I Have A Divine Tree In My Heart

I Have A Divine Tree In My Heart
Chinese Novel

I Have A Divine Tree In My Heart

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    Other people earn points, gain skills and attributes after transmigration, while I end up planting trees?

    What’s the use of planting trees? I don’t want to be a gardener!

    Wait a minute, there seem to be a lot of special tree species in this world. There is the Bodhi Tree that brings enlightenment, the Big Locust Tree that controls life and death, the Mandala Flower that lures people to death, the Nine-World Tree that is the foundation of Nordic Mythology, the Kabbalah Tree of Life that describes the so-called path of man to God…

    The tree is me, and I am the tree. With the uncovering of increasingly new abilities, I would say it’s pretty amazing to plant trees!

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