I Become A Burdensome Child After Transmigrating

Chapter 393 - : Let Him Go
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Chapter 393: Let Him Go

Su Jiu wanted to say that the little villain was a child that she wanted to save. How could she not like him?

If she could, she would keep him in her hands and dote on him forever!

“I do.” Su Jiu straightforwardly admitted. Anyway, even if she said she did not like him, her father would not believe her.

“What about Han Siye and Xiao Wei?”

“I like them too!”

The corners of Su Shengjing’s mouth twitched. “Do you like only handsome boys?”

Su Jiu thought about it and seriously shook her head. “No! I like pretty girls too!”

Su Shengjing was speechless.

Fine, she doesn’t like that little brat only.

“Daddy, Big Brother is alone at home now. Can I call him over for dinner?”

Meeting her expectant gaze, Su Shengjing could only agree to the request. “Alright, we’ll let him eat with us.”

In any case, this was not the first or second time that this had happened; Su Shengjing was used to it. However, that brat was always alone at home. As their neighbor, it was no big deal for him to come over for a few meals. As long as Su Jiu was happy, Su Shengjing could reluctantly accept this.

Su Jiu happily ran out of the house and pressed the doorbell of the little villain’s house. Soon, the door opened. When she saw the little villain, she sweetly said, “Big Brother, come to my house to eat!”

Rong Si subconsciously glanced at Su Shengjing, who was behind her. Su Shengjing looked unhappy, but he gestured at him with his eyes to enter the house.

Rong Si walked out. Without another word, Su Jiu grabbed his hand and pulled him into her house.

Rong Si looked down at her hand that was holding his. Although the weather was cold, he felt that a warm current surrounded him, and he was not cold at all.

Whenever Rong Si was at home, he ate hurriedly. He hoped to spend more time studying higher-level content. However, every time he ate with Su Jiu, he would sit upright and eat very slowly. He didn’t eat much and didn’t want to leave a bad impression on Little Jiu.

Rong Si had realized that compared to the other boys Su Jiu knew, he did not have any outstanding advantage. He could only try his best to maintain a good image in front of her.

Su Jiu was enjoying her meal and did not think much about this. Even if the little villain did not have the best table manners, she would not mind. Who could despise the child they liked?

As Su Jiu ate, she thought of something and suddenly asked him, “Big Brother, are you cold?”

Rong Si was stunned, not knowing why she suddenly asked this. He shook his head and said, “No.”

Rather, he felt very warm.

Her house was very warm, and he did not feel cold whenever he was with her. Just like the last time, when it was snowing, even though he was not wearing much as he stood in the snow with her, he really did not feel cold at all.

When he had gotten home, however, he had realized that his hands were frozen.

The little girl was worried and asked again, “Do you have a heater at home?”

She was worried that the little villain would freeze since the weather was so cold.

Rong Si couldn’t help but smile. “We have one at home. Don’t worry!”

The heater was installed in the apartment. It was all thanks to Su Jiu, her father, and Uncle Sheng that Rong Si and his mother were able to live in such a house. He no longer had to live in a dilapidated building like before where he could only curl up under the blanket and shiver in the winter as if he were about to freeze.

It was fortunate that he had met her.

“Phew… that’s good!” The little girl let out a sigh of relief and continued eating in peace.

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