I Have Awakened The Deduction System

Chapter 765 - 765 Another Divine Beast Bloodline
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765 Another Divine Beast Bloodline

Another Divine Beast Bloodline

Before he finished speaking, Xu Ming stepped forward.

Uncle Fu subconsciously wanted to stop him, but he followed without saying a word in the end.

“Brother, you’re amazing!” Xu Ming walked closer, his chubby face filled with a warm smile, making him look harmless. He was a completely different person from his previous cold arrogance and arrogance.

“I’m Xu Ming, from the Xu family of Yunzhou. Is it convenient for us to be friends?”

“He Chuan!” The charmingly naive young man in front of him who struck up a conversation directly. He Chuan did not feel the slightest bit of revulsion. Instead, he replied politely.

He looked at Uncle Fu behind Xu Ming.

Xu Ming did not notice He Chuan’s abnormality. Instead, he was attracted by He Chuan’s cold and calm expression.

The Xu family of Yunzhou has become quite famous in the capital in recent years.

Xu Ming had the backing of the Xu and Lin families.

There were countless people who wanted to curry favor with him. When ordinary people know his identity, which one of them would not be happy and excited?

Why did this kid look like he didn’t care?

How interesting!

“I heard that the Xu family has some relationship with the Lin family in the capital. I know someone from the Lin family.” He Chuan retracted his gaze.

“I know almost all the people in the Lin family in the capital.” Xu Ming said in confusion.

“Lin Ruo’er!”

“Who is it?”

Xu Ming’s fat body trembled visibly as if he had not heard a person’s name but a demon that made his heart palpitate. His expression turned ugly.

“If you know her, please tell her to get ready to receive you!” He Chuan reiterated.

He Chuan brought Wei Jianning and Ren Xiaomeng back to their room.

“He is the master of that she-devil?” Xu Ming was completely stunned. He turned around and looked at Uncle Fu in confusion.

“I didn’t say anything!” Xu Ming seemed to have thought of something extremely terrifying. His entire body immediately trembled as he hurriedly waved his hand.

“What did He Chuan mean just now?” Xu Ming looked around with lingering fear and then asked in a low voice.

“Could he really be Aunt Ruo’er’s…”

Uncle Fu didn’t believe this nonsense.

“Miss Ruo’er’s status was so noble that even the Emperor of Cangyun had to treat her with respect. Who in the world was qualified to be her master?”

“Presumably, He Chuan knew about that Young Master’s identity, so he deliberately deceived us and wanted to use Miss Ruo’er’s name to humiliate us.”

“After all, id he was Miss Ruo’er’s master, Young Master’s seniority was one level lower.”

“I have no dealings with this person. Why would he lie to me without any enmity?” Xu Ming shook his head slowly.

It might mean the same thing even if it wasn’t a scam!

There were more than ten million people in the Imperial Capital, so how could they all know each other?

Uncle Fu seemed to have thought of something, and his turbid old eyes suddenly flashed with a bright light. This He Chuan was not simple. It was very likely that he had seen through his cultivation!

Xu Ming was shocked.

Uncle Fu was a martial artist who had stepped into the martial path. It was impossible for ordinary martial artists to see through him.

Unless He Chuan was also a martial artist who had stepped into martial arts!

However, the other party clearly looked like a kid who had yet to reach his peak. How could he step into martial arts?

In the history of the Yanyang Empire, there had never been anyone who had stepped into the Martial Dao at the age of forty, let alone a teenager!

“Maybe I’m too sensitive. However, Young Master must be careful in the future!” Uncle Fu also felt it was a little ridiculous and immediately shook his head.

Xu Ming also turned around and returned to his room to rest.

The martial artists who had been pulled out of the room earlier quickly dispersed and returned to their rooms.

The people who pretended to be robbers all fled. Naturally, they did not want to stand here foolishly.

“Sister Jianning, why are you so nervous? Don’t tell me you like Xu Ming?” Ren Xiaomeng suddenly asked as soon as she closed the door.

“What nonsense are you spouting?” Wei Jianning’s face turned red as he looked at He Chuan in embarrassment.

“Xiaomeng, don’t spout nonsense!” He Chuan interrupted Wei Jianning.

He Chuan was speechless.

“Ren Xiaomeng!” Wei Jianning’s face turned even redder as she pretended to hit her.

“Brother He Chuan, save me!” Ren Xiaomeng cried out in surprise and scurried behind He Chuan. 𝘧𝑟𝑒𝑒𝘸𝑒𝘣𝑛𝑜𝓋𝑒𝑙.𝒸𝑜𝘮

“Don’t joke about Jianning in the future!” He Chuan stopped Wei Jianning and warned Ren Xiaomeng.

“Can you find me a place to take a bath? I’ve been running for my life these past few days, and my body stinks!” Ren Xiaomeng said with a bored expression.

“Here, it is next to my room. There is hot water for bathing.” Wei Jianning pointed at the room beside her.

“Yay!” Without waiting for Wei Jianning to finish her sentence, Ren Xiaomeng dashed out.

“At such a young age, a late-stage Life Cultivation Realm martial artist was willing to break the law and risk offending the Martial Alliance to capture her. Her identity is definitely not ordinary.” Wei Jianning shook her head helplessly.

“Would there be trouble if we kept her by our side?”

“Do you know why she has activated her nine lives even though she doesn’t have any spiritual energy in her body?” He Chuan waved his hand indifferently.


“Because the Zi Luan bloodline in her body has been activated!”

“Logically speaking, any bloodline power would only be activated when one stepped into martial arts.”

“And before stepping into martial arts, it would only be a flash in the pan after being stimulated.”

“Otherwise, before the stargate opened, the spiritual energy would be insufficient, and the body would not be able to withstand the bloodline of the divine beast. The huge energy produced by the revival would erode the original flesh and blood, causing them to shapeshift into a beast.”

Humans could shapeshift?

Wei Jianning couldn’t believe it.

There were all kinds of strange things in the world.

“Not to mention shapeshifting, there were even people who turned into beasts.”

“However, the early activation of the divine beast bloodline was not as simple as turning a human into a beast.”

“The divine beast bloodline was a double-edged sword. It could allow martial artists to take a shortcut on the path of martial arts.”

“However, it also carried great danger.”

“It contained a terrifying bloodline power that even Heavenly Surge Realm cultivators who had opened up stargates would rarely be able to suppress.”

“If one couldn’t suppress it, one would be corroded.”

“At that time, they would either explode and die or lose their minds and become half-human, half-beast monsters!”

“Ren Xiaomeng was like that.”

“The Zi Luan Bloodline in her body had already been completely activated. Moreover, it had clearly spread throughout her body and fused into her meridians.”

“It was precisely because of this that she could still open the nine gates of life without any spiritual energy in her body.”

The manifestation of the erosion of the divine beast bloodline!

“The power of the bloodline corroded the entire body. The power contained within could directly open the nine life gates, absorb the spiritual energy of heaven and earth, and gather in the dantian. After that, she would open up a Life Gate in her dantian. Once she succeeded, the stargate would become the place where the divine beast bloodline condensed. It would begin to erode the mind and mutate the body!”

“In that case, Xiaomeng…” Wei Jianning’s red lips parted slightly, but she didn’t continue.

If it was really as Third Brother said, then there was not much time left for Ren Xiaomeng!

Wei Jianning didn’t know why, but her heart was filled with sorrow and sadness.

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