I Can Enhance My Talents Using Unlimited Skill Points

Chapter 248 - Shrine (II)
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Chapter 248: Shrine (II)

The range of the explosion was about three kilometers, and the shock wave formed directly rushed into Kobe City. The doors and windows of countless houses shattered into pieces.

Kobe City was naturally in chaos. There were people shouting everywhere. Countless police officers were on the streets to maintain order, but they could not control the fear brought about by the explosion in the distance.

This level of explosion was the limit of conventional weapons that were not nuclear weapons.

The aftershock of the explosion lasted for nearly 10 minutes before dissipating.

On the charred ground, everything was evaporated by the high temperature. It was no different from a wasteland, but two figures still remained standing.

They were Chen Yiming and Asou Nishiko, who had survived the explosion.


Asou Nishiko’s voice was still trembling when she spoke.

Although she had relied on her innate spiritual communication talent to nurture a spirit whose strength exceeded her own level, she was ultimately not one of the core members of the Asou clan.

She did not know about the plan to self-destruct and take the enemy down with them.

“Let’s go. We’ll stay in Kobe City.”

Chen Yiming glanced at his surroundings and made the arrangements.


The strength of his protective internal force and his recuperative ability also far exceeded Asou Kazuo’s imagination. Even though he was at the center of the explosion, he was still unharmed.

There was no need to look for the remaining spirit of the Asou clan. If they dared to cause a self-destructive explosion, the sacrificial spirit would definitely have been transferred away in advance.

Moreover, Chen Yiming couldn’t let others think that he had been killed by the explosion. Otherwise, the number of spirits in the shrine might not meet his expectations.

As the limousine had long since been destroyed in the explosion, Chen Yiming had no choice but to carry Asou Nishiko and travel to Kobe City on foot.

Along the way, investigators from Kobe City kept appearing one to two kilometers away. After comparing the photos, these people could not help but feel a chill run down their spines.

The Asou clan might not be based in Kobe City, but they were the foundation of the city’s defense against foreign invaders.

Now that their strongest support had fallen and the man who was like a death god was heading towards Kobe City, how could their imaginations not run wild?

As for getting someone to stop the other party, no one dared to risk their lives. Even the higher-ups of Kobe City did not dare to give such an order.

10 minutes later, Chen Yiming and Asou Nishiko entered Kobe City openly.

“Master, this is Kobe beef. It’s taken from the body of a bull-type mutant beast.”

Beside the hot spring, Asou Nishiko was kneeling with a plate in her hand.

Enjoying the hot springs was a part of Japanese culture. Since Chen Yiming was here, he wouldn’t miss the opportunity to enjoy it.

At this moment, there were only a few service staff left in the hot spring villa. Chen Yiming had temporarily taken over this territory.

“How’s the situation outside?” after tasting the Kobe beef, Chen Yiming asked.

The reason why he stayed in Kobe City was to give the factions in this region some time to react.

“I’ve already followed Master’s instructions and released the news about the extermination of the sacrificial spirits. Most of the factions in Kobe City have taken action and transferred a portion of their spirits to the shrine.

As for the other cities in this region, they are still at the stage of discussion. They are all waiting to see if Master will continue to make a move,” Asou Nishiko replied.

“It seems that the Asou clan alone isn’t enough.”

Chen Yiming nodded.

Living with the sacrificial spirit was an extremely cruel thing for the female host. By wiping out the entire Asou clan, it looked like he was taking revenge for Asou Nishiko.

“Master, those spirits will also devour each other. Therefore, many clans have concerns about whether to transfer the spirits to the shrine,” Asou Nishiko explained.

There were strong and weak spirits, and they were all led by their unstable emotions. Although transferring the spirits to the shrine could help them to work together to deal with the enemy, if they were not careful, the other factions may take advantage of them.

It had to be known that the main food for spirits were the souls of mutant beasts. Hunting the mutant beasts and bringing them back alive to the clan required a lot of manpower and resources.

Therefore, every spirit was extremely precious. Losing one represented the loss of several years or even more than 10 years of hard work.

“That’s easy. I’ll help them with this multiple-choice question.”

Chen Yiming’s eyes narrowed as he smiled.

In the end, the pressure he had put on them was not enough. He had to let the Japanese factions understand his true target.

The steam from the hot spring covered the surroundings with a layer of white fog, making it look like a paradise on earth.

At this moment, Asou Nishiko’s fair legs stepped down the steps into the hot spring.

The white towel wrapped around her body suddenly loosened, revealing her fair and smooth collarbone. Her body was pressed against Chen Yiming’s, and he could see her curves clearly.

“Master, let me serve you,” Asou Nishiko leaned over and whispered into Chen Yiming’s ear.

Previously, she had been a little worried that Chen Yiming wouldn’t be a match for the entire Asou clan. However, the Asou clan had been crushed, even their plan that was saved as the last resort was useless.

This nearly invincible power fascinated Asou Nishiko. Women were already easily subdued by powerful men, and now, she could not survive without being by Chen Yiming’s side.

Besides, Chen Yiming was her benefactor, who had allowed her to escape the shackles of the sacrificial spirit.

What happened next was that Chen Yiming happily accepted Asou Nishiko’s service.

In an instant, water splashed everywhere in the hot spring, and the fog became even thicker.

That night, the Ishikawa clan in the neighboring city was attacked by an intruder.

Under the gazes of everyone present, Chen Yiming killed their sacrificial spirit that was at the peak of the warrior realm. As for the members of the Ishikawa clan, he ignored them and quickly left after killing the spirit.

The requirement for upgrading his swordsmanship talent decreased by 100 Skill Points again.

Although the Ishikawa clan and the Asou clan were of the same level, their overall strength was much weaker. They only had one sacrificial spirit that was at the peak of the warrior realm.

However, it was also a large clan that had established its own territory. That spirit at the peak of the warrior realm was the result of decades of hard work of the Ishikawa clan, but it had turned into nothing overnight.

Coupled with the news that Asou Nishiko had deliberately spread, the martial arts factions in the region around Osaka City finally stopped holding onto the hope that they would be lucky enough to not be attacked.

The first target of this expert who had crossed the sea from the Daxia Kingdom was the Asou clan, and the second was the Ishikawa clan. Which clan was the third target?

The leaders of the numerous factions gathered together to discuss a solution.

As Chen Yiming had displayed combat strength close to the master realm, no one dared to approach him even if he openly stayed in Kobe City.

At the altar of the shrine, “The sacrificial spirit of the Ishikawa clan was also killed,” an old man with a slightly hunched figure muttered to himself.

Matsumoto Shigejiro was the head priest of the shrine, and he was in charge of managing the spirits placed here. He had once been the emperor’s personal bodyguard. Not only was he powerful, but he also had connections among the upper echelons of the entire nation of Japan.

“Head Priest, the Asou clan and the Ishikawa clan are both top factions in Japan. From the information gathered from all sources, not only the Ishikawa clan, but the Asou clan was also completely unable to fight back.

The combat strength that person displayed has already exceeded the limits of the peak of the warrior realm. Could he really be a martial master from the Daxia Kingdom?” a middle-aged man in front of Matsumoto Shigejiro asked.

Fukuda Ryoji was a priest at the shrine. He had been sent out by the head priest, Matsumoto Shigejiro, to gather information.

Although Chen Yiming had displayed invincible combat strength, was he really in the master realm? Even the head priest couldn’t be sure. After all, Chen Yiming looked too young.

There were two people in the Daxia Kingdom’s who were at the master realm, one in the south and the other in the north. The true core higher-ups of Japan knew about them, and it just so happened that the head priest knew about them.

Every martial arts master was tasked with guarding their country. It was impossible for them to leave behind the matters of the Daxia Kingdom and cross the sea to find trouble with the Japanese for a small matter like the sacrificial spirits.

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