I Became Invincible After Sweeping The Floor For 70 Years

Chapter 488 - 488 The Greatest Talent of the Era
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488 The Greatest Talent of the Era

In the eyes of countless experts, those were treasures, but for them, the treasures were not strong enough.

At this moment, Qin Chen’s heart was filled with excitement. He was about to break through a level.

In comparison, such precious resources were enough to allow cultivators of the same realm to advance by two or three levels. In contrast, Qin Chen had only broken through a level.

This was all due to his Chaotic Divine Body. Now, Qin Chen’s Chaotic Divine Body had an extremely huge volume and could contain an unknown amount of spiritual energy.

As such, even in fights, Qin Chen would not be easily injured. It was just that the resources needed to break through were a lot more.

Thinking of this, Qin Chen went outside the cave and began his breakthrough, waiting for the heavenly tribulation to descend.

With a boom, Qin Chen’s aura trembled and became much stronger. He had entered level 6 of the God realm.

His current breakthrough attracted the heavenly tribulation, as usual. No matter where he broke through, Qin Chen realized that the Heavenly Dao would not let him off.

The terrifying heavenly tribulation gathered in the sky once again.

In an instant, bolts of lightning struck down, condensing into the figures of Gods.

The golden Gods immediately launched their attacks at Qin Chen, wanting to kill him.

In Qin Chen’s eyes, these terrifying Gods were only so-so, even though they were formed by the heavenly tribulation. After all, he had already killed countless golden Gods that had been formed by the heavenly tribulations during his breakthroughs.

Qin Chen took action, wanting to destroy the Gods. He quickly made his move. With the Moving Secret Technique, he turned into a beam of light and appeared in front of these Gods.

Given the huge number of golden Gods, it was as if the heavenly tribulation had enveloped Qin Chen.

Seeing so many golden Gods, Qin Chen immediately launched a ruthless attack.

He could feel that the golden Gods’ auras had become much stronger. He immediately activated the secret technique of his acupoints and increased his realm very quickly.

In the next instant, he struck out with the Six Paths Reincarnation Fist, bombarding the golden Gods.

In an instant, the bodies of the golden Gods were shattered and disappeared from the world.

However, even Qin Chen’s terrifying fist technique did not shatter too many of the golden Gods. Instead, more and more power of the heavenly tribulation descended from the dark clouds in the sky. Then, they condensed into one golden God after another.

Could it be that this time, the heavenly tribulation wanted to rely on numbers to overwhelm him to death?

Qin Chen suddenly thought of this possibility. The Heavenly Dao might be thinking of using huge numbers of Golden Gods to form an unbreakable formation to attack him.

Thinking of this, Qin Chen laughed. If that was the case, Heavenly Dao was gravely mistaken.

Following this, an attack landed on Qin Chen’s body.

However, Qin Chen had the Supreme Heavenly Origin Armor on him, so it was easy for him to block the attack.

In an instant, he blocked the attack. Qin Chen’s expression did not change, as if he had not been injured.

He then took out the innate sword embryo.

The innate sword embryo exploded with a terrifying emperor’s might in Qin Chen’s hand, spreading forward. Countless divine power was injected into the innate sword embryo from Qin Chen’s body.

In an instant, he launched attacks at the powerful Gods.

These golden Gods did not expect that Qin Chen would actually attack so crazily. They immediately went berserk and attacked him as well.

Facing these attacks, Qin Chen quickly waved his sword again and again, quickly destroying the opponents’ attacks.

To him, even if he was unable to shatter the attacks, he could still rely on the Supreme Heavenly Origin Armor to block them and hold on for a long time.

Now that Qin Chen had launched such a terrifying attack, he naturally had a way to block the terrifying attacks.

As he thought of this, Qin Chen unleashed terrifying attacks.

The emperor’s might on the innate sword embryo was extremely terrifying. After all, it was a weapon forged by the Chaotic Heavenly Emperor.

The golden Gods in front of him could not withstand it at all. One after another, their bodies were shattered by Qin Chen, turning into the power of the heavenly tribulation and disappearing.

Such a terrifying scene naturally shocked countless people.

At this moment, the others had unknowingly appeared below, watching Qin Chen’s breakthrough.

Their breakthrough would only attract heavenly tribulation when they were breaking through a major realm.

In contrast, Qin Chen had only broken through a level, but he was already facing the heavenly tribulation. This further illustrated the huge gap between them.

Qin Chen gritted his teeth. There were too many Gods formed by the heavenly tribulation.

Even though he kept attacking, many more golden Gods were still attacking him.

Suddenly, Qin Chen threw out a punch. The Six Paths Reincarnation Fist carried an indestructible will and struck forward with a huge fist intent. It was like an ancient God swinging it at the countless golden Gods.

The many golden Gods immediately dodged, but there were still some who couldn’t dodge in time and were smashed into nothingness. Even the void began to collapse!

They had probably only ever seen such ferocious heavenly tribulations during Qin Chen’s breakthroughs.

“The Elder King is the greatest talent of the era, comparable to the young ancient great emperors!”

The big scorpion felt from the bottom of his heart that the Elder King would definitely have great achievements in the future.

Qin Chen didn’t need to use too much strength to solve his predicament. He simply flew to the dark clouds in the sky and took out his innate sword embryo.

Then, he split the dark clouds into two, instantly revealing a clear sky.

Qin Chen was the only one who could do this. At this moment, he had officially stepped into level 6 of the God realm.

Qin Chen let out a heavy breath. This breakthrough was too easy, so much so that even he didn’t expect it.

Each of his previous breakthroughs had been extremely difficult.

Fortunately, Qin Chen had successfully broken through to the next level.

Everyone could faintly hear the furious roars of the Heavenly Dao coming from above the nine Heavens.

At this point, Qin Chen and the others had nothing to stay for in the devil’s den.


They searched through all the remaining opportunities and treasures in the devil’s den before leaving.

After they left, the devil race’s patriarch in the devil’s den opened his eyes. He seemed to have felt killing intent. What was going on?

To think he would feel fear in his territory. Could it be that the evil God had returned?

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