I Can Track Everything

Chapter 349: Sandstorm City
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Chapter 349: Sandstorm City

Translator: Dragon Boat Translation Editor: Dragon Boat Translation

Seeing this, Chen Chen had no choice but to put off the idea of eating that demonic beast.

It wasn’t easy to see humans and demons getting along harmoniously with each other so he thought that he shouldn’t ruin it.

As for the Sand Eagle, he did not strike it with the intentions to kill it. Thus the injuries it sustained weren’t serious. Otherwise, he would have used the Omni Divine Blade instead of the sandstones.

“It’s a pity I lost my storage ring, otherwise I wouldn’t be lacking this meager amount of spiritual energy.”

Chen Chen sighed.

Before ascending, he had given away the vast majority of his assets but he kept a small stash for himself. Yet, it was now gone too...

“Girl, what’s your name? Where are you from?”


Since he decided to wait for the demonic beast to wake up, Chen Chen stopped being impatient and begun chatting with the young girl in yellow. At the same time, he tried to find out more about this so-called upper realm.

At the same time, he took out half of the spiritual energy that he had just recovered and used it to shake the dust and sand off his body.

Soon, his handsome and dashing appearance was fully revealed.

Although the young girl in yellow remained vigilant, she nevertheless answered, “My name is Huang Li and I’m from Sandstorm City. How about you, Fellow Daoist?”

“I’m Chen Chen, a cultivator from Wufeng City.”

Chen Chen blurted.

Huang Li nodded. Although she had never heard of Wufeng City before, she didn’t have any suspicions.

The vast desert was hundreds of thousands of miles long and shockingly large. There were too many cities around so it was normal that she had not heard of it.

After some small talk.

Chen Chen generally understood the girl’s situation.

She was from a declining family in Sandstorm City, which was best at nurturing Sand Eagles.

The Sand Eagle was one of the few demonic beasts that could cross the vast desert and sea.

Huang Li’s family started building their empire by trading Sand Eagles with the people in the cities across the desert, but later on, they received a large order but there was a hiccup and many members of the family and Sand Eagles vanished in the vast desert, resulting in the decline of the family.

Chen Chen also learned that the mainstream cultivators in this upper world were native cultivators. Ascended cultivators like him were very rare.

Void Refinement realm cultivators were considered experts in this realm and the girl in front of him had never met any before.

The most impressive person she knew was her grandfather, who was an Essence Soul realm cultivator.

“Ah, my grandfather is a Essence Soul realm expert, how could he be lost in this desert? He must have met a powerful enemy halfway, or maybe, he has met the True Spirit Heavenly Scorpion of the vast desert.”

Huang Li began sobbing as she spoke.

If her family hadn’t fallen, she would have never dared to traverse the dessert, especially since she was just a cultivator of the Core Formation realm.

Now, Ash, her greatest reliance, was still unconscious. The thought of it made her even more miserable.

“By the way... Fellow Daoist, how did you enter this great desert alone without any supplies?”

Huang Li looked at Chen Chen and asked, in a bid to get some comfort from him.

Chen Chen thought about it and said bitterly, “I was assassinated by a friend. Ah, let’s not mention this.”

Hearing this, Chen Chen thought about some tragic stories about betrayal in the human race and immediately felt much better.

Although he was good-looking, his situation wasn’t any better than hers!

If she hadn’t met him, he might have died in the vast desert!

With this in mind, she took the initiative to comfort, “Fellow Daoist, don’t be too sad, there are no hurdles in life that you can’t overcome...”

Before she finished speaking, the Sand Eagle next to her suddenly moved, and then slowly opened its eyes.


A few moments later...

Chen Chen also sat on the back of the Sand Eagle. Although it looked feeble, it flew rather quickly and the more amazing thing was that although it didn’t have any divine senses, it could easily identify its direction in the desert. That was much stronger than the parrot he once rode.

Looking at Huang Li, who had completely let her guard down, Chen Chen smiled indifferently.

The first impression that others would form about someone is not based on their cultivation level but their appearance. Only with a good appearance, can they pass through all realms.

He dare be that if he had a hideous appearance and scars all over his face, Huang Li probably wouldn’t have brought him away even if he forced her to.

He realized that he couldn’t blame some rugged people for having boorish means. In fact, it’s because the world is prejudiced against them, and over time, they develope a style of acting that matches their appearance.

“Fellow Daoist, what level of cultivation have you reached? To be honest, I thought you were going to die after being smashed because we’re the same age but I didn’t expect that you would recover as usual now.”

Huang Li asked casually while smoothing Ash’s hair.

“I’m at the peak of the Void Refinement realm,” Chen Chen casually replied.

Huang Li covered her mouth and giggled. “Hehe, in that case, you should call me Senior. I’m actually an immortal in this world, I can easily kill ten cows with one punch.”

Chen Chen smiled without saying anything.

“Chen Chen, do you have any relatives in the world, or a force to which you belong?”

Huang Li continued to ask.

“No.” Chen Chen replied despondently.

At this moment, he was truly alone in this world. If he couldn’t return in the future or his family were to be unable to ascend to this realm, it would be as good as dying.

Hearing this answer, Huang Li immediately became interested. She said happily, “How about you join our family? We may have declined but we still have some assets in Sandstorm City and I’ve also brought a lot of...”

At this point, Huang Li immediately stopped. Only then did she realize that she had revealed too much to Chen Chen whom she had only met for about two hours, especially the fact that she didn’t bring a large amount of goods.

Huang Li stuck her tongue out,in hopes that Chen Chen wouldn’t be able to guess what she wanted to say next. At the same time, she subconsciously hugged Ash tighter.

Although Ash was usually responsible for transport and was now sick, it was still stronger than Huang Li since its cultivation level was at the Nascent Soul realm after all.

Chen Chen looked at Huang Li’s back and shook his head slightly.

‘This girl has probably been living a sheltered life since she was a child. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have revealed her background to strangers, especially in such a shabby and remote place.’

Fortunately, she had met a decent gentleman like Chen Chen. If she were to meet a crook, her outcome would have been worse.

However... it’s difficult to even meet a person in such a desert.


Before they knew it, Ash had already flown for an entire day and green gradually began to appear within his line of sight.

Chen Chen had also sensed a trace of spiritual energy between heaven and earth.

Afterwards, the green intensified and the spiritual energy became denser and denser. However,it was far from reaching his needs.

Soon, a large city enveloped by a defense formation entered the scope of his divine senses.

This big city was yellow in color and it seemed to have been built from sandstones of the desert. It appeared rather desolate against the surrounding environment and it should have dated back to a long time ago.

“Sandstorm City! We’re here!”

Huang Li pointed at the Sandstorm City and exclaimed loudly while Ash let out a roar of joy before landing slowly in front of the city.

There were two guards standing in front of the city, and they both smiled heartily when they saw Ash and Huang Li, but after seeing Chen Chen, their expressions became wary.

“Sirs, I picked him up from the Great Desert and he shouldn’t be a crook. Do some good and let him into the city. He has now joined our Sand Eagle Clan and is a cultivator of our clan!”

Huang Li pleaded after seeing the look of the two guards.

Seeing that Chen Chen was young, the guards hesitated for a moment before nodding and opening the formation passage.

Chen Chen felt dejected when he saw the guards.

One was a human, the other was a standard demon.

In the midst of his divine sense investigation, there was a large number of various other races in the Sandstorm City and he reckoned that less than 10% of them were humans.

However, regardless of race, none of them had the intention to fight as soon as they met. It seemed that they had gotten used to this environment.

‘If the mortal world can be like this, there wouldn’t be a need for war.’

Chen Chen said in his heart, and then followed Huang Li and the Sand Eagle, Ash, to Sandstorm City.

After ascension, he was now officially in contact with this world.


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