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Chapter 1767 "Non-Human Races In Elton Academy"
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"Big sis, you said that there are more and more non-human races who go to the Elton Academy to study instead of staying in their territory. Have you met or seen any of them?"

Ainsley smoothly called Arlin as 'big sis' even when her soul age was a decade older than the little girl.

Arlin is now in junior high school second grade, so she should have been studying at the academy for the longest time among the other children in this place.

She should have seen and met some non-human races, right?

Arlin did expect Ainsley to ask about this because all other children who came to the academy were also curious about the non-human races studying at the academy.

The academy didn't discriminate and they didn't prepare a separate classroom for the non-human races.

They only prepared special residences for non-human races with special needs, such as the Merfolk, the dark creatures who could not be exposed to the sunlight for too long, and so on.

When speaking about the non-human races, Arlin definitely looked more excited than before with flushed cheeks and shining eyes.

"That's a good question! Maybe you won't see many non-human races in kindergarten or elementary school because the non-human races attached great importance to their cubs."

Arlin paused for a few seconds before grinning from ear to ear, looking a bit like a lunatic.

"But it's different for the junior high school and above."

"Generally, non-human races who come to attend junior and senior high school are already as old as our grandpa in terms of human age, but their inner self is indeed just like children around our age."

It didn't matter whether the non-human races were already a hundred years old, but if their age was converted to the age of human beings, some of them were still in elementary school and others were teens and young adults.

The long lifespan only gave these children more experience and time to hone their abilities, which was why most of the non-human races were stronger than humans by leaps and bounds.

"When we first come to the academy, we will have to know about the academy's history, and from the long history, it was said that the surge of non-human students only appears after world peace is achieved."

This academy was actually also a symbol of peace between various races and they dared to send their precious children to the academy which symbolized the union of the whole world.

Although small conflicts were inevitable, this Academy still stood like a 'monument of peace' for many non-human races.

"The academy doesn't encourage racism and discrimination of any aspect, but there are too many students and such things will still happen sometimes."

Arlin recalled the attitude of most non-human students who studied in the Elton Academy and they really felt 'superior' toward humans, which was why they usually created their own factions and circles.

"I think the sense of disdain and superiority to humans have always been engraved in their genes, so unless you make the non-human students interested in you or make them acknowledge you..."

There's no way to mingle with the non-human circle.

"The percentage of non-human students of all races used to only reach 10-20% in the whole academy. Maybe 30% is the highest."

"But in the last few hundred years, the percentage has evened out to 50%."

Half of the academy's students were not humans but this number was the total of all non-human beings of various races.

It could be seen that the number of students from specific races should still be small.

"The majority of non-human students who come to Elton Academy are from the 7 major races."

"The small races are too afraid that their children will be bullied, which is why you will rarely see someone from a smaller race come to Elton Academy."

The blood clan was also a small race, but they had always been famous and well-known.

Unfortunately, there were still many small races with unknown names aside from the popular races written in many legends and fairy tales.

"Most of the non-human students are in the Sky Class, and the Sky Class even have their own canteen and various private facilities, so I rarely see the non-human students."

Arlin let out a sigh, but soon, she started to talk more about her experience with these non-human students.

"We definitely won't meet these students so easily on the school grounds, but we can see them in the central city!"

The Elton Academy occupied a few islands that were connected into one huge land surrounded by the sea.

The academy did have a small town at the center of the island with the school grounds occupying the four main directions.

The kindergarten had just been built recently, but it occupied the north area of Elton Island. Before this, that area was used for a warehouse and other things, but now, they added a small kindergarten school there.

The elementary school was bigger with six classes and more students than the other sections.

This elementary school occupied the east area of the island, but most of the east area was also given to the junior and senior high schools.

Then there was the junior and senior high school. Both of them were located in the south and the area they occupied was the second largest among all other schools.

Last but not least, the college, which occupied the biggest area that was also near the kindergarten and the warehouse, was located in the west.

The four areas face the center of the island where the school built a city full of various facilities.

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