I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 1611 "Intercepting Gabriel’s Messages"
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Ainsley only planted the information that there was a toddler among the fighters on the battlefield and because this was really too strange and rare, many people didn't doubt the sudden news about the kid.

Little did they know that all of this was Ainsley's deliberate move to make it possible to infect them with Love Virus.

The Succubi and succubus tried to imagine the appearance of Asmodeus' medium, and they unknowingly thought of Ainsley, the strange kid that they heard about from the evil spirits.

"I heard that there is this mysterious kid with a strange charm ability and she's involved in the war. If it's her who becomes Asmodeus' medium, it all makes sense."

The team just chatted casually and quickly entered the range of the Sky Temple.

This time, even with Ainsley's assistance, the difficulty in approaching the secret altar would be doubled or even tripled.

The number of guards inside Sky Temple and outside the temple was numerous to the point of making people suspicious whether there was really anything good here.

Otherwise, why would they put so many guards just to guard an empty temple with only one sacred altar with no use?

The archangels definitely didn't know yet what the secondary main core was inside the altar in this temple because what they could control was the sole main core that they put near the Heaven Gate.

At this time, the elite demon team and the evil spirits had arrived one after another.

They purposely came at different times to reduce the accumulation of evil aura from their group being too high to be noticed by the heavenly creatures.

The team disguised themselves well and turned themselves into something invisible.

They even masked their aura so that they would not be noticed at all.

Taking this chance when the team was in invisible mode, Ainsley spread her virus bit by bit once more to the enemies and purposely made the enemies a little bit slack while guarding the temple.

The outer guards were not a threat despite their huge number, but starting from the inner guards who guarded the inside of the temple...

The team had to rely on Ainsley to infect the guards with the love virus so that the guards would turn a blind eye to them.

After all, these heavenly guards had an incredible sixth sense and sensitivity towards evil aura.

Even after the team and the evil spirits masked their aura, the guards were still alert and vaguely felt that there might be an unknown intruder around.

If not for Ainsley who saw the situation through the 3D map ability and quickly infected the guards, a fight would break out soon and the mission would be way harder than before.

For Ainsley to spread her sound wave so far away from Hell Break Domain all the way to Sky Temple, the baby had to stop sending sound waves to other areas and focus only on the elite demons.

Of course, she kept sending her sound wave around Hell Break Domain to monitor both spirits' current movement.

After all, she had to ensure that the holy spirits stayed ignorant.

Unfortunately, Gabriel, the archangel who asked the 50 high-level holy spirits to explore Hell Break Domain, suddenly felt a strange feeling after not getting any report for so long.

It was impossible for the sensitive spirits not to find the domain cores for so long unless they were caught and massacred by the enemies.

But such a response must show some signs, yet he didn't see anything wrong in Hell Break Domain.

No chaos or other things that indicated intruders fighting with the local guards.

So...what went wrong?

Gabriel didn't know anything and only had this strange sixth sense, but he obviously would never imagine even his sixth sense that suddenly rang was actually thanks to Archangel Raphael's remnants of miracles.

Gabriel had an ominous feeling, so he quickly contacted the high-level holy spirits on his own because he was the leader of the holy spirits, and the spirits wouldn't have a breakdown when hearing his voice in their minds.

Gabriel contacted the high-level holy spirits, but strangely, even after he sent a few messages through telepathy, the spirits didn't give any single response.

It was as if they didn't receive the message at all.

Of course, Ainsley intercepted the message with her Love Virus and made the holy spirits 'turn a deaf ear' to the messages sent by Gabriel straight to their minds.

Because of this, the spirits really didn't know that Gabriel contacted them, and now, they were still busy trying to break into Hell Breaks special castle.

They felt that the castle should hide a few domain cores and the main core might also be there inside the castle.

Obviously, Ainsley also had the same thoughts, but she let the spirits head to the Castle while secretly telling Satan and Lucifer to strengthen the security of the blood castle.

It was easier to trap all the high-level holy spirits in one place than to let them scatter throughout the domain.

Ainsley didn't have time and energy to focus on so many things at once, so she proposed this bold idea.

Anyway, it was logical that one of the domain cores should be hidden inside the blood castle because the blood castle had a similar function to the Armageddon domain's Sky Temple.

If the spirits were smart, they would really suspect the Blood Castle and would definitely find a way to check that castle.

Aside from the castle, there was also the floating Gate of Underworld, which looked as if it was just a decoration.

That's another suspicious place!

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