I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 1612 "Silencing The Guardian Angels"
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However, since the gate was there even before the domain was strengthened to the current domain...

There was a huge chance that a domain core would appear around the gate.

There was also the lava sea and the blood moon in the sky.

These two places were also suspicious, but because a blood moon was impossible to reach, the Holy Spirits were more interested in the Blood Castle at the center of the Blood Kingdom on the huge island.

Hell Break Domain made the single castle not lonely anymore, and there was also a strange city surrounding the Blood Castle and people called it the Blood Clan kingdom.

Or the Kingdom of Darkness.

It wasn't suitable to call it a kingdom when it only looked like a small town, but it might be the capital of the 'kingdom', the reign of darkness that turned into Hell Break.

The castle and the town had long been assimilated with the Hell of Gate deep at the center of the earth, and that transformed the Reign of Darkness into a place of chaos for demons.

Gabriel couldn't contact the spirits at all and he finally realized that something must have happened somewhere, but Ainsley didn't let Gabriel suspect the situation for too long.

Although Ainsley didn't let the holy spirits receive Gabriel's message so as not to make them sober again, the baby also made the holy spirits 'report' back to Gabriel from time to time.

[Your excellency, we are sorry to report too late, but we have found the suspected place of a few domain cores.]

[There must be a main domain core or a secondary core in the Blood Castle at the center of the Crimson Town on that strange island in Hell Break Domain.]

[Then, there is also the blood moon in the sky, the sea of blood and lava, plus the Gate of the Underworld.]

[We haven't seen the Gate of Hell but we suspect that there must be a domain core over there too. Now, we are trying to infiltrate into the Blood Castle.]

Gabriel almost suspected that the holy spirits had a mishap, but after receiving the report, he sighed in relief and felt that the spirits didn't respond to his words because they were in a critical situation and could not be disturbed.

Anyway, since they had 'found' the approximate location of the enemy's domain cores, let Archangel Michael send some elite battle angels to infiltrate Hell Break Domain and find those domain cores.

Gabriel also had been monitoring the movement of the demon army and felt that the evil spirits on that side hadn't been able to find the location of Armageddon's domain cores.

Although Gabriel couldn't really see where those spirits were because he could only see holy spirits with his naked eyes, from the commotion on the battlefield and other signs...

It seemed that the evil spirits were still wandering around, and they hadn't asked Lucifer to send some more demons to break the domain core.

Hum. There were only twenty high-level evil spirits in total, so why could they find the location of the domain cores so fast when the Armageddon Domain was so huge?

It was normal to be a step late or way too late compared to the fifty chosen high-level holy spirits.

Gabriel wasn't wrong to think like this, and he had also been paying attention to Ainsley and Asmodeus, but he found out that the two people were so cowardly that they hid behind the mid-level evil spirits, waiting to be rescued.

Right. No matter how strong Asmodeus' real body was, this one on the battlefield was just a consciousness that didn't even count as 1% of Asmodeus' main body.

Even Raguel's consciousness who was the weakest among the archangels because his medium's bloodline was too thin, was still better than Asmodeus consciousness.

After all, Queen Rachel of the celestial race had at least awakened her bloodline while that little kid's Asmodeus bloodline was still buried.

She even had just awakened her blood clan's bloodline for less than a month!

Gabriel felt that Asmodeus and Ainsley had exhausted their energy to sneak attack Archangel Raphael.

Thus, the two people were now useless, and the other demon lords just wanted to hide this fact and kept the two people on the battlefield to fool others.

Hmph. What a cunning operation!

Gabriel didn't know that his 'clever' thoughts were actually so misleading that he was completely fooled.

To be honest, this way of thinking was logical, but who told Ainsley to have the ability to charm spirits?

If this was another medium and the same Asmodeus' consciousness whose strength was less than 1%, they would indeed be useless in the war between spirits.

But Ainsley herself, without the help of Asmodeus, had been able to charm spirits.

Because of this, no matter how weak Asmodeus' consciousness in Ainsley's mind was, he only had to supply energy to Ainsley and give her some advice, such as perfecting the Love Virus.


Ainsley's role in this battle was really huge, yet no one realized it at all!

Ainsley managed to fool Gabriel for a while, and now, she was anxiously assisting the team that came to Sky Temple in Armageddon Domain.

The team met more and more guards and even after the whole group split into several teams and entered the temple from different directions to confuse the enemy...

It was still hard.

To be honest, it wasn't that hard to sneak into the temple, but the difficult thing was to silence the guards so that they wouldn't notify the archangels or other higher ups.

Silencing the guards would require the team to be fast and precise, without a single error!

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