I Become A Burdensome Child After Transmigrating

Chapter 1012 - Untitled
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Chapter 1012: Untitled

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Rong Si answered without hesitation, “Yes.”

Not only would he be angry, but he would be furious.

Su Jiu’s smile widened. “Then what should I do? This is going to be my career. Such scenes are inevitable.”

Rong Si pursed his lips, his deep eyes fixed on her. He had mixed feelings. No matter what, he didn’t want Little Jiu to act intimate with another man, but she was right. To be an actor, such scenes were inevitable. But how could he endure it?

He couldn’t imagine the girl he had wanted for himself being intimate with another man. Just thinking about it made him want to kill that man.

Fortunately, Su Shengjing’s ears were sharp. When he heard their conversation, he frowned.?A high school drama has intimate scenes?!

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Shouldn’t it be pure and cute?

He immediately asked Han Jiani, “Is there an intimate scene?”

Han Jiani coughed lightly and nodded. “Yes, there are quite a few. Nowadays, scriptwriters are always adding some slightly intimate scenes to attract attention. You know. Didn’t you film such scenes too?”

Su Shengjing’s expression turned serious. “I always use a stunt double. If Little Jiu wants to film this movie, I’ll agree to her filming. However, when it comes to intimate scenes, she has to use a stunt double. I won’t allow her to do it herself. Of course, this has nothing to do with her dedication to acting.”

His attitude was firm, and he was saying what Rong Si was thinking. For the first time, Rong Si felt that he was on the same side as Su Shengjing.

Han Jiani nodded. “That’s simple. I’ll just talk to the director.”

If she were being honest, she did not want Little Jiu to act intimately with boys either. In her eyes, Little Jiu was like her biological daughter. It was infuriating enough that this brat had taken advantage of her. If a few more were added to it, she would not be able to tolerate it, let alone Su Shengjing.

“Auntie, I can do this, but as Dad said, I’ll have to use a substitute for some scenes. Otherwise, Dad will get angry and my boyfriend will be jealous!”

She said with a smile. Rong Si was immediately embarrassed and avoided her gaze. However, he relaxed.

After discussing the script, Su Jiu held Su Shengjing’s hand with her left hand and Rong Si’s hand with her right. Along the way, they attracted the attention of many people. All of them were envious.

Isn’t Little Jiu a little too happy?

Not to mention she is with two handsome men. One is enough!

Su Shengjing turned around and got furious when he saw Su Jiu holding Rong Si’s hand. As many people were watching them, he could only endure it. When they walked out, he said to Su Jiu decisively, “Why? Are you unwilling to let go? Are you planning to bring this brat home again?”

“Can I?” Su Jiu looked at him eagerly.

“What do you think?” Su Shengjing’s voice was cold as he pulled Su Jiu’s other hand back to stop her from holding Rong Si’s hand. Then, he said to Rong Si, “I’ve already booked a nearby hotel for you. Go over. I won’t keep you at home.”

Rong Si nodded. “Thank you, Uncle.”

“What are you thanking me for?” Su Shengjing glanced at him and angrily said, “I’m doing this for only Little Jiu. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have bothered with you. It has nothing to do with me even if you sleep under the bridge!”

“Daddy…” Su Jiu tugged at her father’s sleeve to stop him from talking like that.

Su Shengjing snorted and pretended to have not heard her. He coldly continued, “Anyway, stay in the hotel today. Don’t think about staying at my house again.”

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