I Became Invincible After Sweeping The Floor For 70 Years

Chapter 8
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Breaking Into Demon Sealing Land, Passing Easily

“Oh my God, is that true? Someone is finally venturing into Demon Sealing Land after so many years!”

“Demon Sealing Land is the ultimate hurdle for all disciples in the holy land. It’s said to be a cultivation trial ground left by a great venerable of Taiyi Holy Land in the ancient times. It contains that great venerable’s opportunity!”

“I wonder if the Holy Son and Daughter can break through Demon Sealing Land?”


A large number of disciples rushed to Demon Sealing Land. Many elders followed behind.

When he heard that, Qin Chen’s expression instantly changed.

He knew about Demon Sealing Land, of course. It was a cultivation trial ground belonging to Taiyi Holy Land.

It was rumored that in the ancient times, when Taiyi Holy Land was at its peak, there was a great venerable who was more powerful than anyone else in the entire Southern Desolate Lands.

That great venerable’s cultivation was unparalleled. He had reached the legendary Bahuang Realm and was invincible.

When the great venerable was traversing the world, he once fought with a demonic venerable for hegemony. They engaged in an earth-shattering battle, until the blood shed was enough to cover 100,000 mountains and rivers.

After fighting for three days and three nights, the great venerable of Taiyi Holy Land eventually killed the demonic venerable and brought him back to Taiyi Holy Land. Using venerable techniques ahead of his generation, he created a cultivation trial ground in the holy land. That place was now Demon Sealing Land.

It was left specially for future generations of disciples, to venture in and gain experience.

Moreover, a colossal opportunity left by the great venerable was rumored to be sealed inside. There were even rumors that it was the great venerable’s inheritance, as well as his weapon. But it could only be obtained by passing through Demon Sealing Land.

However, tens of thousands of years had passed, and no disciple of Taiyi Holy Land had managed to pass through Demon Sealing Land.

Because there was a restriction in place. Only disciples below 100 years old were allowed to enter. In addition, they needed to at least be at the Wuxing Realm to mount a real challenge.

That point alone had eliminated more than 90% of the people in Taiyi Holy Land. Only a few elders and the Holy Lord qualified.

However, the Holy Lord and elders were part of the older generation. They were not permitted to venture in. They could only enter if a disciple successfully passed through.

In recent years, no one had succeeded in breaking in. All the more because Taiyi Holy Land had already been in decline for many years.

As a result, Demon Sealing Land had been covered in dust for many years. As for the colossal opportunity left by the great venerable, Taiyi Holy Land was simply willing but unable to accept it.

Qin Chen also headed to Demon Sealing Land. When he arrived, fearsome sounds of battle reverberated from the abyss-like Demon Sealing Land. Occasionally, streams of rainbow lights shot into the sky. That was the power of the Wuxing Realm, tearing through the air. It was petrifying.

The large group of disciples did not dare to go close. Even some of the weaker elders did not dare to as well.

“They have already reached the second stage. As expected of the Holy Son and Daughter. They are indeed impressive. We wouldn’t even be able to pass the first stage ourselves!”

“Each person is different, there’s no point in comparing!”

“To be able to become the Holy Son and Daughter, of course they must be extraordinary!”

Qin Chen did not stand too close. But he had obtained the Martial Arts Heavenly Eye a few years ago, so he could view all the battles in Demon Sealing Land.

Holy Daughter Ling Ran and Holy Son Zhao Yi were being besieged by huge demonic shadows as they passed through. The demonic shadows had the combat strength of level one of Wuxing Realm. And there were more than ten of them, which was very shocking.

The two of them showed extraordinary cultivation. Those were definitely the abilities of cultivators at the Wuxing Realm.

Holy Son Zhao Yi was at level one of the Wuxing Realm. Holy Daughter Ling Ran was at level three of the Wuxing Realm, much stronger than Zhao Yi.

As Holy Daughter Ling Ran was more powerful, sword energy filled the sky whenever she performed her swordsmanship. She quickly destroyed and annihilated the demonic shadows.

Very quickly, the numerous demonic shadows in the second stage were completely eliminated. The two of them had passed the stage successfully.

In the third stage, 32 demonic shadows with the strength of level three of the Wuxing Realm appeared. They started attacking the two.

Soon, Holy Son Zhao Yi flew out. He was drenched in blood and looked extremely embarrassed.

His face was pale. If he had run a little slower, he might have died there.

Now only Holy Daughter Ling Ran, who was also at level three of the Wuxing Realm, was left trying to break through.

Holy Daughter Ling Ran was clearly stronger. After all, she had the legendary Zixia Body. Wisps of bright purple clouds surrounded her body, just like the Empress Ziwei, as she fought the numerous demonic shadows.


After a long time, with a thunderous sound, Ling Ran’s figure soared into the sky from Demon Sealing Land. Her figure was still slender and beautiful, but there was a trace of blood at the corner of her mouth.

She had failed to break through.

Many sighed in disappointment.

Several elders also sighed a little. In so many years, Ling Ran was the first holy land disciple to have gone that far. Unfortunately, her cultivation level was still not high enough.

From a distance, Qin Chen looked at Ling Ran in surprise too. She had actually made it to the fourth stage. She was indeed incredible.

The demonic shadows in the fourth stage had strength comparable to level five of the Wuxing Realm. They were much stronger, and there were 72 of them. Even with the legendary Zixia Body, Ling Ran was destined to fail.

However, just reaching that stage had proved how powerful Ling Ran was.

Even though the elders had sighed, they also praised Ling Ran, saying she would definitely be able to clear the Demon Sealing Land in less than 20 years.

No one noticed that Qin Chen had been looking at the Demon Sealing Land, deep in thought.


Late at night.

Qin Chen took the opportunity to go to Demon Sealing Land when no one was around.

A daunting abyss came into view. It was Demon Sealing Land.

Just then, Qin Chen leapt into it and hung in the air.

Immediately, endless amounts of demonic fog appeared in the abyss. Huge demonic shadows more than 100 feet tall emerged, one after another. They were ferocious, with a powerful aura, and charged towards Qin Chen at lightning speed.

The demonic shadows had all reached the Sixiang Realm. They were very powerful.

Qin Chen was aware of how the demonic shadows came about. Back then, the great venerable had fused the Demon King he had killed together with an array, creating the demonic shadows which were then used to train future generations.


His expression did not change. Incredibly powerful golden blood energy burst from his Chaotic Holy Body, pouring down like the Nine Heaven Divine Furnace. The massive amount of golden blood energy, with supreme tough and supreme yang characteristics, drowned everything in sight. It incinerated the demonic shadows one by one, annihilating them.

In the blink of an eye, he had passed the first stage!

It could not be helped. The blood energy of the Chaotic Holy Body was too strong. It was also supremely tough and supremely yang. The demonic shadows, on the other hand, were supremely yin and supremely evil. So they had been greatly restrained.

Getting rid of the first 12 demonic shadows was only the first stage.

There was a total of five stages in Demon Sealing Land. The first stage had 12 demonic shadows, second stage 24 demonic shadows, third stage 36 demonic shadows, fourth stage 72 demonic shadows, and fifth stage 108 demonic shadows.

Very quickly, 24 demonic shadows appeared. They were as powerful as those at level one of the Wuxing Realm.

The demonic shadows at each stage were more powerful than the last, and also greater in number.

That was why for many years, Taiyi Holy Land had never had a disciple make it through Demon Sealing Land.

Qin Chen continued to release blood energy that was as strong as the sun. The demonic shadows, comparable to level one of the Wuxing Realm, were easily defeated and killed.

They did not stand a chance. Not only was the blood energy of the Chaotic Holy Body extremely powerful, he was also a powerful cultivator of level nine of the Wuxing Realm.

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