I Have a Mansion in the Post-apocalyptic World

Chapter 1316 - Lilith is on a Killing Spree
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Chapter 1316: Lilith is on a Killing Spree


On the roof of an apartment building just one kilometer across from Embassy Street, eight SEALs in urban camouflage were on standby. One of the snipers set up their sniper rifle, and another soldier opened his laptop and released the quadcopter drone from his backpack.

“Do you think they will show up?” With the crosshair pointed at the Xin Embassy, the man wearing a beret moved his finger slightly and said with a grin.

Outside the wall of the Xin Embassy in Colombia, Colombian soldiers with live ammunition had completely surrounded the entire building; not even a fly would be able to get in. However, everyone there knew that this level of security was sufficient to stop the living, but it could not stop the invisible “ghosts”.

Even so, it was not easy to save people from the watch of an entire company unit.

Although the combat effectiveness of the Colombian government army was weak, the soldiers stationed at the Embassy Street belonged to the company serving the president. While their uniform appeared no different, they were the elites from the army. They were not comparable to the SEALs, but by the third world countries’ standard, they were top-notch.

“They will definitely show up,” Jonathan said emotionlessly as he tuned the HK416 in his hands, “Forbearance is not their style or that of their boss.”

As a derivative of the carbine M4, the HK416 was undoubtedly much better than its older predecessor. The new version not only solved the problem that the gunpowder gas was easily transmitted to the gun, but it could also shoot underwater.

In addition, cutting-edge individual equipment such as a heartbeat detector, infrared thermal imaging, nano-ceramic body armor, and special armor-piercing rounds armed these SEALs from teeth to toe. Even the Advanced Project Research Bureau of the Department of Defense designed a piece of specialized equipment against Ghost Agents. Although it was still in the experimental stage, it was part of their toolkit.

The UA invested heavily in this operation.

Xin delegation that absconded in fear of crime was caught by the SEAL team, and Celestial Trade agents were killed on the spot...

When Jonathan thought about the headlines tomorrow, he got even more excited.

From the very beginning, the CIB put pressure on the Colombian government to restrict the movement of the Xin delegation as it was all part of a ploy on Celestial Trade.

When the man on the roof saw that a window curtain was closed in a room of the Xin Embassy, his eyes narrowed and he adjusted the scope closer. Then, he pointed the crosshair directly at the entrance of the embassy

But at this moment, an unexpected event suddenly happened.

The air instantly became much colder, and a white mist gradually condensed in the air, and soon surrounded the entire city. The thick white mist covered everyone’s vision with a layer of silk, and the man’s visibility quickly dropped below ten meters.

“SH*T!” The sniper cursed as he got up from the ground and put away the mounted sniper rifle.

The sniper rifle clearly lost its purpose in this weather condition.

“I’ve checked the weather forecast. It should be sunny today,” the SEAL who had been on his laptop said, then closed the laptop and put it in his backpack. “If the weather forecast is not wrong, then something is clearly wrong.”

“Weather weapon?”

“Maybe, maybe not.”

Jonathan’s eyes narrowed as he listened to the discussion of his comrades. He looked up, sensed the coolness at the tip of his nose, and inexplicable anxiety seemed to appear in his mind.

Intuition told him that this fog was not a coincidence.

Before he could hesitate, he touched his tactical helmet and ordered.

“Attention. Immediately enter combat position. Operation commences.”

And at this moment, there was a loud explosion from the suburbs.

The flickering fire light and giant black smoke cone were visible even through the heavy fog.

As if the city had noticed the abnormal situation outside the city, the alarms and sirens went wild on the streets. Vehicles and pedestrians rushed to the western part of the city. In front of the eminent threat of war, the traffic lights and traffic rules lost their effect, and the entire city turned into chaos.


Jonathan was right, this fog was not a coincidence.

Just ten minutes ago, the Seagull-class arrived above South America and launched hundreds of dry ice rockets at the capital of Colombia. After these dry ice rockets detonated under the clouds, the scattered dry ice quickly covered the entire province of Cundinamarca. Not only did the sunny day turn into dense fog, it even dropped the temperature of the entire area by five to ten degrees!

It was hard to estimate how long the fog could last, but it was sufficient to cover the Xin delegation’s evacuation.

As soon as the fog appeared, Lilith began to move.

The silver metal projectile was transformed into a frantic storm under the action of the electromagnetic force field, and more than ten lives were harvested in an instant.

The Colombian soldiers immediately raised their rifles and started to react to the shocking event that unfolded in front of their eyes. However, as they were ready to fire back, Lilith had already moved to the next position under the cover of the fog and unleashed silver bullets from her fingertips.

“SH*T! I’m shot!”

“He’s over there! Fire! Fire!”


There were screams and howls everywhere. Blood started to bloom in the misty street.

The machine guns on top of the armored vehicle started to spew out bullets without the ability to consider friendly fire anymore. However, it was silenced after a flash of silver light quickly disappeared.

With the commotion caused by Lilith, Ghost Agents blasted the walls of the embassy and took the Xin delegation out of the Colombian government soldiers’ siege.

“This is the Xin Embassy! We are under attack! Requesting backup... DAMMIT! THERE IS NO SIGNAL.” An officer in another armored vehicle smashed the radio onto the ground as his eyes turned crimson from anger.

Obviously, Xin detonated an EMP weapon and all unprotected electronic equipment was burned.

With communication paralyzed, they had no chance to even resist the enemies that they couldn’t even spot, let alone fight back. While gunshots continued to be fired, but only friendly soldiers collapsed.

He could only pray that the gunshots could attract the attention of the local garrison and the police, and reinforcements could arrive earlier.

However, his prayer was destined to be futile.

Just as Lilith started, FARC responded to Jiang Chen’s request and mobilized guerrillas lurking in Cundinamarca. In just five minutes, hundreds of mortar shells started to pour into the suburbs of Bogota.

Although these shells did not fall on the heads of the Colombian military and police, they caused considerable panic in Bogota. With half of the city traffic in a paralyzed city, and the city’s military and police on high alert, all the attention had been drawn to the outskirt of the city, how could they notice the noise on Embassy Street?

Zhu Yu and three other “Ghosts” shot two soldiers that blocked their retreat, Zhang Yaping and four key members were moved outside and rushed into the parking lot of a shopping mall.

Four modified black cars waited at the entrance of the parking lot .

They quickly got into the cars, and soon the four cars drove out of the parking lot and separated into four paths toward the western suburbs.

Zhu Yu fastened her seat belt, put away her rifle, and pressed on her headset.

“We have left Embassy Street, heading to the boarding point immediately!”

“Roger.” With one silver bullet penetrating a soldier aiming at her, Lilith, who was wearing a mask, recalled the silver droplets scattered on the ground. She ignored the bullets that were firing at her and quickly ran into the alley covered by fog.

The remaining soldiers’ eyes were fixated on the alley entrance, their minds debated furiously, but in the end, they did not choose to chase after.

There was only one life; everyone was born to parents.

They would not frown for one second if they fought against rebels, but against a monster that could kill them with one finger, the fact that they could stand there and not run away meant that they were already worthy of their military uniform...

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