Qi of his whole body became turbulent.

At the same time, in front of the window of the inn far away, the man in purple opened his eyes wide and gasped.

Xiao Chengfeng and Ms. Zhishui were stunned too.

Northern Sword Valiant was shocked by his opponent’s dual sword wills and instinctively stepped backward.

He had also realized sword wills and was extremely sensitive to sword wills.

“Simultaneously using two sword wills?”

“How is that possible? Even the Sword Monarch of Great Zhou and the Sword Noble can not do it!”

Northern Sword Valiant was bewildered. He immediately activated his sword will. His entire look changed in a single moment, and powerful gusts were generated that surrounded his body.

Zhou Xuanji charged to Northern Sword Valiant’s back with the Eight-Step Sword Lunge and slashed at him with both swords.

His attack speed surpassed that of the Foundation Building Stage. The eyes of most observers at the battle could not even keep up with his speed.

Clang! Clang! Ding! Clang...

Zhou Xuanji’s swords were like the wind, but his opponent’s sword was also extremely swift. The three blades clashed with each other at high speed, the shadows of the swords dancing as cold light reflected from the swords.

Both of them traded blow after blow, but neither gained the advantage.

Half of Zhou Xuanji’s body was enveloped with flames. His body was like a white crane, agile and swift.

Northern Sword Valiant’s sword swings were strong and heavy. The sword in his hand seemed to be enveloped in a layer of red light. A strong gust was generated in a radius of a hundred yards, which surrounded the two of them.

The thousand observers’ jaws dropped, and their eyes opened wide.

Sword God Zhou was on par with Northern Sword Valiant!

The entire place was silent, one could hear a pin drop!

Little Jiang Xue was in front of the window in her guestroom, observing the battle anxiously. Her hands cupped before her chest and chanted in her mouth, “Xuanji... you will surely win... surely you will win...”

In another inn.

The man in purple rubbed his chin and muttered, “This child has a rare talent in the Way of the Sword. I can use him.”

Old Qing stared at the child warrior and nodded, “Executing two sword wills simultaneously. He’s really something.”

On the other side, Xiao Chengfeng clenched his fists and locked his sight on the child dual-wielding, as though he saw something unfathomable.

The handsome young man’s jaw dropped. His face was full of bewilderment.

Only the sound of blades clashing resounded in the whole place.

A rooster-like voice suddenly shouted, “Mighty is Sword God Zhou! Defeat him!”

The owner of the voice was naturally Zhang Ruyu!

His voice broke because of how excited he was.

Zhou Xuanji sensed that Northern Sword Valiant was gradually getting familiarized with his dual sword wills and thought that things were going bad.

This was different from his spar with Xiao Jinghong. Northern Sword Valiant was using his cultivation, which made up for his use of only one sword will.

“Seems like I need to finish this quick!” he decided in his heart. He moved to Northern Sword Valiant’s back again with the Eight-Step Sword Lunge.

Northern Sword Valiant laughed with disdain and slashed toward him, but he missed.

Zhou Xuanji was ten yards away from him and did not attack.

“Why? Are you afraid?”

Northern Sword Valiant asked mockingly. As he spoke, he shook his right hand, and his sword smashed the ground beside his foot, leaving a small hole.

Zhou Xuanji kept his Windcutter Sword in the Supreme Storage and toggled his sword wills off, saying, “I’ve played enough. Next, I’m going to defeat you with one strike.”

With such bold words, he caused a huge uproar.

One strike?

This reminded the people of stories about Sword God Zhou, that he always slew his enemies with one slash.

If this was before the fight, they might have thought that Sword God Zhou was bluffing. But now that they had witnessed the battle between the two, they began to believe that Sword God Zhou was genuinely powerful.

Northern Sword Valiant was a little stunned and then laughed loudly, as though he had heard the most humorous joke in the whole world.

He raised the sword in his hand, pointed at Zhou Xuanji, and said, “You want to defeat me with one strike? You haven’t...”


Zhou Xuanji reached right in front of him with just one step and delivered countless stabs with his Hell King Sword in hand. At that moment, he sensed a terrifying pressure lockdown on him, so together with his opponent’s extremely swift movement, he could not react in time.

Tri-Source Vein Severing Sword Will!

Sword will!

The gold grade legendary sword dealt a terrifying destructive power!


Blood spurt from his body. His eyes were wide with bewilderment.

He looked at the child warrior in front of him, as though he had seen a devil.

“How could it be...”

“Isn’t this the Sword Noble’s Tri-Source Vein Severing Sword... And this is its sword will...”

Northern Sword Valiant was appalled in his heart. All his vital channels were severed, his spirit energy was dispersed, and his legs were bent.


The famed Northern Sword Valiant knelt before Zhou Xuanji.


The deafening sound of the blade’s vibration resounded near Northern Sword Valiant’s ears.

The Hell King Sword was at his neck.

Zhou Xuanji raised his jaw and looked down at Northern Sword Valiant, saying, “You are defeated.”

He was pleased in his heart.

The gold grade legendary sword was indeed awesome!

When he executed the Tri-Source Vein Severing Sword, he could feel his sword Qi increase more than ten times over. He felt unrivaled in the world with each slash.


The entire place was silent, one could hear a pin drop!

All the people looked at Zhou Xuanji, lost for words.

He did it with one strike...

He made the vigorous, robust Northern Sword Valiant kneel with just one strike...

Such power...

Zhang Ruyu was so excited that his face turned red. He stretched his voice and cried, “Mighty is Sword God Zhou! Sword God, indeed!”

Northern Sword Valiant was a powerful sword cultivator, after all, he had realized a sword will too.

But he was defeated quickly even before he could unleash his power!

At this moment, Zhang Ruyu was dying to kneel to worship Zhou Xuanji. If not for the great crowd surrounding him, he would have already knelt for him.

The entire place was in an uproar. The thousand people shouted Sword God Zhou’s name.

“Sword God Zhou! Sword God Zhou!”

“He’s too powerful! He’s really the Sword God!”

“What happened just now? Did you see it?”

“Such an imposing sword move. Can Zhang Tianjian in our kingdom do this?”

“The moment he swung that sword, I could feel a death aura even from here...”

The suspicion and mocking from before had dissipated.

The strong reign supreme!

“The sword move just now...”

Xiao Chengfeng squinted his eyes, muttering to himself.

He tried to imagine if he could evade it.


His cultivation was higher than Northern Sword Valiant, but even he was shocked by what Zhou Xuanji did just now.

Though he was much better in his observation ability, he could only sense that the Sword God’s Hell King Sword was not something simple.

With the Sword God’s cultivation at Foundation Building Level Six, how could he release such a strong sword Qi?

“It’s a good sword.”

The man in purple stared at the Hell King Sword in the child warrior’s hand and was deep in thought.

Little Jiang Xue, on the other hand, jumped about in joy, she was very excited.

Zhou Xuanji stored his sword slowly and was prepared to leave.

Northern Sword Valiant bit his teeth and asked with much difficulty, “Who are you really... the sword technique just now... how did that come about...”

Zhou Xuanji turned to face him and said with a smile, “The Sword generates One, the Sword generates Three, the Sword generates all things. The Man is the Sword, the Sword is the Man, the Man and the Sword unified, unparalleled in the world.”

Northern Sword Valiant shuddered with eyes wide open. He slowly opened his mouth but could not speak a word, as though he was struck by lightning.

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