I Got a Cheat and Moved to Another World, so I Want to Live as I Like

I Got a Cheat, So I Want to Live as I Like Chapter 28
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I Got a Cheat, So I Want to Live as I Like Chapter 28

Translator: “Imouto_Hunter” Editor: “Weasalopes”

It’s morning. I woke up and opened my curtains. Outside, a tree’s abundant leaves were rustling in the wind and letting emerald-colored sunlight into my bedroom.

(…A tree?)

I opened the window and gazed out at my small rooftop garden. I had planted nine herb seedlings In the center of the thin, discolored rectangular patch of soil. It was a barren-looking garden. Now however, it was growing up to my knees and I couldn’t see a single spot of soil. In the center was a tree about two meters tall with healthy leaves growing from its many branches rustling in the wind. The leaves shone in a beautiful emerald green color, and I could smell the scent of fresh green leaves all the way to my room.


What’s this? What happened? My pink-colored brain cells worked over and over again to come up with something, and finally thought up a probable reason.

「Last night I got carried away and poured a high-rank potion onto the plants, then they started growing like crazy and covered the whole garden.」

I started talking and observing the situation in order to help calm myself.

「The plant that I poured my rank S potion on had broken away further from the others and had become a tree.」

What an incredible fantasy world. Overnight, my barren garden had become a small forest.

(Does it stand out? Is it strange? Will it be alright?)

I looked around at the building’s surroundings. It’ still early morning, so it looks like nobody’s noticed yet.

(Well, there’s nothing I can do about it now. I suppose I could cut them, but I’d feel bad for them after growing this much.)

If I look at it optimistically, it actually blends into the surroundings like this. That is, if you forget that it suddenly appeared overnight. Besides, I wanted an overflowing garden like this eventually. Even if not right away, I was planning on growing a tree. And above all, I’ve really taken a liking to this tree’s beauty.

(Those leaves are shining like jewels, I’ve never seen anything like it. As expected of this fantasy world.)

I left it like this for now.

After breakfast, I immediately returned to explore the garden. The grass overflowing from the garden was all medicinal herbs. Their height was 50 centimeters, and their leaves were thick and healthy. The seedlings were originally only five centimeters, so they’ve undergone an amazing growth. The tree was just a little taller than myself, and the trunk was about 10 centimeters circumference. The leaves were worthy of a special mention. They were growing like the hair on a person’s head, and each one was translucent and beautiful like a jewel.

(As expected, there’s no way I could cut such a beautiful tree. I can’t let it wither away either, so I’ll at least water it.)

Thinking that, I diluted some rank F potions with water and watered the plants.

(They were okay when I watered them yesterday with F rank potions mixed with water, so this amount should be fine.)

And like that, I spent the morning tending to my garden.

For lunch, I ate lobster at the lobby of Cassabell. I ate the same thing on my first day at the Royal Capital, so I wanted to try it again. The strong garlic sauce stimulated my appetite. I feel bad for the women, but they’ll have to forgive me. It’s just too delicious. I looked at the tiered platform while eating. While wondering who I should choose, I spotted that girl. She was a plain looking girl that I chose before. It looks like she’s still not that popular. It’s a shame, because she’s a good girl that’s kind and quiet. It might be good to choose her to see how much I’ve grown since that time. I also want to try out the massage techniques that I’ve learned. Let’s do that.

「Excuse me, I’d like to reserve that girl please.」

I told the concierge. It would have been fine to reserve her after eating, but the moment I thought of it I was overwhelmed with anxiety that someone would choose her before me. Good grief, I’m a cowardly man as usual.

The girl and I entered a room. She was quiet, kind, and plain, and her clothing and makeup reflected this. She had the atmosphere of a cute neighborhood girl. Plain-chan remembered me, and thanked me with her greeting. Now then, there is something on my mind. It didn’t occur to me this morning while with my garden, but I noticed it while waiting for my food at the lobby. It’s that feeling that I’ve felt before. The same as when I woke up in the inn at Awoke, I could feel as if a bunch of scattered knowledge was merging together and I could see things from a higher point of view than before, as if I leveled up. A feeling that I’ve gotten stronger without any reason.

Looking at the tiered platform from the lobby, I could see lines of light faintly circulating across the bodies of the girls. I could see them a lot more vividly on Plain-chan, probably because she was right in front of me.

「Let me touch you for a bit, okay?」

She probably remembered the last time where I did nothing but tease her, so she nodded her head shyly. I followed my hands along the slender lines of light flowing across her. Her reaction was incredible. She didn’t jump out let out a voice, but the color of the light changed from a dark red to a bright red, and the speed of circulation increased. Following the lines, I rubbed her gently. I understood the increasing weight of my actions on an unconscious level. I continued massaging her gently, and the light changed to a dark orange with bright orange in several places.

(For three centimeters in both of her armpits, the light was a bright orange color. Could this mean…?)

I used both my index fingers to push into the bright orange areas.



Plain-chan arched her back in shock. The colors of light changed at once, becoming stronger. The bright orange parts changed to a dark yellow.

(I knew it!)

I was excited at my newfound power.

(This ability lets me see the ideal points on my partner in real time.)

As someone giving massages, this is an ability I desperately wanted. I can visualize where the best places to massage are. I happily continued to gently massage the orange and yellow parts of Plain-chan.

Her eyes lost focus, and the pit of her stomach shined bright yellow. I sensed that the time had come, and so I finished the final preparations. I got out of the bed away from Plain-chan, removed my clothes, folded them and neatly put them aside. I bowed deeply before her, took a big breath in, and ran forward before taking a giant leap towards her.


While screaming, I dived on her.

I drank coffee at a cafe near the plaza. Ahh, that was delicious. Freshly made and piping hot. If I were to compare her to food, Plain-chan is a home-cooked meal. It can’t compare to something from a restaurant, but it has its own warmth and sense of security. After we were finished, her face was red and she wouldn’t look me in the eye. It was very cute. And like that, I was able to learn things about Plain-chan that weren’t plain at all. I was fairly surprised.

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