I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 26: Taking The Sword Noble As A Disciple
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Chapter 26: Taking The Sword Noble As A Disciple

Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

“How could there be someone that can execute two swords wills simultaneously?”

“Impossible! Even the Sword Monarch of Great Zhou cannot do this!”

Xiao Jinghong was stunned. He looked at Zhou Xuanji as though he was looking at a monster.

For a seven-year-old child to master two sword wills, it was already shocking to the world.

But this seven-year-old child could even use two sword wills simultaneously!

It’s defying nature!

It’s beyond common understanding!

Heaven is unfair!

Xiao Jinghong lost his cool. He was so shocked that he messed up the movement of his hand. He lost his momentum as he was slashed and stabbed by the Tiger Roar Sword and Windcutter Sword.


The whizzing sound of blades stopped abruptly. Zhou Xuanji came to a stop.

Xiao Jinghong stopped as well. His eyes were wide open, a cold sweat breaking out from his cheek.

He saw the Tiger Roar Sword was stuck in the muddy ground, and Zhou Xuanji stood on its hilt. Zhou Xuanji leaned forward with the Windcutter Sword and stabbed at him. The tip of the sword was less than an inch away from Xiao Jinghong’s throat.

Crane Stance!

The victor had been determined.

Zhou Xuanji’s face looked calm. He said, “You are defeated.”

In competing purely by sword techniques, Zhou Xuanji was not overjoyed, as he defeated Xiao Jinghong by catching him off guard with his two sword wills, so he merely sighed in relief.

If it was a life-and-death battle, Xiao Jinghong would be killed in one strike.

At the same time, he admired Xiao Jinghong.

This guy kept his promise. Just now, if Zhou Xuanji did not stop his attack, he would have sliced Xiao Jinghong’s throat. Even in such a situation, Xiao Jinghong did not break his promise. It was apparent that he had a strong character.

It might also be that with Xiao Jinghong’s extent of cultivation, cutting his throat would not be lethal.

Zhou Xuanji thought as he stored his sword. He then landed and pulled out his Tiger Roar Sword from the ground.

Little Jiang Xue jumped down from Small Er’s back as it landed. She quickly ran to Zhou Xuanji, grasped his shoulders and asked anxiously, “Xuanji, are you hurt?”

Zhou Xuanji shook his head with a smile and said, “I’m not. Don’t worry.”

Xiao Jinghong did not care much about them, but stared blankly and mumbled, “I lost?”

He had never been defeated before, but now he lost to a seven-year-old child...

At this moment, he was not ashamed.

He remembered what happened just now.

Two sword wills...

How did he do it?

He also knew dual wielding, but it was not possible to execute two sword wills simultaneously.

He raised his eyes and looked at Zhou Xuanji, perplexed.

The expression in his eyes frightened Zhou Xuanji, who immediately waved his hands and said, “I am a magnanimous person, I shall not force you to become my disciple.”

For a well-known and powerful person such as the Sword Noble, his face must be more important than his life.

If the news spread that he became the disciple of a seven-year-old child, he would become a laughing stock.

Xiao Jinghong did not sigh in relief. Instead, his eyes glistened as he looked at Zhou Xuanji. His eyes made Zhou Xuanji’s very nervous.

Little Jiang Xue quickly dragged Zhou Xuanji and ran toward Small Er.

Just at this moment, Xiao Jinghong suddenly cried loudly, “Master!”

Zhou Xuanji tripped and almost fell face down.

He stopped and looked at Xiao Jinghong with a bizarre face, “Are you sure? I’m only seven years old. If news got out, it would damage your status. Don’t worry, let’s pretend that nothing happened today,” he said.

Xiao Jinghong shook his head and looked at him from afar, and said, “I’ll take you as my master, so you must teach me how to execute two sword wills simultaneously.”

He was a sword nerd. How could he let a prodigy like Zhou Xuanji go?

If he mastered dual this technique, he would be unstoppable.

He might even challenge the position of Great Zhou’s Sword Monarch!

At the thought of it, his eyes burnt with passion.

Zhou Xuanji knitted his brows and entered into deep thought.

Xiao Jinghong was someone powerful with a good character. If he could take Xiao Jinghong as his disciple, it would not be a loss for his future status as the Sword God.

“Xuanji, be careful, human hearts are full of schemes.”

Little Jiang Xue reminded. Ever since she encountered the Yellow Gust Seventeen Fiends, she became even more vigilant than Zhou Xuanji whenever they met with strangers.

Having heard this, Xiao Jinghong said with a loud and clear voice, “Master, I can teach you my sword technique. When I rock the world with two sword wills, I will not forget you. You will always be the pioneer for this technique.”

For a sword cultivator, one’s credit in creating a sword technique must not be stolen.

Xiao Jinghong received sword techniques from tens of Swordmasters, but he had never taken their credits for the techniques.

Zhou Xuanji loosened Little Jiang Xue’s hands and walked toward Xiao Jinghong.

He stopped three yards away in front of Xiao Jinghong and said, “You are so sloppy in taking me as your master?”

Xiao Jinghong was stunned. He did not understand what Zhou Xuanji meant.

“Aren’t you going to carry out the ritual of acknowledging me as your master?”

Zhou Xuanji said seriously. If Xiao Jinghong intended to become his disciple, he must not merely acknowledge him with words.

He will surely overtake Xiao Jinghong in the future, so it was Xiao Jinghong’s serendipity to become his disciple.

Xiao Jinghong’s face turned.

Although he was going to take a seven-year-old as his master, wasn’t it too much to carry out the ritual?

He was the Sword Noble after all!

A person that was ranked third on Great Zhou’s Hero Ranking Board!

Zhou Xuanji stopped speaking. If there was no ritual, he would not become Xiao Jinghong’s master.

He believed that, based on Xiao Jinghong’s character, Xiao Jinghong will not kill him because of this.

If not, Xiao Jinghong would have done so long ago.

One must know that even Qiu Baili praised the Sword Noble for his uprightness and honesty.

Xiao Jinghong took a deep breath and fell on one knee. He cupped his fist and said, “Your disciple, Xiao Jinghong, hereby pays you respect, my master.”

For the sake of dual sword wills, he endured!

Little Jiang Xue’s eyes were wide open, she could not believe it.

The Sword Noble knelt for Zhou Xuanji?

Zhou Xuanji smiled and raised his right hand.

The Frost Wave Sword, Golden Rock Sword, Windcutter Sword, and Tiger Roar Sword appeared above his head and remained stationary in the air.

Xiao Jinghong was stunned at the sight of this.

Zhou Xuanji waved, and the four legendary swords flew over Xiao Jinghong’s head with extreme speed.

Shwoooosh! Shwoooosh! Shwoooosh! Shwoooosh!


The four swords pierced through the hill and swept up countless rock fragments. The swords flew up from the back of the mountain and divided into four trajectories. They circled in the air and left trails like a rainbow, as though they were alive and soared each on their own.

Xiao Jinghong looked back at Zhou Xuanji with eyes wide open and asked, “Controlling swords with your heart?”

Such a technique was within his capacity as well, but all his swords could only travel in the same direction. He could not do what Zhou Xuanji did, which was to control his swords in any way he pleased.

Legends had it that Great Zhou’s Sword Monarch could freely control seven swords and that he created a unique sword style.

Although Zhou Xuanji could only control four swords, it was beyond his expectation.

Zhou Xuanji acted cool and said, “Do you want to learn? If you want, I can teach you!”

Xiao Jinghong submitted.

He will never forget this moment and this scene.

In the many years to come, he would still be amazed at how crazy he was to take a seven-year-old as his master. And most importantly, it was the right decision!


At this moment, Zhou Xuanji had taken his first disciple.

Moreover, the disciple was Great Zhou’s famous Sword Noble.

To make Xiao Jinghong submit to him more willingly, Zhou Xuanji felt that he had to give a stronger dose.

After Zhou Xuanji stored his sword, he raised his brow and said, “Other than the sword technique that you will not teach others, teach me the most difficult sword technique in your opinion. I will realize its sword will in two days.”

Xiao Jinghong’s eyes raised and he said, “Little master, you must not joke about this.”

All his sword techniques were advanced. Among all these sword techniques, he could only realize a few sword wills, and he spent many years on each of them.

Two days?


The corner of Zhou Xuanji’s lip raised and he said, “Since you took me to be your master, I must show off something to console you. The stronger I am, the less awkward you are. Am I right?”

Xiao Jinghong said, “Even if that was so, you cannot lie and bluff ”

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