I Can Cultivate With One Click

Chapter 19
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Chapter 19: Who is that Person?

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

“Hmph, I am in charge of the Song family.”

“I speak for the entire Nancheng City.”

“I’m also a Precelestial Realm expert.”

“I plotted in the Nancheng City 15 years earlier than Lin Qi and accumulated endless wealth and power.”

“Lin Qi, what do you have to fight me with?”

“It’s not your fault that you’re poor. Your fault is that you had to offend me.”

“I’ll let you know what regret and pain are.”

“Hahaha, I won’t let you off even if you kneel on the ground and beg me for mercy like a dog when I revenge.”

“You should think of the consequences when you dared to offend me!”

A maniacal smile appeared on Song Tianming’s face, and his expression was ferocious.

The joints of his hands were cracking under his pressure, and veins were popping out of his thick arms.

Song Tianming seemed to see Lin Qi’s bones being crushed by him, begging for mercy in front of him.

After venting a little, Song Tianming came to the hall where the banquet was.

The engagement ceremony was about to begin.

In the elevator.

Lin Qi smiled.

He had long sensed Song Tianming’s existence.

He was an Earth Immortal, and he could make others not notice him. They would not be able to see him even if he walked in front of others.

He deliberately revealed a trace of his aura just now.

Song Tianming was able to notice Lin Qi’s appearance, and he became alert.

It was to provoke Song Tianming’s reaction.

Song Tianming would think that he happened to appear in Nancheng City, and he planned to arrange for people to catch him after the engagement ended.

But he just happened to appear at his engagement ceremony.

At that time, he would ask Song Tianming whether he was surprised or not.

In the wedding banquet hall.

Song Tianming walked in with a smile on his face.

He was the main character of the wedding banquet, so he deliberately restrained his arrogant attitude that day.

He thought that once he appeared, he would receive the attention of everyone present, causing countless women from wealthy families to scream.

However, when he arrived at the hall.

He was surprised to find that everyone’s gaze was focused on another person.

Song Tianming subconsciously looked at that person.

He was shocked when he saw the person’s appearance.

“That man...”

Song Tianming saw an extremely handsome man with an extraordinary temperament.

He stood there casually, but it was as if he was at the center of the world, attracting everyone’s attention.


That word naturally appeared in Song Tianming’s mind.

That’s right.

Only the word immortal could describe the man in front of him.

The man had a temperament away from the materialist world, and his entire body emitted an indescribable charm, giving people the feeling of a fallen immortal.

Everyone was infected by the charm, and they didn’t even dare to breathe loudly, deeply afraid of disturbing the man.

“There’s such a person in this world...”

Song Tianming was secretly shocked.

He had been reincarnated in this world for fifteen years, and he had seen all kinds of people, but he had never seen such a person.

The appearance was secondary. The key was the other person’s temperament, which gave people a feeling of being detached from the world.

Such a person was rare even in the origin world.

“This person’s bearing is simply comparable to a high-level reincarnator!”

“Could it be that he is the Child of Fate in this world?”

Song Tianming couldn’t help but guess in his heart.

The Child of Fate was the person in this world who had great luck. He was exceptionally lucky, and he would succeed no matter what he did.

Moreover, he didn’t need to spend much effort to achieve something that others would never be able to achieve in their lifetime. That kind of person was the Child of Fate.

In the academy of the origin world, it was said that.

The otherworld would give birth to the Child of Fate.

These Children of Fate were loved by the Heavens and Earth.

Even if the reincarnators relied on their advanced consciousness, it would be difficult for them to resist the Child of Fate.

Therefore, when they met the Child of Fate, the reincarnators had to be on good terms with them and lick their boots.

If they were unlucky enough to offend the Child of Fate, they would be going against this world. It was best to find a place to hide. Otherwise, there would be unimaginable consequences.

Although Song Tianming was conceited, he was not stupid.

Although Song Tianming was a little unhappy that the man had stolen his limelight, he did not mind lowering himself and getting to know him if the man in front of him was the Child of Fate.

The man who was like a fallen immortal was Lin Qi.

Just as Song Tianming was about to go up and get to know Lin Qi, his expression suddenly froze.

Two gorgeous women were fawning over him as if they were trying to curry favor with him. They surrounded him and even served him tea.

These two women were Song Tianming’s secretaries.

To be precise, they were Song Tianming’s lovers.

There would be waiters responsible for serving the guests at a banquet like this in the Nancheng City Hotel. They could satisfy all the guests’ needs.

The two women did not need to serve him.

But now, his women were serving another man?

They even had a flattering look on their face.

Song Tianming’s heart was filled with anger at once.

The other guests also had shocked and incredulous expressions.

They all knew the identities of these two women.

They were Song Tianming’s women.

Now, they even dared to serve another man at Song Tianming’s wedding banquet.

What would the background of that man be?

Everyone in Nancheng City knew the consequences of betraying Song Tianming. These two women would not dare to betray Song Tianming even if they were given all courage in the world.

Therefore, they thought that all of this was deliberately arranged by Song Tianming.

It was difficult to make Song Tianming treat someone like that.

The man was not an ordinary person.

These people were all upper-class people in Nancheng City. Although they were not as powerful as the Song family, they still had a lot of power. However, none of them knew Lin Qi, and they could not even find out his identity.

Immediately, the guests below started to guess Lin Qi’s identity.

Song Tianming was about to flare up, but then he thought about it.

That man looked so extraordinary. If he was the Child of Fate in this world...

Then why not give these two women to Lin Qi.

It would be a great opportunity to get to know him.

If not...

Song Tianming’s eyes narrowed, and a cold killing intent emerged.

He would not hesitate to take care of these two women and Lin Qi.

After calming himself down.

Song Tianming began to greet some noble guests.

Half an hour later.

The engagement ceremony had officially begun.

Under the host of the emcee of the engagement ceremony.

Song Tianming and Tang Yurou stood on an extremely luxurious stage.

The stage was meticulously built by the designer and cost a lot of money.

However, it was just a small amount of money to the Song family.

The engagement between the Tang and Song families was a big event in Nancheng City, so it naturally had to be grand.

“Welcome to Young Master Song and Young Lady Tang’s engagement ceremony.”

“Next, let’s begin the engagement ceremony.”

“Young Master Song, do you want to marry this woman and make her your wife? Regardless of sickness or health, regardless of poverty or wealth?”

The emcee of the engagement ceremony read out the oath.

Song Tianming replied very elegantly, “Yes, I do.”

Then, the emcee of the engagement ceremony looked at Tang Yurou.

“Miss Tang, do you want this man to be your husband and marry him? Regardless of sickness or health, regardless of poverty or wealth?”

The emcee of the engagement ceremony handed the microphone to Tang Yurou.

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