I Deliver Food in a Lamborghini

I Deliver Food in a Lamborghini

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    Nan Ge had been thinking about trading her Lamborghini for another car, but she seemed unable to pool more than a few grand together.

    Nonetheless, as she cajoled and sweet-talked, her brother found her a great job that was brimming with a sense of responsibility: Galactic Guardians of the Stomach, otherwise known as food delivery service.

    But on the first day of the job, as she drove on with much grit and resolve against the snow, she arrived at the luxury district, making a delivery to Shen Yanqing.


    Shen Yanqing was a legendary magnate in Huai City, but he tended to keep a low profile.

    Partners often described him as a cool deity with a kind appearance — affable on the outside, but utterly ruthless in reality.

    Nonetheless, he met a girl he thought well of at their first meeting.

    He thought there was no chance for them to meet again, but one day, he opened his door to find her familiar figure standing outside.

    “Good evening, Mr. Shen! I am a delivery person from Irelyn’s Diner. Have a pleasant meal!”

    Shen Yanqing presumed her to be a poor student working part-time to pay for her tuition fees, which was why he kept giving her business...

    Until one day, he needed to leave the house but his car broke down.

    After she found out that he had something important to do, she exclaimed, “I have a car!”

    Shen Yanqing was wondering how he was going to turn down a ride on her electric scooter, only to see her whip out her car keys and press a button.

    Nearby, the lights of a Lamborghini worth five hundred grand flashed. “Why are you spacing out? Get in!” “...”

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