I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 14: Expert in the Way of the Sword
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Chapter 14: Expert in the Way of the Sword

Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

Zhou Xuanji pulled Little Jiang Xue to a corner in the valley. Little Jiang Xue was terrified. She grasped his hands tightly.

Meanwhile, Madam Night Seven had just landed.

She exhaled a long breath and covered her abdomen with her right hand. Blood oozed from the gaps between her fingers endlessly, and she appeared to be in great pain.

Zhou Xuanji turned around and looked at Little Jiang Xue, his eyeballs rolling left, then right.

This meant, “I’m going to fight, you hide.”

Little Jiang Xue knitted her brows and pouted as she questioned if he had the confidence to win.

He nodded, turned around, and walked toward Madam Night Seven.

Madam Night Seven wanted to heal herself first before catching both of them, but when she saw his stance, she laughed.

Her laughter was filled with an intent to kill, as well as mockery.

“Little brat, you think that you can handle me just because I’m injured?” Madam Night Seven said, laughing coldly. She had never treated Zhou Xuanji as an ordinary child.

Which ordinary child could reach the eighth level of Qi Nurturing at only four years old?

However, regardless of how mysterious his background is, he will surely die here today!

She took out a long black whip, which was covered with countless sharp spines, like the stinger on a scorpion’s tail.

Zhou Xuanji was expressionless, but he was anxious in his heart.

Putting aside all those low-level demons and beasts, this was his first proper fight.

The Frost Wave Sword appeared in his right hand. A chilling aura flowed out along the sword’s blade. The sword caught Madam Night Seven’s attention.

“A brilliant sword!”

“Little brat, I did not expect you to have a spatially enchanted artifact and a sword of such high caliber, but all of this belongs to me now.” Madam Night Seven crowed, cackling sinisterly.

To her, Zhou Xuanji must be the son of a great clan, or else he would not be so talented and in possession of such a sword.

Seizing treasures by killing!

This was what the Yellow Gust Seventeen Fiends had always done!

He walked toward her, asking, “Where are your companions?”

“They will be here very soon,” Madam Night Seven said with a smile.

Her smile leaves one in deep thought. Does this little brat want to trick her into revealing the truth?

He attacked just when she was finishing her sentence.

Eight-Step Sword Lunge!

His body moved in a flash and traveled ten meters with each stride. With just three steps, he was already in front of Madam Night Seven.

With the sword in his right hand, he kicked her with his left leg, stabbing at Madam Night Seven as though he was a white crane hunting for fish.

Madam Night Seven’s face turned drastically pale and she lashed her whip at him immediately.

Zhou Xuanji moved his small body with Eight-Step Sword Lunge and dodged her attack easily. He sped toward Madam Night Seven’s back and thrust his sword at her.

Although Madam Night Seven was heavily wounded, she still had a cultivation of Inner Pellet. Even though she was shocked by his real abilities, she did not lose her calm.

She leaped and dodged his strike with ease. She then whipped back at him immediately, sounding like a clap of thunder.

Zhou Xuanji’s reaction was much slower than hers and he was hit on his right arm, which began to feel numb. The poisonous spine tore his clothes and even hooked a piece of his flesh. He almost fainted from the heart-piercing pain.

The Frost Wave Sword became loose in his hand and dropped to the ground with a clang.

Zhou Xuanji rolled backward and distanced himself from Madam Night Seven.

Madam Night Seven sneered at him and said, “Little guy, a Swordmaster must never let his sword leave his hand. Now...”

He lifted his left hand, and the Crimson Dragon Sword appeared.

Madam Night Seven’s smile froze in an instant.

Little Jiang Xue, who was quite a distance away, was very anxious as she saw that Zhou Xuanji was hurt.

She felt extremely guilty. If she were strong, she could have helped him.

With the Crimson Dragon Sword in his hand, Zhou Xuanji dashed forward again.

“The grade of this sword is even higher than the other one...”

Madam Night Seven’s eyes were locked on the Crimson Dragon Sword.

Zhou Xuanji activated White Crane Sword Will, and his body became like a white crane. With Eight-Step Sword Lunge supporting his footwork, he began to attack, shifting about. His body was moving swiftly and endlessly around Madam Night Seven.

Madam Night Seven was surprised in her heart, “What amazing footwork! If only I could learn it...”

Her heart was on fire. She suddenly realized that the little brat was full of treasures.

I’m going to become rich this time around!

She dodged another strike, and whipped back at him, wounding his left arm. Zhou Xuanji wailed in pain and lost hold of the Crimson Dragon Sword.

He stepped backward immediately. Both of his arms were dangling and covered in blood. He looked extremely miserable.

“Little guy, you dropped your sword again.”

Madam Night Seven swayed her hips as she walked toward Zhou Xuanji with a playful smile on her face.

With both hands crippled, can you still use swords?

Having two swords is enough, don’t tell me you have a third one?

Just at this moment!

The Bloodbath Sword appeared in front of him out of nowhere, its blade pointed at Madam Night Seven.

Madam Night Seven stopped, and her pupils suddenly contracted. The Bloodbath Sword locked onto her and sent a chill down her spine.

“What is this sword?” Madam Night Seven could not help but shout. How many swords does this brat have?


The Bloodbath Sword stabbed at Madam Night Seven. It whizzed through the air and reached right in front of her in an instant.

She instinctively tilted her head, but her cheek was still cut, and blood spilled.

She was greatly shocked. The sword is so fast!

I cannot delay any longer!

Her intent to kill was ignited in an instant. She grasped her black whip tightly in her hand and no longer intended to play around with him.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

Two whizzing sounds came consecutively. Her throat and chest were penetrated.

Her life was ended immediately.

Right before she died, she still maintained a sinister visage.

The Crimson Dragon Sword and Frost Wave Sword flew to him and circled above his head.

Zhou Xuanji panted. He had dropped his swords intentionally, just to perform his killing blow now!

The Bloodbath Sword shocked Madam Night Seven, while the Crimson Dragon Sword and Frost Wave Sword took the opportunity to perform a fatal strike. His riposte was a success!

Fortunately, Madam Night Seven was already wounded severely, or else all of this would have been futile.

Just in case Madam Night Seven was not entirely dead, Zhou Xuanji made the Bloodbath Sword stab her a few more times. Only after he had confirmed her death did he walk away.

Somehow, after the Bloodbath Sword absorbed Madam Night Seven’s blood, his injuries recovered a little.


He quickly took Madam Night Seven’s storage ring and storage bag. He then stored his three legendary swords and walked toward Little Jiang Xue.

Little Jiang Xue quickly ran toward him and lent an arm to support him.

“Let’s heal our injuries first, don’t move recklessly.”

Little Jiang Xue was going to cry out of anxiety. She blamed herself as she saw how pathetic Zhou Xuanji looked.

If not for her grandmother’s debt, he would not have wandered about with her.

Zhou Xuanji shook his head and said, “Let’s get out of here first, in case her companions catch up.”

Little Jiang Xue could not disobey him, and naturally, she agreed with him.

An hour later.

A silhouette was stood on a sword and flew into the valley. It was Zhang Tianjian, general of Southern Snow Kingdom.

There was some blood on Zhang Tianjian’s body too, having gone through a fierce battle. When he saw Madam Night Seven’s dead body, he knitted his brows.


He landed beside Madam Night Seven and saw that her storage bag was missing, and at that moment, his face turned somber all of a sudden.

“Two eggs of the dragon eagle went missing...”

The Yellow Gust Seventeen Fiends were entirely eradicated, he alone killing ten of them. Madam Night Seven obtained the dragon eagle’s eggs because she snatched them from her companions.

Who would have thought that just when this woman managed to escape, she was killed by someone else?

He began to examine Madam Night Seven’s wounds, and his expression changed again.

“The wounds at her throat and chest are neat. There are some sword wounds on her body... Her opponent must be an expert in the Way of the Sword!”

“There are no traces of sword Qi left. Could it be that the opponent was using a sword will?”

“Slaying an Inner Pellet cultivator without sword Qi, even if she was a severely injured Inner Pellet cultivator... His level of mastery in the Way of the Sword might be higher than mine..” Zhang Tianjian muttered to himself, scowling.

If such a powerful expert took away the dragon eagle’s eggs, how could he dare to snatch them back?

After all, he was also wounded.

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