I Can Cultivate With One Click

Chapter 5
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Chapter 5: The Legendary Martial Arts of the Divine Firmament Temple

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

The second type was to join the army.

In the army, there would be instructors teaching martial arts.

These martial arts were decisive, fierce, and powerful. They were suitable for solo combat and combat on the battlefield.

It was easy to obtain. The only drawback was that these martial arts were too simple. Even if one cultivated them to the highest level, they would not be able to dominate the world.

Moreover, the age of Lin Qi’s body had already exceeded the age of joining the army.

Therefore, this idea was eliminated by Lin Qi.

The last method was to learn in a martial arts academy.

Because martial arts were flourishing and the whole people valued martial arts, there were martial arts academies everywhere.

Some of these martial arts academies were real, and some were fake. Some of them were just purely for show. The martial arts taught by them looked very good, but they were just for show and did not have any lethality in reality.

At best, they were just for good-looking gymnastics.

However, there were also genuine martial arts academies. These martial arts academies were extremely strict in accepting disciples and were very particular about the talent of the students. However, they were much more lenient compared to the schools.

However, to join a martial arts academy to study, one had to pay a high tuition fee.

The current Lin Qi couldn’t afford it.

That gave Lin Qi a slight headache.

This guy was doing too badly.

In fact, it was not because this middle-aged man was doing too badly. Although his previous job was average, he had some savings over the years, but they were all spent on Jiang Miaomiao.

In the end, the money was spent, and she was gone.

Now, he only had a few hundred yuan on him, and he could not even afford next month’s rent.

“There’s no need to think about the school and the army. I have no money…for the academy.”

Lin Qi held his chin, his eyes twinkling as he thought about what he should do.

“According to the latest report, the opening of the thousand-year-old ‘The Divine Firmament Temple’ in this city is today. Many local and foreign tourists have come to visit The Divine Firmament Temple to see the splendor of the thousand-year-old Taoist temple.”

At this moment, the television was broadcasting a news message.

The Divine Firmament Temple?

Lin Qi’s eyes lit up.

The Divine Firmament Temple was a thousand-year-old Daoist temple with a history of more than a thousand years. Not only that, but The Divine Firmament Temple was also a famous Daoist sect in ancient times. It was rumored that the founder of the Divine Firmament Temple was a land immortal.

However, the martial arts heritage of the Divine Firmament Temple had destroyed hundreds of years ago due to the flames of war. Since then, it had declined and become a tourist attraction.

However, a piece of inscription from hundreds of years ago was still retained in the Divine Firmament Temple’s backyard.

Apart from being interested in the thousand-year-old Daoist temple, these tourists also hoped to obtain the martial arts heritage from the Divine Firmament Temple’s inscription.

However, no one had gained anything from the inscription.

“Why not go to the Divine Firmament Temple and take a look?”

Lin Qi made up his mind and decided to go to the Divine Firmament Temple.

Just because others could not learn anything from the inscriptions in the Divine Firmament Temple did not mean that he could not. After all, he was a man with a system.

A moment later, Lin Qi, who had shaved off his mustache in front of the mirror, turned back into a handsome man.

Lin Qi’s body was originally very handsome. However, he had become dispirited after being hit by reality repeatedly.

Moreover, due to his age, he still had a mature temperament. He was simply a handsome middle-aged uncle.

Lin Qi immediately hailed a cab and rushed to the Divine Firmament Temple.

The Divine Firmament Temple was currently filled with tourists. There were even some foreigners who had come because of their fame.

When Lin Qi stepped into the Divine Firmament Temple, he immediately attracted the attention of many people.

Lin Qi was only wearing a set of simple casual clothes. However, he had short black hair, a tall and straight figure, a handsome facial feature, and a slightly weathered gaze. His entire body exuded an indescribable temperament, causing the tourists in the Divine Firmament Temple to glance at him. They even held their breath.

The originally noisy Divine Firmament Temple instantly became much quieter.

Especially some young girls’ eyes shone when they saw Lin Qi.

To these young girls, Lin Qi was their favorite type of handsome uncle, and he was even more handsome than the actors in the TV series.

Therefore, many of the young girls screamed in excitement. They even ran to Lin Qi, intending to ask for his contact information and social media account.

“I’m sorry. I don’t have a phone.”

Lin Qi just smiled and casually found an excuse to reject these girls. Then, he walked straight to the backyard of the Divine Firmament Temple.

Of course, that did not mean that Lin Qi was not tempted by these young and beautiful girls. It was just that this was a reincarnation world. After all, all of this was in the blink of an eye. He would leave after the reincarnation. He couldn’t stay.

Moreover, the most important thing now was to learn the Divine Firmament Temple’s martial arts as soon as possible so that he could achieve great achievements in this world. That way, he could become a reincarnator.

The girls who were rejected did not get angry. On the contrary, they were even more excited.

“Ah…This uncle is too different from the rest. He doesn’t have a cell phone.”

“No wonder this uncle has a celibate aura. It’s very likely that he’s usually addicted to academic research and has no interest in cell phones. He’s too handsome after falling in love.”

“Although I didn’t get his contact details, it’s worth it to see such a handsome uncle in the world.”

“From the looks of it, the boy around me is too ugly... Ugh.”

All of them looked as if they wanted to eat Lin Qi up as they excitedly stomped their long and fair calves.

In the backyard.

It was still a sea of people.

Because the Divine Firmament Temple did not usually receive tourists, only these three days of the year were open to the public.

That resulted in a large number of tourists.

Under a thick and knotted pine tree, there were three stone tablets with ancient characters engraved on them.

Everyone could understand the characters here, but no one understood what they meant when they were in a sentence.

Not to mention these tourists, even martial arts experts who had been here for hundreds of years, had visited the Divine Firmament Temple and browsed the three stone tablets.

In the end, they all shook their heads and left with a sigh.

They even concluded that the three face stone tablets did not record any martial arts heritage, but only the Daoist scriptures of the Divine Firmament Temple.

Beside the stone tablet stood a young Taoist priest.

When he saw Lin Qi walk over, he reminded him softly, “Sir, you can only stay in front of the stone tablet for a few minutes. After a few minutes, please leave on your will.”

Lin Qi nodded, but he was not angry.

It was not that the young Taoist priest did not like him, but too many tourists came to view the stone tablet. If everyone stayed and did not leave, the backyard would be overcrowded. There was no room for so many people.

The tourists behind could not see the so-called inheritance stone tablets either.

Lin Qi did not waste any time and quickly looked at the stone tablets.

Other than the words on the stone tablets, there were also some strange patterns.

“For unto everyone that hath shall be given, and he shall have abundance...”

Lin Qi’s eyes were fast, and he quickly finished reading the contents of the three face stone tablets.

After reading it, Lin Qi frowned.

He did not understand what the words on the stone tablets meant at all.

Beside him, the others also had puzzled expressions on their faces.

“Please leave after reading them.”

Seeing this, the young Taoist priest expressionlessly made a hand gesture, but he was sneering in his heart.

He had seen many of these tourists.

They all came to the Divine Firmament Temple to look at these stone tablets, hoping to obtain the inheritance of the Divine Firmament Temple.

Even he, a Daoist child who had grown up in the Divine Firmament Temple, had not gained anything from looking at these stone monuments every day.

Just these tourists, all of them were in a daze. How could they hope to gain anything?

At this moment, a system notification sounded in Lin Qi’s mind.

“Ding! Cultivation technique, ‘Scripture of the Thunder Monarch’ detected. Host, do you wish to learn it?”

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