I Became Invincible After Sweeping The Floor For 70 Years

Chapter 487 - 487 Breakthrough
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487 Breakthrough

If they wanted to take a shortcut, the only way was to refine heavenly treasures.

Qin Chen and the others had placed their hopes on the remaining five places of the seven coordinates left behind by the Divine Fire Great Emperor.

One must know that the coordinates left behind by the Divine Fire Great Emperor all contained terrifying treasures.

As long as Qin Chen and the others could obtain those treasures, they would definitely be able to smoothly improve their cultivation and breakthrough.

Now, Qin Chen and the others had come to the devil’s den. If Qin Chen had not refined the memories of the invincible demon venerable, he would not have been able to find the place.

The demonic sunflower in the devil’s den was exactly what Qin Chen and the others wanted.

They had gone through countless hardships and risked their lives to finally see the demonic sunflower.

It was not difficult to obtain this demonic sunflower. The power protecting the demonic sunflower can only be broken by pure demonic energy.

Qin Chen could condense some pure demonic energy. He had obtained the demonic energy from the devil race’s divine monument, so it was naturally extremely pure.

Although Qin Chen had expelled all the demonic energy from his body, there was still some remaining.

He didn’t expect that the remnants of demonic energy would actually come in handy at this time.

At the thought of this, Qin Chen forced out a wisp of demonic energy from his body.

One had to know that this demonic energy was extremely precious. Just existing in Qin Chen’s body, the demonic energy could slowly and continuously help him improve his body’s strength.

He sent the wisp of demonic energy into the barrier, and the barrier that was protecting the demonic sunflower trembled violently before disappearing.

In other words, Qin Chen and the others could now obtain this demonic sunflower.

Just as Qin Chen was about to pluck the demonic sunflower, he suddenly felt a terrifying fluctuation in front of him that appeared out of nowhere.

Qin Chen reacted very quickly. He immediately activated his Chaotic Divine Body. For a moment, the heavens rumbled as he activated the acupoints technique to the extreme.

He stepped forward and looked at the demonic sunflower. It turned out the fluctuation was the powerful aura of the demonic sunflower, not some danger.

With this, Qin Chen plucked the demonic sunflower.

After obtaining the demonic sunflower, Qin Chen and the others divided it into five portions.

Even the true dragon was very excited.

One had to know that this demonic sunflower was a precious treasure!

After Qin Chen gave the true dragon its portion of the demonic sunflower, it began to refine it on the spot.

It yearned to become more powerful, especially when after feeling the sense of powerlessness of being unable to help at all in the terrifying battle just now. Rather, if it had made a move, it might have even lost its life.

This was only the beginning. Not long after, the world would be in chaos, and that would be the true descent of terror!

At that time, even an existence as powerful as the evil God would have to run for his life. The evil God couldn’t even deal with the devil race’s patriarch, so one could imagine that his realm wasn’t too strong.

This time, they could be considered to have killed with a borrowed knife and severely injured the evil God. Originally, Qin Chen and the evil God’s enmity couldn’t be settled so easily.

The evil God knew that it was Qin Chen who had killed his disciple because he could sense that powerful karma had befallen him. Based on some of his secret techniques, he was able to learn Qin Chen’s identity.

Therefore, the moment the two of them met, the evil God released his puppet to kill Qin Chen.

Fortunately, Qin Chen managed to survive this time, while the evil God had been severely injured.

If it wasn’t for the evil domain, the evil God would have been killed by the devil race’s patriarch.

After all, the devil race’s patriarch was no ordinary person. He was an extremely powerful old undying who had survived since the great battle in the devil’s den.

If such a powerful existence had not avoided that battle back then, it was very likely that Qin Chen and the others would not see him now.

Perhaps the devil race’s patriarch knew that the devil race would be defeated back then, and knowing that there would be the opportunity to become an emperor in this era, he wanted to try and see if he could become one.

If he became an ancient great emperor, the entire devil race would become terrifying because of him! It would usher in the race’s golden age for countless years.

Whether it was the devil race’s patriarch or the evil God, they were only the representatives of the old monsters that would appear after chaos descended in the world.

Some of the truly powerful old monsters had yet to come out. They were still hiding and accumulating their strength.

At the thought of this, Qin Chen and the others were excited.

They were becoming more and more powerful. In the entire cosmic, they could probably be considered a miracle.

The number of heavenly treasures they had refined was uncountable.

It was thanks to those heavenly treasures that they had become so powerful and their cultivation realms kept breaking through.

Now that the evil God was no longer in the devil’s den, Qin Chen and the others could refine the demonic sunflower without worry and break through to the next realm.

At the thought of this, Qin Chen and the others began to cultivate in seclusion in the cave, refining their portion of the demonic sunflower.

Very quickly, the medicinal effects of the flower exploded within their bodies, continuously stimulating their cultivation like a flood breaking through a dam, making them stronger.

Qin Chen and the rest refined the demonic sunflower. As expected, the speed of breaking through was the fastest with heavenly treasures. If they were to cultivate and breakthrough by themselves, they would have to wait for God knows how long.

A level might be enough to stop their breakthroughs and make them stuck at a bottleneck for the rest of their lives.

And now, Qin Chen could feel that he was about to step into level 6 of the God realm. It hadn’t been long since Qin Chen’s last breakthrough, but he was about to break through again.

Such speed was actually considered very slow among the crowd, almost on par with the big scorpion’s breakthrough speed.

The main reason was that if Qin Chen wanted to break through, he would need a lot of resources.

Right now, Holy Maiden Mu Xue had already broken through to level 8 of the Great God realm. At this rate, she should be able to step into the God Emperor realm very soon.

On the other hand, the most terrifying true dragon among them had broken through to level 7 of the God Emperor realm. Although he had only advanced by one level, the leap was still huge.

As for Yuji, she had broken through to level 7 of the God realm, while the big scorpion had broken through to level 5 of the God realm.

Qin Chen and the others had refined a lot of heavenly treasures to be able to improve their realms and cultivation so quickly.

Ordinary people didn’t have such luck.


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