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Chapter 201 Returning to the Shelter
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Chapter 201 Returning to the Shelter

"Will they be alright?" Arianne asked while looking at the opposite building.

Everyone could still hear gunshots and the collective growling of the zombies. They couldn't see anything so the situation was still unclear.

Brandon shook his head gravely and replied. "I'm not sure. From my estimates, the zombies here have reached over a thousand in numbers and there are only about twenty or so soldiers. Even if they are part of the Special Forces, they might not be able to handle that many zombies."

His words made everyone worried. The soldiers were their only hope to escape this zombie-infested city. If they failed, the group might no longer have the chance to escape.

The battle raged on for over twenty minutes, but the intensity of the gunfire didn't change. The group also heard grenades exploding a few times which made them think that maybe the soldiers were struggling to go down the building.

"Look, it's them! They managed to go down the building!" One of them shouted excitedly as she pointed at the entrance of the opposite building.

Everyone turned their heads and saw the soldiers coming out from the entrance one after another.

While everyone was cheering in excitement, Brandon's gaze was attracted to a soldier who seemed to be the leader of the group. The guy had a sword in his right hand and a desert eagle on the other. His fighting style was different from the other soldiers who were only using their guns.

"That guy is so damn awesome! He actually dares to fight the zombies with a sword! Amazing!" Carlo exclaimed in shock.

The others soon noticed this soldier as well and they all gasped in amazement.

After another ten minutes, the group heard some gunshots in their building. From the noise, they could tell that it came downstairs.

"They are here! We're finally saved!" The ladies clapped their hands emotionally. In the last few days, they felt like they were living on the edge.

Soon, they heard someone knocking on the door. "Open the door. We are here to escort you back safely." A voice echoed outside the room.

One of the female teachers quickly opened the door.

The group saw two soldiers wearing full-body armor. They looked incredibly intimidating with their height and physique.

"Relax. We are here to save you. Just follow us later when we go down the building, okay?" One of the soldiers said.

His words were very reassuring.

"Let's go." The soldier nodded encouragingly at them.

No one in the group hesitated. They carefully walked behind the soldier while looking warily at the surroundings.

To ensure their safety, one soldier led the group, while the other one positioned himself at the rear to protect the group from possible sneak attacks.

As they went down, they encountered some zombies, but they were quickly taken down by the two soldiers. They only needed one shot to eliminate a zombie. Their accuracy shocked Brandon and the rest of the group.

When they finally got out of the building, the main unit covered their escape.

At this moment, Brandon got a clearer look at the soldier who was using a sword. He was the only soldier who wasn't wearing a helmet. He looked like a foreigner with his blonde hair, but this didn't stop Brandon from admiring the guy.

"Sir, may I ask who that soldier is?" Brandon couldn't help but ask the soldier who was leading the group.

The soldier stared at him and chuckled. "That person is Sir Sigurd. He is the leader of this unit and also one of the commanders of Last City's army. Although he doesn't have an official rank, his authority isn't any less compared to a major general before the zombie outbreak." There was a hint of pride in the soldier's voice as he spoke those words. He seemed to be filled with admiration towards the leader of their unit.

"Sir Sigurd?" Brandon muttered the name and kept it deeply in his heart.

The group headed up to the rooftop where the helicopter was located. The moment they arrived at the rooftop, the soldiers escorting them told them to get inside the helicopter. π“―π™§π™šπ™šπ’˜π™šπ™—π™£π™€π™«π™šπ’.𝓬𝙀𝙒

"This thing is actually so big!" Carlo was genuinely surprised by how massive the Black Dragon Assault Helicopter was.

Brandon nodded in agreement. He had some knowledge about assault helicopters and he knew that Maharlika didn't possess something of this level. He also recalled the words of the soldier who escorted them. He said that they were soldiers from Last City and he didn't mention that they were Maharlika's soldiers.

Numerous thoughts flashed in Brandon's mind.

Soon, the soldiers also boarded the helicopter, and the leader of the rescue unit, Sigurd, commanded the pilot to fly back to the shelter.

Upon seeing Sigurd returning safely, Brandon immediately walked towards him. Carlo was stunned when he saw this and he quickly followed Brandon. "Hey, buddy! Wait!"

Brandon ignored him and continued walking towards Sigurd. The others from the group also noticed the situation, but they didn't do anything. They just stood in silence and watched what he was planning to do.

Brandon stood in front of Sigurd and lightly bowed his head. "Thank you for rescuing us, Sir Sigurd. If not for you guys, we wouldn't have survived." He spoke in English because he thought that Sigurd was a foreigner.

Sigurd smiled at him. "We are only doing our job. If you want to thank someone, you should say it to our boss. He was the one who told us to rescue your group. Also, I know how to speak the local language. There is no need to speak English."

Brandon revealed a rare look of embarrassment upon hearing this. "I apologize if I may have offended you." He tried to look calm, but his red ears betrayed his embarrassment.

"There's no harm done. You should go and rest." Sigurd waved his hand while chuckling as he walked away.

Carlo stood beside Brandon and stared at Sigurd. "That person is my new idol! I think I want to be a soldier like him!" He mumbled with a shining gaze.

"A soldier, huh? For once, I think I agree with you." Brandon uttered in a whispering voice.

"Huh? Did you say something?" Carlo asked while looking at him.

Brandon shook his head. "Nothing. Let's go back to the group."

Soon, the assault helicopter landed in the shelter.

The moment they arrived, a group of doctors and nurses came to inspect everyone on board. The experts checked if any of them were infected with the virus. Those with wounds and minor scratches were even asked where they got those wounds from. Everyone answered the questions honestly.

While they were being inspected, Arlan came to see them. "How are they?" He asked the doctor in charge.

"We have already made some preliminary checkups on the survivors. One of them is sick, but it is only a result of fatigue and stress. None of them are infected, but we still have to monitor them for three more days to make sure that everything is fine." The doctor replied while looking at the data submitted by his colleagues.

"That's good." Arlan heaved a sigh of relief. Although saving this group was just a whim, he still cared for their wellbeing. After all, many people were already infected with the zombies, and having more people was good for humanity.

After chatting with the doctor, Arlan went to where the group was quarantined. In truth, the reason why he saved them was because he was also impressed by the group's efforts to survive. He had seen their actions through the drones and he deeply admired whoever was leading them. He wanted to see if he could nurture this person into one of his subordinates.

A soldier escorted Arlan inside the quarantine facility. Their arrival surprised Brandon's group and they couldn't help but guess his identity. Looking at the soldier's respectful attitude, they could see that he was someone of high status.

"This is Boss Arlan Dominic Roa. He was the person who sent the rescue unit to save you guys." The soldier gave a short introduction.

Arlan smiled gently at the group. He noticed that most of them were actually young students and only two were adults. "It's good to see you guys here."

Brandon's eyes flashed when he heard the introduction of the soldier. He quickly walked forward and bowed his head. "Sir, thank you for sending the rescue unit to save us!"

Seeing this, Arlan patted his shoulder and said. "There's no need to thank me. I've seen your efforts in trying to escape the zombies. I want to know who your leader is..."

"Our leader?" Brandon raised his head in confusion and his heartbeat suddenly quickened.

"Ahem! Sir, if you are asking who our leader is, it would be him. If not for Brandon, most of us would have already died." Carlo said while smiling at Brandon.

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