I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 20: Frost Thunder Sphere Obtained
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Chapter 20: Frost Thunder Sphere Obtained

Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

What was I doing when I was six years old?

A scene surfaced in Cheng Yefei’s mind. Back then, he was flying a kite, and he was happy.

Lu Li also began remembering how it was like when he was six years old. He had peeked at a nun taking a bath.

Although both were shocked by Zhou Xuanji, they did not slow down at all.

They were already very close to the mountain top.

The distance between the two of them was less than the length of three men, and Cheng Yefei was still the closest to the mountain top.

In the blink of an eye, the only people ahead of him were Cheng Yefei and Lu Li.

All the cultivators that Zhou Xuanji overtook were appalled.

How could it be...

They were in so much shock that none of them could speak a word. They grit their teeth and charged forward, putting their lives on the line.

The mountain top was already within his sight. Countless arcs of lightning twisted and turned wildly, which was extremely terrifying.

His heart trembled suddenly. Would he be struck and burned to a crisp?

However, Cheng Yefei and Lu Li had no intention to slow down. Why were they not afraid?

“Those bolts of lightning are not dangerous. Even an ordinary person would not die after contact.” The Sword Spirit’s voice resounded in his mind, and he heaved a sigh of relief.

He sped up immediately!

The Frost Wave Sword absorbed the frost Qi amidst the snowstorm and its speed increased tremendously, overtaking Lu Li in an instant.

Lu Li’s pupils contracted, and he looked stiff.

The next one was Cheng Yefei.

His speed was similar to Lu Li, and he was only ahead as he moved first. Naturally, he was no match for Zhou Xuanji.

“This demon...”

Cheng Yefei grit his teeth, blood vessels surfacing in his eyes.

When the Frost Wave Sword flew over the mountain top, he leaped off it, tumbling before landing elegantly.

He turned, and the first thing he saw was the Frost Thunder Sphere.

The mountain top was flat, with rocks piled up at the edges, and it was the size of a basketball court. The Frost Thunder Sphere was right at the center. It looked like three pieces of sapphire, each the size of an adult’s fist. They were levitating in mid-air, and glittering a brilliant blue. There were countless strokes of lightning interwoven on the surface of the blue radiance.

Without any hesitation, Zhou Xuanji dashed to the Frost Thunder Sphere with Eight-Step Sword Lunge. He grabbed the gems with his right hand and stored the three pieces of Frost Thunder Crystal in his Supreme Storage.

Taaa! Taaa!

Cheng Yefei and Lu Li reached the mountain top at around the same time. Lu Li ran to one side, while Cheng Yefei took the opportunity to position himself on the opposite side, creating a pincer formation.

The Frost Thunder Crystals disappeared, and so did the blue radiance and the strokes of lightning. The only thing left was wind and snow that danced freely.

“Hand over the Frost Thunder Crystals, or you will be buried in this world of snow and ice!” Cheng Yefei muttered with furious-looking eyes.

Zhou Xuanji had pretended to be an ignorant child earlier, which made him truly loathe him.

Lu Li held a long sword in his hand. He squinted his eyes and threatened, “Who are you? How ruthless are you to possess the body of a six-year-old child? Today, I will serve justice on behalf of heaven!”

He raised his hand, and the Frost Wave Sword descended from the sky, right into his hand.

He said with a smile, “I am not possessed. I’m merely too gifted. How would you ordinary people understand?”

Lu Li’s face twitched. He was the prodigy of the Wind Xuan Sect, and now he had been called an ordinary person. This had never happened before.

Cheng Yefei drew his sword. The light from the sword shined on his face and made him look even graver and stern. He challenged, “Since you are not willing to hand them over, we shall decide this through the sword.”

This is just what I prefer!

Zhou Xuanji was secretly excited. He had already reached the tenth level of Qi Nurturing and was a half-step into Foundation Building. Moreover, he had mastered two sword wills. It was just going to be fun to test his ability with the two Foundation Building cultivators.

He moved first with Eight-Step Sword Lunge, each stride passing over ten yards, and jerked the sword upward. The frost Qi was like a knife, cutting Cheng Yefei’s face.

Cheng Yefei instinctively raised his sword to block. He felt like a white crane was charging him.

With his reaction time, he blocked the strike.

Zhou Xuanji swayed and went for Cheng Yefei’s back, slashing horizontally at Cheng Yefei.

He was so short that he only reached Cheng Yefei’s waist, which made it somewhat difficult for Cheng Yefei because he had to receive the blows with his body bent down.

Lu Li charged with his sword and entered the battle.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

Attacks were avoided skillfully, if not outright blocked. The crisp sounds of swords clashing against each other could not be covered even by the wind and snow.

Zhou Xuanji was extremely agile because of his small body. He weaved in between the pair with graceful ease, like a white crane.

Cheng Yefei and Lu Li, instead, were secretly annoyed.

Their sword handles were extremely cold. They could only resist the bone-chilling frost aura with their spiritual energy, and even though they managed to swing their swords, it was at a much slower speed.

This was the power of the Frost Wave Sword.

Zhou Xuanji, on the other hand, was having a good time. The feeling of putting all his effort into something left his heart content.

With the White Crane Sword Technique and the Frost Wave Sword, he was able to stand up to the two Foundation Building cultivators.

“Wait... Could this be...?” Cheng Yefei thought of something suddenly. His heart was full of turmoil.

Not only him, but Lu Li also came to a realization.

While the two attacked him in a pincer formation, their eyes met for an instant.

Even in just an instant, they understood each other.



I’m afraid!

How could it be that a six-year-old child had mastered a sword will?!

The two leaped backward almost simultaneously and distanced themselves from him.

Zhou Xuanji swung into empty air and immediately felt unhappy. He paused, pouting.

“What sword technique is that?” asked Cheng Yefei, scowling.

Even in his dreams, he desired to achieve a sword will.

Zhou Xuanji pointed at him with his sword and giggled, “White Crane Sword Technique.”

The two of them were not benevolent in any sense of the word. Their attacks aimed at him would all have been fatal blows.

“What is that sword?”

“Frost Wave Sword.”

“What are you really?”

“None of your business.”


Cheng Yefei sighed and tried his best to calm himself down.

Lu Li could not hold it any longer. He gazed at Zhou Xuanji and said, “I am Lu Li from the Wind Xuan Sect. Please give me some face and pass me one Frost Thunder Crystal, and I will owe you a single favor from now on.”

Zhou Xuanji shot a glance at him and answered carelessly, “Who do you think you are?”

“You must be fearless because you have strong backing. Which sect are you from?”

“Your ancestor’s sect.”


“Shut up!”

Lu Li almost vomited blood. How could this kid have no social intelligence at all? Was he not afraid that he would offend the Wind Xuan Sect?

Zhou Xuanji leaped while tossing his Frost Wave Sword in front of him.

The Frost Wave Sword whirled in the air and landed beneath his feet, taking him with it as it flew toward the horizon. The entire process was swift and elegant.

Lu Li slashed out toward him, but his sword Qi could not catch up with the Frost Wave Sword.

Cheng Yefei chased him until he reached the edge of the cliff. He gazed at his back and furiously roared, “Who the hell are you?”

“I am your father.” Zhou Xuanji taunted from the horizon, gradually getting further away.

Cheng Yefei’s face fluctuated through a variety of expressions. He struck the ground with his palm and shattered a multitude of rocks from a distance.

The cultivators on the side of the mountain looked at each other in dismay.

They knew how powerful Cheng Yefei and Lu Li were.

One of them was an Ice Frost Swordmaster, while the other was the eldest disciple of the Wind Xuan Sect.

And they could not deal with a kid?


That fellow is not a six-year-old child. He is a demon!


The cold wind howled. Zhou Xuanji sat on his Frost Wave Sword and played around with the Frost Thunder Crystals in his hand.

He could feel the ferocious power hidden within the Frost Thunder Crystals. If he could absorb it, he would surely be able to reach Foundation Building and master the second level of Golden Body Incantation, Metal Chassis.

Now that his strength had exceeded ten thousand pounds, he should be unrivaled within the Qi Nurturing stage.

One must know that with the fifth or sixth level of Qi Nurturing, one would be unrivaled in the ordinary world of martial arts.

“This adventure was worth it.” Zhou Xuanji thought happily.

Once he breaks through to Foundation Building, his power will increase tremendously.

He was only six years old. He still had a long life ahead of him.

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