I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 19: Six-Year-Old Devilish Kid Shows His Might
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Chapter 19: Six-Year-Old Devilish Kid Shows His Might

Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

“Frost Thunder Mountain. It’s been a long time since I last came here.” The man in black raised his head and muttered to himself, allowing the snowflakes to freely land on his face.

Twenty-two years ago, he followed his master to Frost Thunder Mountain, but his master was eaten by a demon. Relying on his master’s sword he hid in a cave, managing to survive.

For the next ten years, he taught himself sword techniques and finally reached Great Accomplishment.

After he left the cave, he slew all the demons on Frost Thunder Mountain, and only then did he leave with his hatred satisfied.

Twelve years passed in the blink of an eye, and he had already made a name for himself in the Southern Snow Kingdom.

He was Ice Frost Swordmaster Cheng Yefei!

Ice frost formed all around him whenever he drew his sword. f𝑟e𝙚𝒘𝗲𝚋𝚗oѵ𝘦𝙡. c𝒐m

“This time around, the Frost Thunder Sphere is mine.” Cheng Yefei said as he began climbing the mountain.

Two hours later.

Over three hundred cultivators gathered at the mountain shoulder of Frost Thunder Mountain. Lu Li and the other disciples from the Wind Xuan Sect stood together, while Cheng Yefei stood alone in a corner, just like the disciples from the other sects. There was no communication between them at all, and the atmosphere was rather intense.

They lifted their heads and seemed to be looking at something.

A female disciple from the Wind Xuan Sect asked Lu Li in a low voice, “Senior Lu Li, are you sure the Frost Thunder Sphere will appear? What if we got the timing wrong, and we have to keep on waiting?”

This was her first mission, so she was very nervous.

She was not the only one. The other disciples were on their first mission in the real world, and Lu Li’s job was to protect them.

Lu Li said with a smile, “Patience will become the greatest pillar to rely on when you become independent in the future. Whether you are completing a mission, or in a battle, you must have patience.”

“But these people look very hostile. Some are clearly not young disciples from another sect.”

A male disciple from the Wind Xuan Sect said carefully. He kept his voice low as he was afraid that others might hear him.

Lu Li immediately burst out in laughter, which made all the cultivators in the vicinity, including Cheng Yefei, look at him.

They heard Lu Li as he light-heartedly said, “With me around, nobody can compete with us, the Wind Xuan Sect.”

So arrogant!

The faces of the cultivators turned serious in an instant.

The disciples of the Wind Xuan Sect admired Lu Li for his daring spirit. He was the eldest senior disciple indeed, so dominating!

“Humph.” Cheng Yefei snorted disdainfully.

At that moment, a small silhouette climbed up slowly to the mountain shoulder.

It was Zhou Xuanji.

He left Ah Big right before entering the snowy terrain. He had come here because he felt a Qi that was extremely attractive to him.

According to what the Sword Spirit said, it should be a type of material that could strengthen his Golden Body Incantation.

This was one area where the Golden Body Incantation was excellent, as it allowed him to detect some individual energies in the world.

Zhou Xuanji hid behind a huge ice boulder and looked over. He was a little shocked.

“So many cultivators? Are they all here for the unique material?”

He noticed that amongst these cultivators, half of them were at Qi Nurturing. The lowest of them was at the seventh level of Qi Nurturing.

Now that he had four legendary swords and two sword wills, combined with a healthy body, he was confident he at least had a chance against them.


A flying knife hit the ice boulder in front of Zhou Xuanji, and the entire boulder shook from the impact.

“Who is that? Stop hiding, come out!”

A young man with a blue shirt shouted in a low voice, and all the people there turned and looked.

Zhou Xuanji snorted and stood up slowly. He raised his hand high and went around the ice boulder.

Displaying fear on his face, he said with a trembling voice, “Don’t kill me, I’m only six years old... I don’t want to die...”

He looked harmless as a six-year-old child. Moreover, his little cheeks were also red from the ice and snow, which melted the hearts of some female disciples.

“This kid is so adorable!”

“The child looks so delicate, why is he here?”

“Maybe he lost his way and got separated from his parents. Wahh, I really want to pinch his face.”

“Better be careful, he could be a transformed demon!”

The young cultivators were discussing his appearance heatedly, while the leaders of each sect stared at him, vigilant.

This was Fallen Celestial Ridge.

It was a huge distance away from any human villages or towns. An ordinary six-year-old child couldn’t reach this place.

However, they did not sense any demonic Qi from Zhou Xuanji, and so did not believe he was a demon that had shapeshifted.

The young man in the blue shirt that threw his knife questioned him further, “Child, where are your parents?”

Zhou Xuanji swallowed his saliva, and tears suddenly streamed down his face. He trembled in fear as he raised his right hand and pointed at the skeleton vultures that were circling above Frost Thunder Mountain and cried, “They ate them...”

As they saw him cry, many of the cultivators forgot their doubts and concerns.

None of them had attained a spirit mind as none of them had gone past Foundation Building, so they could not identify the extent of Zhou Xuanji’s cultivation. Moreover, with the snowstorm and the great distance between them, they could not even detect his spiritual energy.

“Child, come here, let me bring you back to the Wind Xuan Sect.”

Lu Li waved his hand and smiled gently. His smile was very moving, and in the hearts of many female disciples of the Wind Xuan Sect, their impression of him became even greater.

Just as Zhou Xuanji was about to reply, the sound of thunder resounded from the mountain top. Compared to the previous claps, this one was extremely loud, to the point that it could even make the deaf hear.

Lifting their heads and looking over, they all saw that on the top of Frost Thunder Mountain, a robust blue light had appeared. Countless arcs of purple lightning were surrounding the blue light.

The distance between the mountain shoulder and the mountain top was close to a mile.

Cheng Yefei was the first to move. He was as agile as a rabbit when climbing up the mountain.

“The Frost Thunder Sphere appeared! Climb the mountain, quick!” A cultivator shouted, the other cultivators soon following, swiftly rushing up the mountain.

Lu Li and the group of male disciples from the Wind Xuan Sect also rushed up the mountain, leaving the female disciples behind.

Zhou Xuanhi jogged over.

The Frost Thunder Sphere?

It sounds like something powerful.

A petite and adorable female disciple blocked his way. She squatted in front of him and hugged him. “Little brother, don’t be afraid, sister will protect you. Are you cold?” she comforted him.

Zhou Xuanji almost suffocated as his face was being buried in a pile of softness. He quickly shook free of her grip.

The other female disciples also closed in on him and surrounded the boy.

Zhou Xuanji immediately leaped away, his Frost Wave Sword appearing under his feet out of nowhere. He flew his swords up toward the mountain top.

The female disciples were all stunned. None of them could say a thing.

“Humph, you want to take advantage of me?”

Zhou Xuanji rubbed his face and could still feel a slimmer of warmth.

He increased his speed and rushed toward the mountain top.

The Frost Wave Sword flew over cultivator after cultivator and those who looked up were almost frightened to death.

“That kid! He can fly!”

“How could it be?!”

“Tsssss – – he’s a demonic child!”

“Where did he get that sword from?”

“He can fly his sword in such cold weather and still be able to stabilize his body?”

The cultivators shouted in shock. The snowstorm on Frost Thunder Mountain was too heavy, and they would all fall in moments if they flew on their enchanted artifacts. Their cultivation was not considered high after all.

The person at the forefront was Cheng Yefei, followed by Lu Li.

The two of them heard the shouts of surprise, and instinctively, they turned and looked.

What they saw was a six-year-old child stood on a silver sword. He was shooting through the air at an extreme speed.

By now, Zhou Xuanji had already fully familiarized himself with the four legendary swords.

The attribute of the Frost Wave Sword is frost Qi. The larger the snowstorm, the more powerful the Frost Wave Sword.


Cheng Yefei’s eyes twitched, and this word appeared in his mind.

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