I Got a Cheat and Moved to Another World, so I Want to Live as I Like

Chapter 32
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Chapter 32

Translator: “Karaage” Editor: “Weasalopes”

After enjoying my time with Explosive Onee-san, I left the store completely satisfied.

It is still evening outside and the evening glow is effulgent.

(Should I head back for today?)

Since I was satisfied and now in sage mode, I didn’t have the motivation to visit another store.

It’s been a long time since I head home so early.

(I’ll buy dinner on the way, and relax at home.)

So I bought pizza and salad and reach home.

The next morning.

It’s raining.

And it’s a rather strong one.

(Why is it raining just after the day when the evening glow can be seen?)

I’m not convinced. But this is a different world. The common sense from my original world would not apply here.

I was troubled because I won’t be able to travel since I didn’t have any rain gear.

(I can’t go outside.)

I can go out if I don’t mind getting drenched, but I was not that desperate to get out.

I spend my time reading the books I bought, cleaning and doing the laundry.

Luckily, the rain gradually weakened, and it was possible to go out without a rain gear before noon.

I quickly went out and headed to the shopping area in the east square and purchased sundries, consumables and also rain gear.

And now, while having lunch at a restaurant facing the square, I’m looking at the people going around the square. Young ladies mainly

(I see.)

With my magic eye active, I looked at the light circulation of the girls walking around.

The current condition and the sensitive parts of the girls are projected.

Since I am able to identify those who are near me, the targets are only those who pass by in front of me.

I am not engrossed in testing out this new ability.

(Wow! Wait a second lady! What is inside you?)

A well-dressed neat young lady, with her abdomen region shining a bright orange color passes by.

I reaffirm that people can’t be judged by their appearance.

As I continued to enjoy human watching, I was suddenly heavily hit with mental fatigue.

The projections from magic eye lose focus and disappear.

(Perhaps when using magic eye, something like MP is consumed?)

I can’t see my status, so I don’t know my level, HP and the total and remaining MP I had.

I’m not sure, but I felt intuitively that my current state was not cost by using too much MP.

Well, it’s not like there’s a number to indicate it in this world.

(I got carried away, and overused magic eye.)

I lightly reflected and went home carrying my shopping baggage.

Feeling tired, I took a nap as soon as I got home.

It was already evening when I wake up.

I feel that I just wasted a whole day.

But, when I think of myself in the original world, I would usually just sleep in like this during the holidays.

So, it’s fine when there were occasions like this.

And I also feel more refreshed, the mental fatigue I felt from before is not present anymore either.

(There’s something I do not understand about the active time of magic eye.)

That’s right.

Yesterday, I spent a total of 4 hours with Jimiko and Explosive Onee-san with the magic eye active.

But today, I was only able to keep it active for 20 minutes at most.

(Did my MP not recover last night?)

I didn’t have a reason, but it didn’t feel that way either.

(Was it because I kept changing targets?)

Yesterday, the targets were only Jimiko and Explosive Onee-san. So it may be possible.

(…Or is it the distance from the target?)

I feel that this may be the reason why.

Today, I was looking at people who were a little further away, and our eyes were not meeting.

Yesterday was literally a touching distance, and there were many times where our eyes met.

And as someone who has experienced it, when looking into the other person’s eyes or when touching their body, an abundance of precise information would flow out smoothly.

(Although I have to verify this, it’s best to limit the use of magic eye from now on.)

I thought to myself and head towards the red light district.

I walk along the main street of the red light district.

The street was bright, lively and full of energy.

Making it give off a nice ambience.

「Here, sir. Please be sure to visit us.」

An old guy is giving out flyers.

I looked at the flyer. It was an advertisement for a newly opened brothel. Today seem to be the opening day.

Also, it is written that for the next three days, a wonderful present can be won from the lottery the store’s having.

(It will surely be crowded right after opening.)

I thought.

(There’s no need to be impatient. Let’s go tomorrow when the number of customers have calm down.)

I put the flyer into my pocket and continued walking.

Time to time, from the main street I enter the back street to look for a store to enjoy today.

Then, a certain store caught my eye.

A beautiful building with two entrances that is completely isolated from each other.

The store with entrance on the left was named「Keni」and「Froy」on the right.

The reason it caught my eye was its sign board.

A huge signboard was hung over the entrance of both Keni and Froy.

The picture drawn on the signboard of Keni is a handsome young male elf winking and emitting a beam from his eyes.

On the other hand, Froy has a picture of a beautiful young female elf, dressed like a princess and emitting a beam from her armpit.

Both must have been drawn by the same person.

Also, the structure of both entrances was very similar.

Probably the owner of both the store is the same person, running two stores in the same building.

「Keni is for women and Froy for men.」

Looking at the customers going in and out, men who had a vulgar grin like me was coming in and out of froy.

And women like me with their nose stretched out slovenly were coming in and out from Keni.

「Um. There are brothels not only for men but for women as well.」

I am impressed. Like I thought, men and women are both equal.

The Law of Equal Opportunity in Employment.

Working at a brothel is well paid, and you can get yourself a status when working in a high class store. Such a good workplace should be open to men as well as women.

「But still elves, they really do exist,」

It’s a new encounter after a werewolf. My heart gets hotter from the taste of a different world.

「There’s no way not to play with an elf after coming to a fantasy world.」

I thought.

For dwarves, I’ll put away the thought of this away for now.

And I opened the door of Froy fill with excitement.


I was overwhelmed by the sight.

Elves wearing thin silk were sitting on the platform, dancing in the lobby and serving drinks as waitresses.

Other than long ears, elves have features such as a long and narrow face, thin and delicate body and long limbs just like the classics.

Since the elves were also working as waitresses, so I sat down on the sofa and order a drink and look at them for a while.

With one knee on the floor holding a tray, my iced coffee is served.

I took a small peek at her chest.

Even when noticing my line of sight, the waitress looks straight at my eyes with a smile on her face. She’s quite a beauty.

I had a sad habit of turning my face away whenever I met the gaze of a beautiful woman.

(I’m the customer, I’m the customer. There’s no need to be distracted just because I met my eyes with a girl in the store.)

Since coming to a different world, I have made an effort to correct this habit, but it still seems to be lingering.

Even so, despite this waitress young appearance, her eyes have a deep hue.

If it an elf, they may not look exactly their age. They are also said to be a long-lived race.

(As expected for the race known as『The Deep Ones』and『The Long Living Ones』)

I recalled the description of elves from a book I read recently. In addition to the elf name, they are called both the deep and long living ones.

I thought that it was an expression depicting the depth of their gaze and the longevity of their race.

In the book, it was described that elves look down on the human race, but so far I haven’t had such feelings.

Well, they are a long-lived race. I won’t be a surprise if they felt superior toward short-lived race.

According to the concierge, you can pick either the women on the platform, the waitresses or the women on the stage.

However, the waitresses are a little more expensive because some time is needed to prepare someone else to take her place.

I decided to pick the waitress who bought me the iced coffee.

Drinks for two people arrived in the room, and the time for two people starts.

Standing in front of the waitress, with both my hands I traced both her arms.

Looking straight into her eyes, I look at her light circulation.

(Even if you say an elf, they seem to be no different from humans.)

A dark red light slowly circulates. It’s the same as humans when in normal condition.

I took the clothes of the waitress off one by one while stroking her.

(The thin silk that the women on the platform and dancer wore is nice, but the waitresses dress is also great.)

I continued while thinking so.

The waitress light changes from dark red to bright red and into dark orange and the circulation gradually increase.

The waitress eyes shows colors depict as surprise and admiration.

However, as expected of a professional, she was prepared.

If it were an amateur, they would have one-sidedly feel pleasure and finished there, but that wouldn’t be counted as work.

She took action to pleasure me.

I was pushed down on the bed, is all this elves secret technique gained from experience, all her skills were cleverly executed.

I have to also step up on my grooming.

We latched onto each other while dashing out skills together.

As if we were having freestyle wrestling.

The waitress color temperature rises and circulation becomes faster. I have prepared her completely.

I can only faintly feel my color temperature and circulation, but I’m most likely the same. I was also prepared from the number of techniques that she used.

I who temporarily held the advantage, made a final blow.

Not a submission-based technique, but a strike using my center of gravity.

(This is it!)

I was confident.

However, a few moments later, that confidence was reversed.

The waitress while sweating raises her head, she was not yet defeated.


I am trembling and l look at her color temperature.


I understood the cause.

The light from the waitress abdomen was far above any of the other women I have seen so far, in other words it was deep inside.

And unfortunately my strike did not reach it.

An arrogant smile appears on the face of the waitress.

(You will never reach me.)

I felt as if I could hear the inner voice of the elf.

And, from the opening that was created from my shock, I was at once put in a reverse position.

After that, trying to get another strike in, I attacked using freestyle wrestling.

Putting one leg of the waitress on my shoulder and taking her from the back.

Even if it just a little, I tried to shorten the distance.

But there is no way this skilled waitress would permit such a disadvantageous position.

My techniques were reversed every time, and finally the mount position was taken, and I was squeezed plenty.

After losing to the waitress, I stood in front of Froy looking up at the signboard.

(The world is really wide.)

I’m reflecting on my self-confidence.

I was getting ahead of myself just because I had magic eye.

The world is not something I can face just by relying on my magic eye alone.

(Still, I am surprised by how deep the waitress is.)

It was indeed profound.


I am taken aback by my own words.

(Do the deep ones mean this? Not just the waitress but a trait possessed by the race?)

It’s not impossible.

And again I realize something and looked at the signboard of Keni.

(Than the long living ones means.)

If the female elves were 「The Deep Ones」, biologically speaking the male elves have to be 「The Long Living Ones」. Otherwise, it would be difficult for them to leave offspring.

I shiver with my thoughts.

(Elves, scary)

My shivering didn’t stop.

I think I learned one of the reasons why elves were such a huge existence in a fantasy world.

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