I Created A Dungeon In A Cultivation World

Chapter 146 146: Ghorm Vs Alix
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Alix's grief morphing into a burning rage, turned his fiery gaze toward Ghorm. His voice trembled with anger as he spoke through gritted teeth.

"You heartless monster!" Alix growled. "Leon may be gone, but his sacrifice will be remembered. You underestimate the bonds we forged in such a short time. We experienced life and death together and fought side by side. You will pay for your arrogance."

Alix's body trembled with an intense fury as his eyes turned a fiery shade of red. A surge of power coursed through his veins, causing him to grow taller and his muscles to bulge with newfound strength. He entered his berserk mode, a manifestation of his uncontrollable anger that made him twice as powerful as before. Flames danced and flickered around his body, mirroring the inferno within him.

Ghorm, taken aback by the sudden transformation, felt a tinge of unease creep into his gut. He had seen the devastating effects of Alix's berserk mode before, and he knew the sheer destructive force it unleashed. Still, he couldn't resist taunting Alix further.

"You think your anger makes you strong?" Ghorm scoffed, his voice laced with mockery. "But in the end, it will consume you just like it did your friend."

Alix's voice boomed with an otherworldly intensity, a mix of fury and grief intertwining in his words. "I'll make you regret every word you speak. Prepare to face the full extent of my wrath!"

With a primal roar, Alix charged towards Ghorm, his flames burning brighter and fiercer than ever. The ground beneath him quaked as he unleashed a devastating wave of fire monkey techniques. The flames danced and twisted, taking the shape of fiery serpents that coiled around his fists.

Ghorm's grin faded, replaced by a flicker of concern. He had underestimated Alix's power, and now he faced a formidable opponent. The hobgoblin leader swiftly summoned earth shields to protect himself, but Alix's berserk form proved too overwhelming.

Alix's strikes landed with bone-crushing force, his fiery fists tearing through the earth shields as if they were made of paper. Each impact sent shockwaves rippling through the chamber, shattering rocks and causing the ground to tremble.

Ghorm retaliated, using his earth techniques to conjure massive boulders and hurl them at Alix. But the berserk warrior's heightened reflexes allowed him to dodge and deflect the projectiles with incredible speed. His movements were wild and erratic, fueled by an untamed rage that made him unpredictable.

"Is that the best you've got, bastard!?" Alix bellowed, his voice reverberating through the chamber. "I'll show you the true power of my berserk form!"

Ghorm manipulated the earth beneath him, causing jagged spikes to erupt from the ground. They aimed to impale Alix, but the berserk warrior's heightened senses allowed him to evade the deadly traps with lightning-fast reflexes. He moved with an almost animalistic grace, his berserk form enhancing his physical abilities to an extraordinary degree.

With a burst of speed, Alix lunged at Ghorm, his flaming fists striking the ground and creating a shockwave that rippled through the chamber. Earthquakes followed in his wake as he closed the distance between them with blinding speed.

Ghorm, relying on his earth cultivation techniques, erected a dense wall of rock to shield himself from Alix's relentless assault. But Alix's berserk form knew no bounds. He smashed through the rock barrier like a raging firestorm, his fists leaving trails of scorching flames in their wake.

Ghorm's confidence wavered as Alix's onslaught intensified. The sheer power behind each strike threatened to shatter his defenses. Desperate to regain control of the battle, Ghorm channeled his earth cultivation to summon massive boulders that rained down upon Alix.

But Alix's berserk form cared little for self-preservation. He barrelled through the falling boulders, shrugging off their impact as if they were mere pebbles. With an explosive burst of energy, he closed the distance between himself and Ghorm once again, his fists becoming a blazing blur of fury.

Their clash sent shockwaves reverberating through the chamber, causing the very ground beneath them to quake. Alix's berserk mode granted him an unprecedented level of strength, but it came at a cost. The loss of control grew more evident with each passing moment, and even Alix could feel himself slipping further into a primal state of rage.

As the battle raged on, Alix's attacks grew wild and unpredictable. Flames erupted in all directions, scorching the surroundings and threatening to engulf everything in their path. Ghorm, struggling to keep up with the berserk onslaught, found himself on the defensive, desperately evading Alix's relentless assault.

The cavern trembled under the weight of their clash, and cracks formed in the once solid walls. The sheer force of their battle threatened to bring the entire structure crashing down around them. Yet, Alix's berserk mode showed no signs of relenting, fueling his attacks with an unyielding determination.

In the midst of the chaos, Alix's mind fought to regain control. He knew that if he continued down this path, he risked losing himself entirely. But the thirst for vengeance, the need to avenge his fallen comrade, clouded his judgment.

Ghorm, battered and bloodied, could sense Alix's struggle. He seized the opportunity to exploit the berserker's waning control, launching a devastating counterattack.

Ghorm, his voice laced with a hint of triumph, taunted Alix further. "Your anger has blinded you, fool. Your berserk form may grant you power, but it also robs you of reason. You are nothing but a mindless beast now, driven by a thirst for revenge."

Alix, his mind clouded by fury and grief, struggled to regain control. Deep within his berserk state, a small flicker of self-awareness emerged. He fought against the overwhelming rage, desperately trying to find a sliver of reason.

With a final surge of willpower, Alix managed to break free from the grip of his berserk mode, the flames around him subsiding. His eyes, no longer glowing red, refocused with a newfound clarity.

Ghorm, caught off guard by Alix's sudden shift, attempted to unleash another wave of earth techniques. But Alix, now in control of his senses, swiftly countered with a combination of his fire monkey techniques and his newly regained composure.

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